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William Banks Probate

Book 6 Probate Court dated 1855-1856, pages 37-38
To the Honorable John F. ARNOLD, Judge of the Probate Court of the County of Tishomingo and State of Mississippi
The Petitioner of J.D. LATCH shows to your Honor that Wm. BANKS died in July 1853 leaving and surviving him his only child infant daughter, Amanda Jane BANKS, who resides in said county, that as the child and heir-at-law of her said father she is entitled to an estate in cash of a small sum not exceeding fifty dollars and that she is further entitled with her mother Elizabeth since intermarried with your petitioner to a bounty land warrant for forty acres.  Your petitioner is advised that a legal Guardian be appointed for the protection of the interest of said minor therein. That said Infant resides with your petitioner and her said Mother.
Your petitioner being desirous to protect and promote the Interest of his said step daughter therefore prays that Letters of Guardianship be granted to him upon the state of said Infant according to the provisions of the Statute, and as in duty, Bound ? will we pray & c.
Sworn to and subscribed before me this Dec. 10, 1855
Know all men by these presents that we, J.D. LATCH and James VOYLES, are held and firmly bound to the state of Mississippi in the penalty of two hundred dollars for payment of which will and truly to be made we bind ourselves as heirs executors & Administrators jointly & severally; Signed with our names and sealed with one seals the 10th day of December 1855.
The condition of the above obligation is such that the above ? J.D. LATCH as Guardian to Amanda Jane BANKS of Tishomingo County shall faithfully account to the Probate Court of Tishomingo County as directed by law for the management of the property & estate of the orphan under his care & shall also deliver up the said property abreeable to the order of the said court or the directions of law, and shall in all respects perform the duty of Guardian to the said J Amanda Jane BANKS according to Law thru the above obligation shall cause and be void otherwise to be and remain in full force & virtue
Sealed & delivered in the presence of John F. ARNOLD, Judge & c

Probate Book N Old Tishomingo Co., MS page 180
In the matter of the guardianship of Mary (marked out) Amanda Jane BANKS minor heir of William BANKS, deceased
On reading and filing the petition of J.D. LATCH when it appearing to the satisfaction of the court that said J.D. LATCH is the step father of said minor and no other person having applied for said guardianship and he appearing to the court to be a proper person to ? and have the custody and control of said minor and her estate and that she is under the age of fourteen years.  It is ordered that letters of guardianship be granted to the said J.D. LATCH of the person and estate of the said Amanda Jane BANKS upon his taking the oath prescribed by law and entering unto bond in the sum of two hundred dollars with good and ample security to be justified and approved by the court.

Probate Book N Old Tishomingo Co., MS dated December term 1855
Term of Probate Court of Tishomingo County State aforesaid begun and held in the town of Jacinto on the 2nd Monday in Dec. 1855. It is ordered adjudged and decreed that John D. LATCH be appointed special guardian of Amanda Jane BANKS a minor heir of Wm. W. BANKS, dcd, for the purpose of making application for & obtaining from the United States a Bounty Land Warrant for 160 acres of land due the said minor under the Act of March the 3rd 1855 and of making sale of the same for the benefit of said minor Heir, And the said John D. LATCH having been legally sworn and having entered into Bond in the sum of two hundred Dollars with Janes BROIL (should be VOYLES) as his security for the faithful performance of his duties as such Guardian which was approved by the court & Letters were thereupon granted to the said John D. LATCH of the person and estate of said minor according to the statute in such case made and provided, with ? & authority to perform all the legal acts of said Guardianship in the premises.


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