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Newspapers - Tishomingo County, Mississippi

Two newspapers were established at Jacinto in 1849, the Jacinto Reporter and the Jacinto Democrat.


Eastport supported four newspapers.  In 1850, B. S. Kenyon bought the editorship of the Iuka Reporter from Dr. M. A. Simmons in Iuka, who was a Whig.  Mr. Kenyon continued the paper under the policy of the Whigs, but changed the name of the paper to the New Eleven, after moving it to Eastport.  About this time, the Eastport Gazette is said to have been published.  The North Mississippi Union was edited by M. G. Lewis.  In the early 1850s, H. H. Tyson edited the Eastport Republican.


In 1857 or 1858, Dr. J. S. Davis bought the Eastport paper known as the New Eleven from B. S. Kenyon and changed the name to the Iuka Gazette.  Dr. Davis sold it to his brother, D. L. Davis, who gave it the new name, The Mink.  He was a Southern Democrat.  In about 1860, Dr. M. A. Simmons edited a paper known as the Iuka Mirror.  In September 1860, J. M. Norwent opened a printing office, and edited a paper supported by the Bell-Everett presidential ticket which was published until the Yankees over-ran the County.


In 1868 or 1870, Maj. Hogue edited the Stenograph at about the same time that Mr. Bud Jourdan and Dr. F. T. Carmack edited the Cosmic Gale.


In 1868, Mr. E. P. Odom edited The Tishomingo Herald, and Dr. J. J. Stibevell edited The Advocate.


Mr. A. T. Matthews edited the Pentagraph.  In about 1895, Mr. G. W. Dudley bought the Cosmic Gale from Messrs. Jourdan and Carmack.  The name was changed to the Iuka Vidette.  In 1912, he sold it to Sparks and Sparks.


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