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John Sanders
The Missionary Record of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon) states that an Elder Sanders had labored in Tishomingo county, Mississippi and baptized 7 converts in 1840. Missionaries for the church often went where they had previously lived or had relatives to convert, so it was natural to check out Tishomingo County. This proved to be a fruitful search. History of Tishomingo County, Mississippi page 92 (Film 895939 contained a paper submitted by Adelle Sanders Francis, which was written by Moses Marion Sanders.

“Corinth, Mississippi. July 6, 1880. It is to those in future generations that this biographical sketch is intended to enlighten upon the immediate history of our family It is natural, it is right, it is simply a prompting of the soul that inspires in us a love to perpetuate the deeds of the honorable, good, and noble. Such prompts me to enclose a link in the chain of chronology that will hand down the unstained name of our family to the unknown ages of the futures.”

“Whilst my mind runs back along the family pathway through the lights and shade of several generations for nearly two hundred years I am delighted to find no dark lines recorded no traces that lead from the roll of honor no stains or disgrace to mar the bright heroism of the future generations of the family that will follow in our footprints.”

“Our grandfather Moses Sanders was born in the early part of the 18th century. His life was spent in agriculture as a pursuit and theology as a profession being a Baptist preacher. Our grandfather John Robins was a merchant in Virginia.”

“John Sanders our father was born in North Carolina March 2nd A.D. 1787. Our mother Aby Richardson Sanders daughter of John Robins was born in Virginia August 18th 1796. Father and mother were married in North Carolina in A.D. 18 (left blank but should read 1811 in Franklin County, Georgia). They lived together nearly long enough to celebrate their golden wedding—fifty years. Father lived the quiet life of an independent planter having owned slaves prior to the commencement of the late war. In the early days of his life he was a soldier being engaged in the Indian War of A.D. 1812.”

“Alas time with his scythe has carried many of our family to the tomb. Father and mother like many of their children sleep in the quiet city of the dead. Father died 15 Nov A.D. 1858 Mother died 10 Apr 1866. Though they are gone yet they lived to see the greater number of their children married and settled down in reasonable prosperity.”

“Our eldest sister Acenith married William Muckelroy. Sister Thursialou having married A. G. Pearson whose family is quite honorable. Our sister Jiney married Joseph Carter. Our sister Elizabeth married Henry Derryberry. Our eldest brother Lovel Dogaus never married. He was taken prisoner by the Federals in 1863 during the late war and never heard from. James Monroe gave most of his time to agriculture, and politics he was quite a prominent member of the general assembly of the State of Arkansas in 1860. He was a brave captain in the War Between the States. Josiah Hardin lived in Texas engaged in farming and stock raising was a brave soldier and lost his life in defense of his country 1863. Cardinal Walsey, lived in Tennessee. Engaged in planting was also a brave and generous solider and officer in the late war and lost his life in service 1864. Simeon Lafayette the youngest son was born in Miss. 31st May A. D. 1839. He is more inclined to a mercantile and political life excels many of his fellows in many good and chivalrous deeds one who wins at will and holds his
friends with a strengthened chain.  During the war he was engaged for four years coming out with honors and scars having never missed an engagement unless brought down by the casualties of war.   He married Miss Mary Pinnay Young daughter of I.P. Young of this city in the year 1867.  Is a prominent citizen of this city and has made well-merited reputation as a political officer and acommercial tourist.    This family consists of four members self wife & two bright intelligent beautiful little girls Mattie & Mary.  Now I have given a biographical sketch of each member of the family save one, the writer, MosesMarion Sanders."

"As a rule the family has an inclination to morality; and religion.   The writer and next to the youngest and only son living except Fayette was born Jan A.D. 1838.  During his early life he was engaged in agriculture and attending country schools in company with his brothers Walsey and Lafayette.  He graduated in medicine in 1860 Joined the 1st Ark infantry in Feb 1861."

"Fayette and I soldiers together the entire war receiving three wounds each both alike held positions as officers in our command.  The writer married Miss Cynthia C. Bruton daughter of Benjamine Bruton of this city Dec 19, 1865.  We have a pleasant little family circle with only one we miss from home.  Our first is in the grave.  The oldest boy Simeon Alonzo a bright boy very sprightly and bids to be an elocutionist of note.  2nd boy Earl Bruton quick intelligent and much inclined to refinement 3rd boy Marcus Marion bright, joyous and happy more mischievious than ever was the  'father of his country..'  4th Edna our girl
endowed with more spirit and will and equal mind to any of the boys.  5th Sweet Lena 'our first' is in the cold silent tomb."
As stated in the above paper,  John Sanders was born 2 Mar 1887 in North Carolina.   His father deeded land to him in 1811 but he was not to take possession until after his and his wife's death.

Franklin County, Georgia Deeds Book MMM Page 66 (Film 007130); "This a sufficient deed of gift made this fourth day of June Eighteen Hundred & Eleven being in the county above written it being a part of a tract of land lying on the north side of the Grove Fork of Broad River & Graggs Creek containing one hundred and fifty acres be the same more or less it being a part of the land originally granted to Lieutenant Henry Long & conveyed by said Long unto the said Moses Sanders Senr & by him to John Sanders beginning at a pine corner thence running nearly a west course with the old line to Graggs Creek thence down the meanders of said creek to the mouth where it empties into theGrove Fork of Broad River, thence down said river as it meanders to the first branch thence up said branch to the old line thence along said line to the beginning the said land joins Aaron Sanders, Richard Mauldin, Moses Sanders Jr. & Dudley Jones lands, to have & to hold the above mentioned premises to said John Sanders his heirs & Assigns forever & I the said Moses Sanders Senr do warrant & defend before mentioned premises & against my heirs & assigns after the death of my wife & myself and all claims under me or mine unto the said John Sanders his heirs & assigns forever & the said John Sanders is not to take possession before my wifes & my death of this land as witness my hand & seal the day & date above written,  a part of a line raist before assigned.   Moses Sanders, Seal.  Drury G. Howell, Jesse Holland, Darby Henley J.P." (The date of recording is not given but is between documents dated 5 Mar 1816 and 15 Mar 1816.)

John Sanders and Abby Robins are married 28 Dec 1811 in Franklin County, Georgia.  After his father's death in 1817 John sells his property in Franklin Co., Ga. And moves to McNairy County, Tenn.. Franklin County, Georgia Deeds Book HH Page 225(Film 159041):  "This indenture made & entered into this fourth of January in the year of our
lord one thousand eight hundred and eighteen between John Sanders, Executor of Moses Sanders deceased of the one part of the County of Franklin & State aforesaid and Moses Sanders of the same place of the other part.  Witnesseth
that I the said John Sanders for and in consideration of the sum of fifty dollars to me in hand well & truly paid by the said Moses Sanders & before the signing & sealing of these presents the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged hath this day bargained & sold & confirmed & do by these presents bargain sell convey release & confirm unto the said Moses Sanders his heirs & assigns forever all my half of the tract or parcel of land situate lying and being in the county & state aforesaid on the North Side of the Grove  Fork of Broad River containing forty acres more or less in the whole of said tract as agreed on by said legatees butting and bounding as follows beginning at a beach corner on said river thence down the various meanders of said River to the line of the old original tract, thence N on said old line to a post oak corner, thence on the old line to the branch, thence down said branch to a maple corner made by the said John & Moses thence a straight line to the beach corner at the beginning to have & to hold all & singular the rights profits benefits ways water winds minerals & appertenances thereunto belonging or in any way appertaining to his own profit benefit & behoof free & clear from me the said John Sanders my heirs, executors administrators & assigns forever wherof I have hereunto set my hand & affixed my seal the day & year first above written.  Signed, sealed & delivered in presence of us: test James Suitor, Stephen Harris, Thomas F. Anderson J P Recorded 6 Apr 1818.  John Sanders, Seal."

Franklin County, Georgia Deeds Book B page 20 (Film 159042): "This indenture made this 25th day of December 1818 between John Sanders of Franklin County and state aforesaid of the one part & Reuben Thornton of the same state and county of the other part.  Witnesseth that for & in consideration of the sum of fifteen hundred dollars to me in hand paid at and before the signing  &  delivering  of  these  presents  the  receipt  whereof  is  hereby acknowledged hath this day bargained and sold unto the said Reuben Thornton all that plantation or tract of land situate lying & being in Franklin County and State aforesaid on the north side of the uppermost South Fork of Broad River called the Grove, beginning on a pine corner on the northern boundary line of the original survey, thence nearly southwest with the old line to the creek called Graggs Creek cornering on a boxelder conditionally,  thence down the meanders of said creek including one half of the waters of the same to the mouth, thence down the meanders of the said Grove River including half the water of the same to the mouth of the first branch cornering on a beach thence nearly northeast to a maple corner on a small branch, thence up said branch to the old original line, thence with said line its original course to the beginning it being part of a survey originally granted to Henry Long and from the said Long to Moses Sanders Senr and from thence to the said John Sanders, and now to the said Reuben Thornton together with all the rights and appurtenances thereunto belonging to have and to hold the said tract or parcel of land containing two hundred acres more or less unto him the said Reuben Thornton his heirs & assigns will warrant and forever defend the said land and premises as above mentioned against myself my heirs and assigns and all and every other person or persons making a lawful claim henceforth from the date hereof in witness whereof I the said John Sanders hath hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal the day and year above written. John Sanders, Seal.  Signed and sealed and delivered in presence of John Baugh, Wm Legg J.P. Recorded 24 Mar 1820."

John Sanders moved to McNairy County, Tenn. after selling his property in Franklin County, Ga.  McNairy was established 8 Oct 1823 from Hardin County. Hardin Co. was established 13 Nov 1819 from lands ceded by Chickasaw Indians Co. Seat Savannah.

In 1837 he sold his property in McNairy County, Tenn. and moved to Tishomingo County, Miss. (Film 0024750 Item 2 pages 524, 525 Deeds of McNairy Co., Tenn.) Indenture 2 Dec 1837 between John Sanders & William M. Ferry all of County McNairy & State of Tenn.  For $200 John Sanders sells to William M. Ferry all that certain tract of land lying and being on Little Hatchie in Range 2 and
Section 3 beg. with a white oak chestnut maple & sower wood pointers 73 1/3 poles north of the SE corner of an original tract of 100 acres then so. 170 w 94 poles to a boundary line of said 100 acre tract thence N 50 poles to the W boundary of said tract to a stake E 89 72/89 pole to a white oak thence S to beg. containing 18 acres and 125 poles, ss Mark of John Sanders.  Recorded 25 Jan 1838.

In a census for 1837  (Film 899870)  for Tishomingo County John Sanders is listed with 1 male over 45, 1 male between 21-45, 1 male between 18-21, 3 male under 18, 1 female over 16, 3 females under 16, 1 male slave, 2 female slaves, total 9 white inhabitants and 9 acres cultivated land.

              JOHN SANDERS
1. John Sanders
        Children of John Sanders and Abby Richardson Robins
2.       i. Lovel Dogaus Sanders b 1817; 33 in 1850 with parents; listed as
             insane, d. 1863.
3.      ii. James Monroe Sanders b 1819; md Elizabeth;
4.     iii. Acenith (Asana, Susan) Sanders b 1822; md William Muckelroy
              (McElroy) 1838-39.
5.      iv. Jane (Jiney) Sanders b 1824; md Joseph Carter 9 Oct 1838;
6.       v. Thursialou (Thursy) Sanders b 1826; rod A.G. Pearson
7.      vi. Elizabeth Sanders b 1828; md Henry C. Derryberry 26 Nov 1843;
8.     vii. Josiah Hardin Sanders b 1830; d 1863
9.    viii. Cardinal Walsey Sanders b 1835; d 1864
10.     ix. Moses Marion Sanders b. 1835; d 1864
11.      x. Simeon Lafayette Sanders b 31 May 1839; md Mary Penney Young 1867; d
              31 Oct 1908

    3. James Monroe Sanders (John 1)
         Children of James Monroe Sanders & Elizabeth
12.      i. Aby (Aba) Sanders b 1850
13.     ii. John H. Sanders b 1852; d Mar 1870 at Hot Springs, Ark. Of whooping
14.    iii. Thyrza L. Sanders b 1854; d Mar 1870 measles
15.     iv. Mary E. Sanders b 1856; d Mar 1870 measles
16.      v. Cardinal Walsey Sanders b 1857'
17.     vi. Acenith Elizabeth Sanders b 1859; d Mar 1870 age 11 measles
18.    vii. Jefferson Davis Sanders b 1862
19.   viii. Martha L. Sanders b 1864                                  ;
20.      ix. James m. Sanders b 1866
     4. Acenith Sanders (John 1)
         Children of Acenith Sanders & William Muckelroy
21.       i. Malissa Jane Muckelroy b 1839
22.      ii. Isaac Muckelroy 0 1842
23.     iii. James Muckelroy b. 1845
24.      iv. John Muckelroy b 1846
25.       v. Mary (Mollie) Muckelroy b 1849
26.      vi. Martha Muckelroy (twin) b 1852
27.     vii. David Muckelroy (twin) b 1852
28.    viii. William Muckelroy b 1854
29.      ix. Catherine Muckelroy b 1856
30.       x. Safrony Muckelroy b 1859
31.      xi. Walsey Muckelroy b 1860
32.     xii. Thesily Muckelroy b 1864
33.    xiii. Fanny Muckeiroy b 1866
     5.   Jane (Jiney) Sanders (John 1)
           Children of Jane Sanders & Joseph Carter
34.         i.  Caroline Carter b 1841
35.        ii.   Mary Carter b. 1843
36.        iii.  David Carter b 1845
37.        iv.  Thursday Carter b 1847
38.        v.   Amanda Carter b 1849
     6.   Thursialou Sanders (John 1)
           Children of Thursialou Sanders & A.G. Pearson
39.         i.   Benjamin Pearson b 1846
40.        ii.   Susan Pearson b 1848
41.         iii.  Abbie Pearson b 1849
     7.   Elizabeth Sanders (John 1)
           Children of Elizabeth Sanders & Henry C. Derryberry
42.        i.  John Derryberry b 1848
43.        ii.  Thompson Derryberry b 1850
     10.   Moses Marion Sanders (John 1)
             Children of Moses Marion Sanders & Cynthia C. Bruton
44.          i.   Lena Sanders
45.         ii.   Simeon Alonzo Sanders
46.         iii.   Earl Bruton Sanders
47.         iv.  Marcus Marion Sanders b 2 Apr 1871; d 3 Aug 1888
48.         v.   Edna Sanders
49.        vi.   May b 24 Sep 1885; d. 1 Dec 1889
     11.  Simeon Lafayette Sanders (John 1)
            Children of Simeon Lafayette Sanders & Mary Pinnay Young
50.        i.   Mattie Sanders
            ii.  Mary Sanders


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