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Miscellaneous Probate Submissions
Abstract of Probate for Joseph Stout, deceased. Book R, no page, entry numbered 886, Tishomingo County. 15 January 1867.

M. A. Stout, widow, petitioned the Court for a year’s support and allotment of property except from execution of the estate on her behalf and the behalf of Lindsey Stout, Eugene Stout, Theodor Stout, Walter Stout and Cora Stout, their minor children. The Court ordered that J. A. Gerhart, E. C. Gillenwaters, B. Adams, A. J. Kincaid and J. P. Young be appointed commissioners, any three of whom may act to allot and set off a portion of the estate for the support of the widow and children.

Transcription of Guardianship of James, John and Catherine Jones, Book R, no page, entry numbered 625, Tishomingo County, 15 January 1867.

Report of Guardian E. L. Welch in lieu of annual accounts: In this cause it is made appear (sic) to the court that the said Guardian has neither recused himself nor paid out anything in said Guardianship since rendering his last annual accounts thereof. It is therefore considered and decreed by the Court that said Report be received, approved and recorded in lieu of annual accounts of aid Guardianship.

Transcription of entry for the Estate of John Barber, deceased, Book R, page 468, Probate Court term March 1867, Tishomingo County.

Suggestion of death of deceased more than six months since and of existence of estate. In this cause it is ordered by the Court that the administration of said decedent’s estate be committed to D. J. Beale, Sheriff of this County in virtue of his said office, as provided by law in such case.

Transcription of Petition for Title to Land by William Rutherford v John McRae, et al. Book R, Probate Court, Tuesday morning, 10 July 1866, Tishomingo County.

This cause for hearing it is ordered by the Court that Citations (be) issued to John McRae, administrator of Kenith McRae, deceased, Rev. M Gibbons, Isabella Gibbons, William McRae, James McRae, Thomas McRae, B.D. McRae, Daniel P. McRae, Sarah C. McRae, Margaret Mathews and her husband, William Mathews and John McRae, guardian of James D. McRae, W. J. Blunt, guardian of John H. and B. F. McRae, to appear before the next term of this Court and answer said petition and show cause, if any they have, why prayer of petition should not be granted and a (?) of Court rendered accordingly to which term this cause is continued and set for further hearing.

Partial transcription of Petition for Letters by W.A. McRae in guardianship of Thomas G McRae, minor. Book R, page 468, Probate Court, March term, 1867, page 468, Tishomingo, County, MS.

This Cause now coming as to be heard before the court upon said petition and proof, when it appearing to the Court that said minor who is over 14 years of age has elected said petitioner to be his legal guardian that said Petitioner is the brother of said minor and is competent to the office and trust of said Guardianship and he has this day approved in open court and taken the oath (missing text) together with John McRae.

Note: This entry continues, but my photocopy ended here.

Transcription of Petition for probate by Elizabeth Earnest, executrix of James Earnest, deceased. Book 9, no page. Filed 10 March 1862. Tishomingo County.

R.A. Hill Judge.

To the Honorable the Probate Court of Tishomingo County, State of Mississippi. The Petition of Elisabeth Earnest, wife of James Earnest, late of said County, deceased, shows that he died on or about the 6th day of February 1860 and did, before death, make and publish his last will in writing herewith exhibited, Marked A, making Petitioner his sole executrix and promises thereof for herself and others: Wherefore she prays that the Will be probated in this court and other proceedings be had as the law may require and that she have Letters Testamentary.

Sworn to and Subscribed before me this March 10, 1860.

Signed Elizabeth Earnest.


Transcription of Probate Petition for Letters filed 31 March 1862, Book 9, no page given. Tishomingo County.

W. R. Smith and W.C. Cornelius, Administrators Ad Col for Ira E. Cornelius, deceased.

The Petition of W.R. Smith and W.C. Cornelius, Citizens of said County represents and shows unto your Honor that Ira E. Cornelius, late a citizen of said county departed this life about the 26th day of March 1862, leaving a real and personal estate in said county consisting of a tract of land, about 25 Negroes, stock of various kinds, farming utensils, household and kitchen furniture. That said personal property is in an exposed condition subject to waste and as Petitioners believe should be immediately taken in charge by persons having legal authority to protect and control the same until such time as the Will of said deceased can be proved and admitted to Probate and registration in your Honor’s Court and Letters of Executorship obtained thereon. The promises considered Petitioner pays of your Honor in Vacasion (?) grant of Letters of Administration ad col Ligendum (?), upon said personal estate and for such other directions pertaining hereto as to your Honor may deem necessary and as in duty bound to.

Signed W. R. Smith and W.C. Cornelius.

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 31st day of March 1862, E. W. Carmack, Clerk.

This word may have been intended to be vacatur: Latin for an order of court by which a proceeding is set aside or annulled.

This word may have been intended to be legitiums: Latin for lawful.

Abstract of Petition for Letters by W.A. Paden, administrator for D.W. Paden, deceased. Filed 14 July 1862, Book 9, page 116. Tishomingo County.

To the Honorable R.A. Hill, judge of the Probate Court of Tishomingo County, State of Mississippi. W.A. Paden, a citizen of this county, notified the Court that D. M. Paden died in the month of June, 1862, leaving surviving heirs: Mary Jane, his widow, Leroy, Sophia and James Wesley, his children. He left a personal estate consisting of stock of various kinds, farming utensils, household and kitchen furniture and some debts. The widow requested the petitioner to administrate the estate on her behalf.

Signed W. A. Paden

Sworn and subscribed on 14 July 1862 before E. W. Carmack, clerk.

Partial Transcription of Petition for Letters by G. Howell, administrator for A. Collier, deceased. Filed 11 August 1863, Book 9, page 453. Tishomingo County.

To the Honorable R. A. Hill, Judge of the Probate Court of Tishomingo. The Petition of Gilbert Howell, a citizen of said County of Tishomingo, respectfully shows: That Amos Collier, late of said County of Tishomingo, departed this life some time in the month of June 1863, leaving no will or testament, so far as your Petitioner knows or believes. That said decedent left surviving him at the time of his death the following named children residing in Tishomingo County, Mississippi: Elizabeth Finch, wife of John W. Finch, Henry Collier, Lavina Grisham, Martha McDaniel, wife of Michael McDaniel, residents Itawamba County, Sarah Crumley, wife of James A. Crumley, resides in Tennessee. All of whom are of full age….

This entry continues but my photocopy ends here.


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