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Deed Book A dated 1839 pages 258-260 Deed Number 256
Jinsy Brown & Rody Brown, wives of Ko-yo Ko, deceased deeds to Armistead Barton
Dated November 20, 1837 between Jinsy Brown and Rody Brown, wives of Ko-yo Ko, deceased of the County of Tishomingo and Armistead Barton of Franklin County, Alabama...sum of 400.00 to them in hand paid...land lying in the county of Tishomingo in the survey of the Chickisaw nation as the south half of section 7 township 6 range 9 east containing (not listed) acres...by virtue of the treaty made at Washington on the 24th day of May 1834 between the United States and Chickisaw Nation of Indians...
Signed: Jinsy (X) Brown
Rody (X) Brown
wives of Ko-yo Ko deceased
Witnesses: Benj Clements
David Pace
Isaac (X) Albertson
Ish te ho to pa
(X) his mark
I, Benjamin Reynolds. agent for the Chickisaw Nation, do hereby certify, that from the best of my knowledge and information, the facts set forth in the foregoing certificated, of Isaac Albertson and Ish to ho to-pa are true, and that the sum of 400.00 is a fair consideration and has been paid by said Armistead Barton to the said Jinsy and Rody Brown to the land described in the foregoing deed, 23rd Decr. 1837.
Benjamin Reynolds, CA
Jan. 29, 1838, Approved Wm. Carroll, examining agent
A.J. Aldridge, Justice of the Peace

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