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Jurors for March Term 1848

Saturday, March 11th A.D. 1848, page 272, transcribed by Vicki Burress Roach

This day the clerk and Sheriff provided in open court to draw a jury to serve the next term of this court when the following persons were drawn to serve the first week thereof to wit.

Henry Counts Leroy Carpenter

James H. Robertson Cornelius Carmack

Clinton George John H. Davis

Isaac Tenneson Lewis P. Davis

Francis W. Barns Aaron Dean

Peter Garland Cooper McElhannon

Preston Ward Ephraim Leathe?

James T. Peel John H.? White

Prior Skelly? Reuben Dement

Andrew M. Bradshaw Ira E.? Cornelius

John G. Nicholson Jessee Weaver

William Cooper James Crow

Hawkins Holder Benj. Whitfield

Hezekiah Clinkscales Joseph Robertson

Enoch Lankford James H. Robertson

James W. Harvill John W. Clement

Gideon Butler Robert C. Thrasher

Wm. Carpenter Jas. H. McIver

Willis W. Graham Thomas L. Crawley

Wm. C. Crocket J.S. Turner

Jubal? Grisham

And the following persons were drawn to serve for the second week of said term, to wit:

Robert M. Laughlin Larkin T. Hodges

Absolom Holley Daniel Beard

Thomas Gann Alexander Savage

Hawkins Cooper Alfred B. Dilworth

George W. Lee Emory Harvey

Samuel Flake Wm. C. Lindsey

Reuben Holley Wm. R. Collier

John Y. Lee Gilbert Woodard

James R. Choate W.W. Bond

Caleb Lindsey Shelby Newman

Jas. F. Grisham Wm. McEllrory

Larkin Cathey James Payne

John J.? Cowan John Thomas

Washington Brown Thomas Brewster

John McClure David Barron/Barrow?

And it is ordered by the court that a wit of venire? Facias? ???? to the Sheriff commanding him to summon said persons to serve accordingly. Hugh R. Miller, Judge Presiding.

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