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Holcut Consolidated School

In the 1940s, the school in the Holcut Community was known as the Holcut Consolidated School.  At the beginning of the century, however, it was known as the New Lebanon School and was located near the Will Crane place.  From there it was moved to the Willis Mil place.  From that place, it was transferred to the place known as the “Schoolhouse.”  While there, the first teacher was John A. Trotter, and the first board of trustees was W. A. Nixon, S. N. Strickland, and Bill Gibson.


The school was later moved again to a place owned by W. A. Nixon who gave one acre of land and built the house.  During the life of the school at that location, it was known as the Nixon School.


From that place, the school was moved to the house that Huston McCoy occupied in 1940, and it was again called the New Lebanon School.  Its first teacher at that location was Miss Ora Nixon, and trustees were J. A. Lambert, Tommie Strickland, and Jim Claunch.


Then in 1919, the school was moved to a building which was located one-half mile west of the village of Holcut on Highway 30.  (In the 1940s, the building was used for a teacherage.)  There it remained until 1929.  V. B. Smith was the first teacher and J. A. Lambert, Tommie Strickland, and Jim Claunch were the first trustees.


In 1929, there was a demand for a larger and better building.  So it was decided to erect a beautiful well-equipped modern up-to-date six-room brick building with a large auditorium, office, and library to accommodate all of the children of the school district.  The Holcut Consolidated School District was a newly consolidated district that had formerly been the New Lebanon School District.  Also included in the Holcut Consolidated School District were the Union Grove School and the Sardis School.  Prof. George Bacon, Miss Susie Burns, Miss Verna Wade, and Miss Beatrice Burns were the first teachers to teach in that building.  The board of trustees at that time was G. T. Bingham, A. N. Strickland, G. T. Lambert, Lon Weathers, and W. R. Crane.


Source:  Nabors, S. M.  History of Old Tishomingo County 1832-1940.


Contributed by Tishomingo County Historical & Genealogical Society.


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