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Extinct Schools of Tishomingo County
Name of School and/or Church - used for school -  Location

A.W. Bynum's Schoolhouse
Allen Line Consolidated Grammar School - Located about 20 feet east of Tishomingo-Prentiss County line.
Antioch Church
Antioch Schoolhouse
Asbury Chapel
Barges Schoolhouse
Barnes Chapel Public School
Barnett Schoolhouse
Bennett's Chapel School
Bethel Meetinghouse
Bethel Public School
Bingham Public School
Blackland Schoolhouse
Bluff Springs-Punkin Center School - Burnsville
Boggs Chapel School 1939
Boggs Chapel School 1945-1946
Boggs Chapel School 1951-1952
Boggs Chapel School 1951-1952
Boggs Chapel Public School
Booker Schoolhouse 1858
Brown's Schoolhouse
Buchanon's Schoolhouse
Bulah Church
Bullard School
Burnesis Schoolhouse
Burnsville Academy
Burnsville Colored 1800s
Burnt Mills 1895
Burton School - Old Tishomingo County/Prentiss Co.
Careytown School, AL
Carters Branch School, colored
Center Point Public School
Central 1950
Central Consolidated Grammar School - Located on State Highway 25, five miles north of Iuka.
Chapel Hill
Clement Chapel - Eastport
Clements Chapel School
Cokes School
Coleman Schoolhouse
Cooks Chapel Schoolhouse
Cotton Springs - Bay Springs
Cotton Springs Consolidated Grammar School - On highway between Dennis and Bay Springs, about one mile east of Bay Springs
Cripple Deer School
Cripple Deer 1905-
Cripple Deer 1942-1942
Cripple Deer 1944-1945
Crossroads School (North)
Danville Academy
Dennis 1936-1937
Dennis Consolidated Grammar School - Town of Dennis
Duggens Creek
Eastport Female Academy
Eastport Female Institute
Ellis Schoolhouse
Euclid Academy - Near Bethany Church
Fairview 1889 - Kendrick/Counce
Fairview Public School
Forest Grove School
Friendship Meeting House
Friendship School, colored
Glendale School - Alcorn County with a lot of Tish.Co. Children
Glenn 1899
Golden Consolidated Grammar School - Town of Golden
Gravel Hill 1948-1949 (Burnsville)
Gravel Hill Grammar School
Groden College
Groym? Schoolhouse
Guin and Black
Gum Springs
Hale Schoolhouse
Hartford Musical Institute - Valley School 8/1926
Hazel Green Schoolhouse
Hepsibia Public School - Village of Crossroads, located on State Highway 25.
Holcut 1929
Holcut 1933
Holcut Consolidated High School - Village of Holcut
Holcut School - Began in one room near Lebanon
Holloway Consolidated Grammar School
Hopewell Meetinghouse
Hopewell School House - now Alcorn Co., 1927-1929
Hubbard Salem abt 1903
Hubbard Salem School
Iuka Academy
Iuka Female College
Iuka Male Academy
Iuka Normal Institute
J.T. Borah School
Jacinto Male Academy
Jacinto School
John A. Wheelock School
John Town
Jones Schoolhouse
Kay Schoolhouse
Laird Schoolhouse
Lambert 1937
Lambert Chapel
Lambert Public School
Lambs Chapel Public School
Liberty Consolidated Grammar School - Located on Midway-Holcut road.
Liberty Hill
Little Bear Creek
Martin School
Martins Scholl
McCoy Institute
McCoy's Schoolhouse
Melvin School ( Alcorn Co.)
Midway Consolidated Grammar School
Miller Schoolhouse
Mineral Springs - Belmont
Moody's Schoolhouse
Moore's Chapel
Moses Schoolhouse
Mount Burnsville
Mount Gilead (AKA Gilliad)
Mount Oliphet
Mount Olive Church
Mount Pisgah
Mount Pleasant Grammar School
Mulberry School
Mulbery Public School
New Bethel School
New Friendship
New Salem School
Oak Grove
Oak Ridge Academy
Oak Ridge Public School
Osberns Creek
Owens Station School
Paden Consolidated High School - Town of Paden
Paden Consolidated School
Pennywinkle Academy
Pine Grove School
Pine Slab School
Pittsburg School - Between Dennis and Belmont
Pleasant Grove Church 1908
Pleasant Hill School
Pleasant Retreat
Pleasant Ridge (Burnsville) - Burnsville/ Near Old Hebron Church
Pleasant Ridge Consolidated Grammar School
Pleasant Hill School
Poplar Springs 1941
Poplar Springs 1950
Popular Springs Public School
Prospect School - Near Prospect ( Mann) Cemetery
Providence School
Rains Schoolhouse
Rienzi Academy
Ron Corner S.W.
Rowland Mill Grammar School - Located near Illinois-Central Railroad.
Rowland Mills School - South of Burnsville
Rutledge Salem 1905
Sardis Church
Sardis Grammar School
Sardis Schoolhouse - One source states Near Holcut/One closer to Belmont
Sharps School - North of County
Short Creek School
Small Schoolhouse
Smith Schoolhouse
Snowdown Consolidated School - Located what is now the Iuka Country Club
South Tishomingo Consolidated Grammar School - Located north of Golden-Moore Mill Road. School grounds 5 acres
Spring Hill School
Stephens Arbor Consolidated School
Swannery Meetinghouse
Swinney Meetinghouse
Tishomingo County Agriculture High School
Tishomingo County Vocational Center
Tishomingo High School 1971,1973, 1984
Union Academy - Present Valley Community
Valley Music School 1926 - Near Dennis/ Across Bear Creek
Valley School Special Consolidated school
Walker School
Wright School - South of Hwy 30 toward Prentiss Co.
Wroten's Schoolhouse
Yellow Creek Church
Zion Rest Church

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