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Probate File for Elijah Edge

Transcription and abstracts from the Probate File for Elijah Edge (bn abt 1803-1805, SC, died 11 October 1861), Book 9, pg 78

Mary Edge
Administrator for
Elijah Edge, deceased

Petition for Letters filed November 13th, 1861 to the Honorable R.A. Hill, Judge of the Probate Court of Tishomingo County, State of Mississippi.

Respectfully represents the Petition of Mary Edge, widow of Elijah Edge, late of said County, decd., that decedent departed this life in this county about the 11th of October, 1861, leaving and surviving him: your Petitioner, his widow, (Mary), Caroline, intermarried with Willis G. Young, Wm W. Edge, Francis D. Edge, Nancy Jane, intermarried with Wm H. Cogdill, Ann E. Edge, John T. Edge and Margaret Edge; the last three of whom are minors under the age of 21 years. That said decedent left an estate both real and personal in said County, consisting of 410 acres of land, ten Negro slaves, stock of various kinds, household and kitchen furniture, farming utensils, crop of present year and perhaps some debts due him. What your Petitioner is advised and believes is important to the interests of said estate (is) that the same be administered as early as practicable. Your Petitioner therefore in pursuance of her right under the statutes Prays of your Honorable Court, Grant a Letter of Administration upon said estate upon her qualifying and entering into bond as your Honor may direct. Your Petitioner believes the values of said personal estate will not exceed $6,000.
Sworn to and subscribed in open court this Nov 13th 1861
Mary Edge.

Abstract of Inventory of Slaves, prepared by Mary on 28 December 1861 (not filed until much later), Book 2, page 14.

Jack, combined value of the three: $1,200
Betsey, combined value of the three: $1,200
Matilda, value $400
Rancy, value $400
Wiley, value $600
Those given heretofore to heirs:
Nelson, given to Francis Edge, value $800
Dennis, given to William Edge, value $950
May (Mary?), given to N.J. Cogdell, value $1,000
Phillis, given to C. Young, value $900

In January 1862 the heirs are again mentioned in court:
Mary Edge, widow
E.C. Young, wife of Willis G. Young
W. W. Edge
F.D. Edge
Nancy J Cogdill, wife of W. H. Cogdill
Ann E Edge, minor
Jon T. Edge, minor
Peggy A. Edge, minor

April Term, Book Q, page 327
The Probate Court is notified that Mary Edge had died. The Court continued action on the estate until the next term.

January 12, 1863, Book 9, section 663
Elias Rinehart, administrator of the estate of Elijah Edge, notified the Court that Mary Edge and one of the minor children (John T Edge) had died and that the slaves belonging to the plantation are in the possession of this administrator except those that have left the plantation or were carried off and that none of the family remains at house except two girls and a nurse. He asks the court for permission to sell a mule.

In July of 1866 the heirs are again mentioned in court. By this time, Elijah’s other son Francis had died in the War and his daughter, Ann Elizabeth had married Nathan Leath, (referred to in the probate as Dr. Leath.) Margaret (Peggy) is in the care of a guardian, Wm. Walker.

July, 1866, Book R, page 270
Elias Rinehart, administrator of the estate of Elijah Edge, deceased, submitted an amended petition to the Court regarding citations to appear in court to show cause why the land should not be sold, issued to three of the heirs:
William Walker, guardian of Peggy A. Edge and Peggy A. Edge, of Tishomingo County.
Willis Young and his wife, Caroline Young of Tishomingo County.
Annie E. Leath and her husband, Dr. N. Leath of Itawamba County.

In September of 1866 the heirs of Elijah were:
Peggy A Edge, whose guardian was Wm. Walker, in Tishomingo
Caroline Young, married to Willis in Tishomingo
Annie Leath, married to Dr. N. Leath in Itawamba
William W Edge
N J Cogdill, married to W H Cogdill

January, 1867 Book R, page 410
The Court was notified that Elijah’s land had been sold by the administrator of the estate.
The purchasers were:
William Sutherland: sixty acres, South end of the West half of the North West Quarter of Section 26, Twp 3, Range 7 East at $11.00 per acre, for a total of $705.
Barnett Burnett: thirty acres, North West corner of Section 23, Twp 3, Range 7 East, at $6.60 per acre for a sum of $198.
W.J. Thomason and William W. Edge, (son and heir of deceased): the South East Quarter of Section 22, Twp 3 of Range 7, 180 acres, at $6.10 per acre for a total of $976.
Allen Epps and Jesse Epps, South West Quarter of Section 22, Twp 3, Range 7, at $6.10 per acre for a total of $976.

The estate was finally settled in 1867.

Notes pertaining to the family:
There were two Ann Leaths in the 1870 MS census - one was married to William, a farmer in Tippah, the other was married to Nathan Leath, a merchant (or doctor) in Lee. (Married 10 October 1865 in Itawamba) Both Leath families had young daughters named Mary. Ann Elizabeth Edge, daughter of Elijah, married Nathan, not William. The name is shown as both Leith and Leath in various records. Also note that Matilda Edge and Vina (Lina?) Edge Pruitt, were living next to Ann and Nathan Leath in the 1870 Federal census.

Elijah Edge, bn abt 1803-1805 in SC, married Mary Coleman in Greene Co., AL on 26 July 1833. (Marriage Index, AL, GA, SC) Mary was the daughter of Francis Roe Coleman (bn Fairfield, SC) and Margaret Mobley, daughter of Benjamin Mobley of SC. This Edge family moved to northern MS about 1854.

Caroline Edge married Willis J Young, 2 Mar 1854 Alcorn County, MS.

William W Edge, born 11 Sept 1836, son of Elijah Edge, was a Pvt; Co. D, 32nd MS Inf, enlisted 8 March 1862, in Biggersville, MS, discharged 26 April 1865), died 30 June 1907, buried Biggersville, Alcorn County, MS.


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