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Appraisements 1861-1870 - Slaves mentioned in estates

Slaves mentioned in estates

The names that follow are the names and ages (if listed) of the slaves. Indexed by: Vicki Burress Roach for the Alcorn Co. Genealogy Society. Copies of these pages can be ordered from the ACGS.

Aldridge Uriah, deceased estate	 page 76 	October, 1864
Aldridge (can’t read-four letters _ _ ha)
Aldridge Abe
Aldridge Anna
Aldridge Bell
Aldridge Bettie?
Aldridge Charles
Aldridge Charlotte
Aldridge Jeff
Aldridge Violet
Aldridge Wert

Barnes S.A., deceased estate 		page 56 	November, 1864
Barnes Lucinda	age 10

Canterberry Lydia, deceased estate	 page 67 	July, 1864
Canterberry Ann	woman
Canterberry Betty	girl
Canterberry Henry	boy
Canterberry Joshua	age 65
Canterberry Manervia	girl
Canterberry Mary	woman
Canterberry Matilda	age 70

Davis Jas., deceased estate 		page 47 	October, 1863
Davis “one other girl”
Davis Alfred
Davis Allice
Davis Auty
Davis Green
Davis Isaiah
Davis Lytt
Davis Sam
Davis Susannah

Dilworth William, deceased estate	 page 11 	June, 1861
Dilworth Dabney	boy 
Dilworth Jet		man
Dilworth Mariah	woman

Edge Elijah, deceased estate 		page 14 	December, 1861
Edge Betsey
Edge Demirs?
Edge Hannah Mariah
Edge Jack
Edge Margaret
Edge Matilda
Edge May/Mary?
Edge Nelson
Edge Phillis
Edge Raney?
Edge Sarah
Edge Wiley

Gardner David, deceased estate	 page 31 	February, 1863
Gardner Clarissa	age 5
Gardner Cynthia	age 19
Gardner Dick		age 7
Gardner Hannah	age 12
Gardner Hany?	age 35	 & child
Gardner Idor?		age 2
Gardner Letha		age 13
Gardner Letty		age 9
Gardner Lewis		age 8
Gardner Nelly		age 40
Gardner Perry		age 16
Gardner Rufus		age 23
Gardner Sam		age 15
Gardner Tom		age 10
Gardner Winna	age 3

Hicks James P., deceased estate	 page 30 October, 1861
All the slaves of James P. Hicks have escaped and gone
within the lines of the Federal Army.

Hodges Robt, deceased estate	page 27 	January, 1863
Hodges Alabama
Hodges Ann
Hodges Anna
Hodges Edy
Hodges Emma		infant
Hodges Harriett
Hodges John
Hodges Liddy
Hodges Mahomet?
Hodges Mariah	& infant
Hodges Mark
Hodges Mary
Hodges Mollie		no children
Hodges Phoebe
Hodges Tabitha
Hodges Tishomingo
Hodges Tom
Hodges Victoria

Lawson G.W., deceased estate	 page 49 	November, 1864
Lawson Charly	age 6
Lawson Henry		age 1
Lawson Margaret	age 25

McCord James, deceased estate	 page 15 	February, 1862
McCord Cass
McCord Dave?
McCord Hogue
McCord Priscilla
McCord Sarah
McCord Taylor

McPeters Robt., deceased estate	 page 1 	April, 1861
McPeters Alabama	age 6
McPeters America	age 8
McPeters Andrew	age 8
McPeters Araminta?	age 6
McPeters Betty	age 23	& her infant
McPeters Burrell	age 10
McPeters Calvin	age 4
McPeters Charlott	age 30
McPeters Cornelia	age 9
McPeters Edwin	age 5
McPeters Emaline	age 28
McPeters Fanny	age 7
McPeters Frances	age 25 & her infant
McPeters Hary?	age 18
McPeters Hetty	age 6
McPeters Jack		age 25
McPeters John		age 32
McPeters Katharine	age 30
McPeters Laura	age 6
McPeters Laurence	age 12
McPeters Louisa	age 2
McPeters Lucy	age 2
McPeters Margaret	age 2
McPeters Maria	age 19	& her child
McPeters Martha	age 9
McPeters Mary	age 18	& her infant
McPeters Mary Ann	age 50
McPeters Nathan	an old man
McPeters Sarah	age 14
McPeters Savannah	age 4
McPeters Squire	age 20
McPeters Tobe	age 26
McPeters Tom		age 8

McRae Kenith, deceased estate	 page 22 	July, 1862
McRae Albert
McRae Anderson
McRae Douglass
McRae Emma
McRae Jasper
McRae Lucy
McRae Permula
McRae Phennel?
McRae Robert
McRae Sam
McRae Sarah

Miller James H., deceased estate 	page 10 	May 1861
Miller Adaline		woman & child
Miller Betsey		girl
Miller Birdy		woman
Miller Georgia		girl
Miller Jerryben?	girl
Miller Junny?		girl
Miller Taylor		boy
Miller Tom		boy

Morrison Neal, deceased estate 	page 42 January, 1864
1 slave
2 slaves		ages 8 & 10

Morrison Wm. M.Y.,MINOR of S.A.Morrison, deceased page 32 April,1862
Morrison Henry Franklin	age 1
Morrison Jemima	age 18

Morton J.H., deceased estate	page 36 January, 1863
Morton Albert		age 14
Morton Angeline	age 3
Morton Harriet	age 18
Morton Linda 		age 10
Morton Martha	age 12
Morton Mary		age 36
Morton Phillip		age 8
Morton Scott		age 6
Morton Squire		age 38

Reid Rosalinda L., deceased estate	page 44 	March, 1864
Reid Amanda		woman & children Frank & Fannie

Reynolds Tho. G., deceased estate 	page 5 		December, 1861
1 woman
1 female age around 11
1 boy

Rogers Cynthia, deceased estate 	page 46 	May, 1862
1 woman & child

Schooler Abner, deceased estate	 page 16 	January, 1862
Schooler Aaron
Schooler Charlotte
Schooler Emily
Schooler Harriett
Schooler Levi
Schooler Moses

Stafford H.L., deceased estate 	page 35 	December, 1862
Stafford Willis		age about 25

Stafford Ida, MINOR 			page 52 	December, 1864
Stafford Calvin
Stafford Francis
Stafford Sallie
Stafford Susan
Stafford Victoria
Stafford Willis

Stafford James B., deceased estate page 34 		December, 1862
Stafford Allis		age 7
Stafford Bill		age 49
Stafford Bob		age 45
Stafford Calvin	age 3
Stafford Ciceroe	age 9
Stafford Emeline	age 27
Stafford Fill		age 45 & girl child Melody
Stafford Francis	age 5
Stafford Georgeana	age 5
Stafford Henry?	age 25
Stafford Laura		age 15
Stafford Louisa	age 21 & child John age 4
Stafford Mad		age 23
Stafford Roland	age 2
Stafford Susan		age 20 & Victoria 1

Suitor Wm., deceased estate		 page 40 	July, 1863
Suitor Nice		woman

Swinney W.J., deceased estate	 page 25 	December, 1861
Swinney Aaron	man
Swinney Dicy		girl
Swinney Jim		boy
Swinney John		man
Swinney Nicy		woman

Swinney William T., MINOR		 page 26 	December, 1861
Swinney July Ann	woman
Swinney Mariah	girl
Swinney Richard	boy
Swinney Roderick	man
Swinney Susan	woman & female child

Taylor John, Sr., deceased estate	 page 50 	November, 1864
Taylor Allen		age 50
Taylor Anderson	age 20
Taylor Betsey		age 16
Taylor Chaney?	age 14 (girl)
Taylor Cynthia		& boy child around 15 months
Taylor Hulda		woman & her 3 children 
Taylor Julia		age 10
Taylor Lee		age 53
Taylor Lou		age 8 (girl)
Taylor Manerva	age 25
Taylor Wesley		age 12
Taylor Willis		age 30

Whitfield Benj., deceased estate	 page 19	April, 1862
Whitfield girl		age 4
Whitfield Jesse		boy
Whitfield Mance	male

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