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African American Indentures
Transcript of Petition for Indentures, Probate Court, March term 1866, Book R, page 197, for Ralph and Elbert, no surnames given, colored minors, (apprenticeship to Thomas Smith.)

This cause for hearing upon said petition and proofs when it, appearing to the Court, that Elbert is an orphan, fourteen years old, residing with petitioner (Thomas Smith) of this County who was his former owner, and he, having this day appeared in open Court and with J. A. Johnson as his joint surety, having signed, sealed and acknowledged here his apprentice Bond in the Penalty of five hundred dollars which is approved. It is therefore ordered by the Court that Elbert be apprenticed to said Thomas Smith until he shall have arrived at the age of twenty one years; and it appearing to the Court that Ralph has a mother living with the said Thomas Smith, it is ordered that citation (be) issued to Lucy, the said mother to appear at the next term of this Court, then and there to show cause if an, she has or can, why the said Ralph, colored minor, should not be apprenticed to the said Thomas Smith, to which term this cause is continued.


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