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The Belmont Times, Belmont, Mississippi, Friday, Jan. 21, 1927

A Real Live Newspaper Published Friday of Each Week in the Largest and Most Progressive Town of Its Size in Northeast Mississippi. J.C. Hallmark, Owner and Editor.

Transcribed by Cindy Whirley Nelson.

Notice to Candidates

The Times will carry the announcement of candidates for office in the coming campaign at the following rates:


                        District…………………………………    7.50

                        County…………………………………    5.00

                        Beat……………………………………    2.50


We are authorized to announce the following names as candidates for the various offices of the county, subject to the will of the Democrats at the polls, in the primary elections to be held in the coming summer:

For State Senator W.C. ADAMS of Alcorn County
For Sheriff C.P. PACE
For Chancery Clerk OMER J. BULLEN
For Circuit Clerk  C.A. CROW


W.C. Adams

We are authorized to announce in this issue of The Times Hon. W.C. Adams, of Corinth, as a candidate for the office of State Senator, for the 37th district, composed of the counties of Tishomingo, Alcorn and Prentiss. Mr. Adams is a progressive attorney of Corinth, and is one of the present representatives from Alcorn County in the lower house. The splendid vote he received four years ago was a testimonial of the esteem in which he was, and is, held by his home people. Mr. Adams has been very active in the American Legion, having served as State commander and National delegate. He has done much for the ex-soldiers. Mr. Adams has the ability to fill this position, not only with credit to himself, but to the district and state. He is well versed in law, experience in the affairs of State, and is a good mixer. He will appreciate any consideration given him in the coming primary. 

H.R. Bickerstaff

We direct our reader’s attention to the name of H.R. Bickerstaff, which appears in our announcement column this week, as an aspirant to the office of tax assessor of Tishomingo County. He is a son of Jim Bickerstaff, of Tishomingo, and has a host of friends over the county. He is a young man of high ideals and good character. For several years he carried the mail from Tishomingo to Mingo, and for the past four years he has been mail messenger at Tishomingo. At the present time he is filling stations in the A.F. & A.M. and O.E.S. He is capacited {stet} to keep the records correctly and make a good, reliable official. He will appreciate your influence in the present campaign.

 C.A. Crow          

We take pleasure in calling our reader’s attention to the formal announcement of Mr. C.A. Crow of Tishomingo, who is asking the voters for their support for tax assessor of the county, subject to the Democratic primary next August. Mr. Crow is one of our county’s most worthy and self-made young men. He is a graduate of Tishomingo Agricultural High School, and is now principal of Tishomingo Consolidated School, where he has been teaching for the past six years. His work as teacher has been satisfactory, and he has made good in every respect. He is capable of filling the office to which he aspires and will appreciate the support of the people. We ask you to give him claims due consideration.

 W.A. Shook

Among our list of candidates this week will be found the name of one who is known in all parts of the county. We refer to W. Austin Shook, of Belmont, and for eight years as deputy sheriff. He has had much experience, both in circuit court and in the field, and knows the duties of this responsible office. If elected sheriff he has the courage and respect for law to do his duty at all times. While he expects to make a canvass, he wants the people to know that he will appreciate their support in any way they see fit to bestow it.

 The Belmont Times, Belmont, Mississippi, Friday, Jan. 28, 1927

 J.O. Epps

Among the aspirants for office in this issue, we call your attention to that of J.O. Epps, who is asking for your support for election to the office of Superintendent of Education. Mr. Epps was born and reared in this county; educated in Tishomingo High School, Red Bay, Ala, high school, Freed-Hardeman College and Union University, from which institution he lacks only a few units having his degree. He has had much experience I teaching and is now principal of the Golden High School, seven teachers and an enrollment of 250. He also served one term in the office he now seeks. With his ability and experience, coupled with his diligence and close attention to duty, only fits him better for the duties of this important office. The voters are asked to consider well his claims.

 Isaac M. Jackson

We are authorized this week to make formal announcement of the candidacy of Isaac M. Jackson, of Iuka, for sheriff of Tishomingo County, subject to the action of the August primaries. Mr. Jackson in now engaged in business, where he has had much training. He is a young man of great ability and correct morals. It is needless for us to undertake to introduce him to the voters of the county, since he made the race for the same office four years ago with seven candidates, and went to second primary with the present sheriff. He will spend some time going over the county between now and the election, and will appreciate your influence in his interest.

In making up your ticket consider his claims for this office.

 W.C. Pruitt

In our announcement column you will find the name of W.C. Pruitt of tax assessor. Mr. Pruitt was born and reared in this county, engaging in farming and milling. He is well known throughout the county. He made the race four years ago and feels that he should have your consideration this time. Mr. Pruitt is a highly respected citizen and deserving. He is qualified for the office and if elected will give his best to the duties of same.


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