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Proceedings Circuit Court - January Term, 1927
The Belmont Times, Tishomingo County, Mississippi, January 31, 1927
Transcribed by Cindy Whirley Nelson.


  • W.T. Lamb et al vs Chas. F. Moore continued for process.

  • Carry Story vs Dee smith, continued by agreement.

  • J.W. Slaughter vs R.A. Nixon and W.M. Nixon continued for process.

  • Massey Chevrolet Company vs J.E. Stephens, dismissed by agreement of plantiff’s costs. W.A.Hinton vs Doss Honeycutt, case continued.

  • L.B. Harrington vs C.K. Nixon, J.&V. for defendant.

  • Omer Bullen, Adm’r vs I.C.R.R. Co., continued on application of plantiff.

  • C.B. Massey Chevrolet Co., vs Brewer Chevrolet Co., dismissed at plantiff’s cost.

  • Walter Brewer vs Memphis Stone & Gravel Co. Motion of defendant for judgment on its pleadings over ruled. Demurrer to declaration over-ruled, and defendant allowed 60 days in which to plead.

  • J.R. Cates et al vs C.H. Cranford, jury and verdict for plaintiff for $475.42.

  • J.B. Coat & Co. vs C.P. Wofford, agreed judgment for plaintiff for $388.39 and costs.

  • Ruth Flake vs R.L. Swofford, jury verdict for defendant as plaintiff taxed with the cost.

  • R.L. Flake vs R.S. Swofford, dismissed by agreement at defendant’s cost.

  • Hicks & Bryam vs R.T. Mauldin et al, dismissed as to R.G. Upton. Judgment by default for $459.74. Writ of injury for attorney’s fees, jury & verdict for $45.97

  • E.L. Young & Co. vs Nixon Lumber Co., continued by agreement.

  • E.B. Bell vs I.C.R.R. Co., motion to transfer to Federal court sustained.

  • C.K. Nixon vs I.C.R.R. Co., jury and verdict for plaintiff for $67.49.

  • Ida Mae Lomenick vs Allen Gravel Co., plaintiff motion to be allowed to dismiss her suit without prejudice, sustained.

  • Town of Iuka vs Sou. R.R. Co., dismissed at plaintiff’s cost.

  • Henry Estes et al vs. Sou. R.R. Co. motion for security for cost sustained. Jury and verdict for defendant and plaintiff taxed with the cost.

  • Mrs. Beecher Smith vs Walter Nixon, jury and verdict for plaintiff for $50, defendant taxed with the cost.

  • O.T. George vs M.E. Strickland, et al, continued.

  • Lauderdale Sawmill Co. vs W.T. Rose, transferred to Chancery Court.

  • Same vs W.T. Ross et al, transferred to Chancery Court.

  • E.S. Candler et al vs John Floyd and G.R. Whitaker, jury and verdict for plaintiff.

  • Mrs. Susan Loveless et al vs I.C.R.R. Co., continued.

  • L.T. Hallmark vs D.H. Moore, continued.

  • E.G. Wood vs G.W. Spoon, Chas Spoon, Claimant, continued.

  • Corinth Gro. Co. vs  J.E. Garrett, W.H. Thompson, Garnishee. Garnishee dismissed, plaintiff in execution taxed with the cost.

  • W.H. Collier vs Oscar Brewer, continued.

  • O.L. Waddle vs Hicks Lumber Co., Motion to dismiss appeal, sustained.

  • Lucille McRae vs Herbert McRae, dismissed by agreement at defendant’s cost.


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