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Telephone Companies in Tishomingo County

Iuka had a telephone exchange that Mr. A. M. Gibson started, but he sold it to the Cumberland Telephone Company on October 24, 1899, for the sum of $200.  On July 1, 1926, Southern Bell bought this exchange.  There were 37 customers at that time.  The telephone exchange in the very early 1900s was located upstairs in the rear of the red brick building at the northwest corner of Front and Main Streets, where the Cozy Corner Gift Shop is now located.  The office was reached by climbing up a long, steep stairway from Main Street. 

Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company was divided into two telephone companies in 1969, and this became South Central Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company.

In 1979, the most modern exchange—an electronic switching system—was installed in a new building on Eastport Street.  A new building to house the construction and installation departments was finished in spring 1980.

Belmont had a telephone exchange named The Union Telephone Company; it operated in the old exchange building.  Among the communities that the company served were Belmont, Dennis, Golden, Moore’s Mill, Old Bethel, New Bethel, Red Bay, Valley, and Pogo.

On October 8, 1919, the Belmont Telephone Company was assigned a 25-year franchise, and in December 1919, Copeland Telephone Company was granted a franchise to operate and maintain a telephone system in Belmont.

In February 1921, Dr. Copeland sold his entire telephone plant known as the Union—or Copeland—Telephone Company at Belmont to V. L. Matthews and H. L. Matthews.

 The information above was submitted to the Tishomingo County Archives & History Museum by Kathy Everitt of Iuka, Mississippi.


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