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1851 Jurors

Jurors for 1851, Old Tish. Co. MS

(I didn’t get a very clear copy of this page on the left side. If I wasn’t sure about the first name or initials, I only listed the surname.) By: Vicki Burress Roach

This day the Sheriff and Clerk proceeded in open court to draw a Jury to serve at the next term of this court, when the following persons were drawn to serve for the first week of said term, to wit;

(Saturday, March 22, 1851)

?.C. Null

Thomas Mays

James H. Paden

James F. Dancer

Job H. Scruggs

Rufus Johnson

?.G. Tollison

Riley Worley

?.C. Martin

?. Ham

?.A.H. Shackelford

John Locke, Jr.?

Thomas Bradshaw

Washington Brown

J.H. Rhinehart

Albert Brewster

John Mitchell

John C. Griner

Thos. Bullard

Alfred (scribbled out Alfred-wrote over Wm.?) Adams

Alfred Johnson

Franklin Owen

Michael Kizer

J.L. Kemp

Gilbert Howell

John Hamilton

Jas. Kitchens

Ishan Pucket

J.J. Bishop

Chesley? Garrison

Wm. R. Smith

Churchwell McWilliams

John Jones

Absolam Holley

Jessee Looney

? Grisham

And the following persons were drawn to serve as petit jurors for said first week;

Richard Russell

Henry Cobb

?.D. Boon

Mark Manuel

Wm. B. Smith

Levi Smith

Leanard Piles

George W. Lee

Jacob Haigh

James Welch

W.B. Lankford

Reuben Laurence

And the following persons to serve for the recorded week of said term, to wit;

J.J. Reynolds

Wm. Wright

Thomas Jackson

Henry? Priest

?.?. Smith

Allen Beene

Wesley A. Shelton

A.G. Persons

Berry Johnson

J.M. Nettles

Jas. M. Riddle

Alex. H. Houston

J.B. Stafford

Thomas Pate

Elisha Carey

Samuel? Howard

Jno. D. Kinzon

Lemuel Harvey

Wm. Tims

John Crow

J.W. Wright

Allen Flint

J.C. McDougald

A.J.B. Wright

And it is ordered by the court that a writ Of  facias  to the sheriff commanding ? to summons the above named persons to serve as aforesaid.

Ordered that Thursday of the first week of the next term be set for the trial of State cases.

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