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Title: Mississippi Slave Narratives from the WPA Records
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From the WPA Slave Narratives:
Benjamin T. Green, Born 1854

In the Davis' Bend settlement, Warren County, Miss., 1854, was born Benjamin T. Green of slave parents. He grew up as hundreds of other poor negro boys, without any noticeable evidences of a superiority of native faculties. At the age of thirteen, he took up his residence with his aunt, the wife of Benjamin T. Montgomery. He underwent during the first three years of his life here the rude discipline of apprenticeship as a common farm laborer. He inherited those qualities of mind and heart that go to make up the equipment of the man, whom it seems, is designed, by nature to meet and solve the large problems of business life. He married in 1875 and remained with the Montgomery family until the early part of 1879 when he ventured out independently for himself in the planting business. The real history, however, and the accomplishments for which after periods must accord him credit, begins with his removal to Mound Bayou, 1887, whither he came with Isaiah T. Montgomery, in the settlement and development of the colony which still stands to his credit. The soul of honor, he would severely discountenance any appearance of dishonesty on the part of any other man. Early in the history of Mound Bayou, he died, but his faithful works will forever live in the hearts of Mound Bayou Citizenry.

Personal observation and knowledge of Will Strong and his wife, Charlotte Strong.

Transcribed by Linda Durr Rudd

Mississippi Narratives
Prepared by
The Federal Writer's Project of
The Works Progress Administration
For the State of Mississippi


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