I'm looking for info on Raleigh SEABERRY and SUSAN/SUSANNAH SEABERRY. The 1850 census shows them living in Scott County, MS. Susan was the mother; Raleigh the oldest of 10 children; the youngest was Alexander b.1849 in AL. Susan and some of her children, including Raleigh, lived in or around Hillsboro and/or Harperville MS. It is thought that Susan's maiden name might have been HARPER. Oral history has it that Susan was a sister of George HARPER who is buried in Lebanon Cemetery near Hillsboro. Susan died Oct 28, 1862. Where was she buried? Any light you may be able to shine on Susan will be greatly appreciated
Carolyn Seaberry Sun May 4 1997 
I am looking for information on the Hollan family from Scott and Chickasaw Counties.
Pat Hollan Wed Apr 30 1997 
Looking for information on Dorcas Sarah WARREN (nee JONES) of TN and Thomas WARREN, believed married 183?. The name Thomas WARREN is found in Scott, Pike, Leake and Tippah counties: may be listed in 1850 census for MS. Thomas WARREN died circa 1850 on a journey via covered wagon to AR, place unknown, believed to be N. MS or S. AR.
Mike Mc Morris Thu Apr 17 1997 
ELIJAH R. SAMFORD, born Alabama 30 Nov 1822. Died 1867-1870 Scott Co. MS. A farmer and a Methodist preacher. Married Sarah Elizabeth Creel of South Carolina in 1844. Was in Scott Co. at time of 1845 state census. First three children born in South Carolina, 1846, 1848, 27 Feb 1850. By 29 Aug 1850 when the 1850 Scott Co. census was taken they were back in Scott Co. and remained until Elijah died. Sarah moved to Rains Co. Texas about 1870 and remained until her death in 1909. Searching for parents of Elijah and Sarah E.
Annette Samford Kaufmann Fri Apr 25 1997 
Seeking information about Jonathan Chester, born circa 1815 in NC. The 1860 Scott County census shows him living in Hillsboro with his children Letta, Mary, Jinsey, George, Anderson, Martha, Franklin and James.
Patty Burns Sat Apr 26, 1997 
Searching for the family of Eliza Caroline SIMS (1839-1872) of Scott County. She married Methodist Reverend Claiborne McDonald (1836-1913) in 1868. They were the parents of two children - Kate, or Eliza, and John (about 1870). Eliza Sims McDonald is buried in the sims Cemetery near Morton, MS.
Kinloch McCollum April 16 1997 
I am seeking info on my great-great-grandfather, Benjamin Franklin Crook, born in Smith county in 1843, died and buried in Forrest in 1921. He served all four years of the War for Southern Independence as a 2nd Lt. in Co. C ("True Confederates") of the 8th Regiment, Mississippi Volunteer Infantry with his twin brother, Henry Wallace Crook. BF Crook married Sue Horde (1) and, following her death in 1880, married Edna Barber who was killed by US Army truck as she crossed Hwy 80 in 1940. For many years, BF Crook and his family were members of the Methodist church in Forrest. Apr 12 1997 
Please help me find information on my ancestors. My grandmother and grandfather were born in Scott County. LAURA BELL JONES born on 7-16-1892. CLAUDE SYLVESTOR MCCOY born 4-7-1891. Laura Bell Jones was born to JOHN BLACKMAN JONES & MAGGIE DAVIS JONES. Claude McCoy was born to JOHN THOMAS MCCOY & MARY MOLLY WALDON MCCOY. Laura & Claude were married on 11-14-09 but I am not sure where. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Sherry Bundy Mar 31 1997 
I am interesting in corresponding with all persons who have information re: the familes of Shadrach James DENSON (1800-1888) and his wife, Alethia CHAMBERS (1800-1860), Josiah CHAMBERS (d. 1827) and his wife, Christian ROBINSON and Henry Bryant LEE (1806-1891) and his wife, Margaret Bell LEE (1812-1883). I have extensive information on these three couples and their descendants and am at presnt compiling a book re: the DENSON family.
John H. Smallwood, Jr. Mar 17, 1997 
In search of information regarding MOORE family. Lynne McNary MOORE reportedly born in Morton, MS, Scott County circa 1885. His siblings may have also been born there, their names: Dooley, Luther, McNary, Clyde and Emma. Thanks for any and all responses.
Mike Mar 17 1997 
Scott Co. Miss - I am interested in Rushings who fought in the Civil War. I am trying to prove 8 brothers who fought in Co H 38 MS and in Co D 1st Battl State Troopers. They all came from Sumpter Co. AL. Many of them went to Texas after the War. Some of the men were F. M., John C., Thomas E., Richard L. James A., Labon. Most of them are listed by initials only.
Elizabeth Mar 6 1997 
I am doing research on the NOBLIN family. While the name is not listed in Scott County surnames, I did find a NOBLIN Cemetery in Pineville, Scott County, and was wondering if I could get any information about it!
Brent R. Noblin Mar 04, 1997 
THOMAS, John C.; THOMAS, Jesse M.D. FLOYD, Martha Ann; THOMAS, Albert Brown; THOMAS, Lucretia ; WALTERS, John; THOMAS, Nancyedine; PATRICK, Timothy Meshack
Al Thomas Mar 3, 1997 
I am seeking information about my grandfather Johnnie B. GILL who lived in Forest Ms before moving to Texas. I believe he left Ms before 1914 . He was married in Texas around that time. His father's name may have been William or Will. Any information you have on the Gill family would be appreciated.
Bonnie Lewis Feb 28, 1997 
I am interested in SILAS M. McCABE (1817-1876), married ANN SMITH (1824-1898). He was a wheelwright and a farmer, depending on the census. Ann Smith's parents were JOHN JACKSON SMITH (1799-1867) and MARGARET BUTLER (1802-1880). All of these left Mississippi and Scott County in the early 1850's and moved to Texas.
Ellen C. Tolbert Feb 25, 1997 
I am seeking any info. on the Hood family in Scott county in the late 1800's
Charles Feb 23, 1997 
I am in search of information on the first post-master of Morten, Scott county, MS supposedly his last name was GORDON----If anyone can enlighten me, please E-mail me. Thank so much!! Jamie
Jamie Feb 21 1997 
I would love to have any info on James Lyon Burks, b 1794 GA, d 1866 Damascus, Scott Co., MS. Please check out our homepage at
Jan Burks Romine Feb 20 1997 
I am looking for any information on my great-grandmother, Eugenia PALMER who lived and died in Forest, MS. She died at the end of World War II. Her husband, Mallie C. Palmer was in prison in nearby Jackson, Ms. It is most important that I find information on her because I have a 24 year old sister with cancer. I need as much family medical history as I can obtain.
Sonya Reiland Feb 18 1997 
I am looking for any information on the parents of Charles Daniel LASETER (b. 19 Jun 1931 - d. 20 Mar 1983). Their names were: Daniel Emory Laseter and Allie Arizona DOBBS. I would like to find the names of Daniel and Allie Laseter's parents and any other information you could provide. Thanks so very much for your help!
Ann Johnson Donovan Feb 16 1997 
Looking for info on my grandfathers family. He was Clinton D. Smith (b. 1894) son of Charles Smith, moved to Covington Co. around 1900
Dustin N. Thomas Feb 14 1997 
Looking for information on Smith SCROGGINS family who were in Corinth, Mississippi in the 1860's. He was in the Miss. volunteers CSA in Civil War. Killed in Battle of Chickamauga, GA in 1863. Left a widow and 5 children, had a brother named Abner.Smith's wife was Ellender-----. Any information would be appreciated no matter how insignificant. Thank you.
Rita Jones Feb 13 1997 
Need information about this family: 1860 Williamson Co Texas Census: Allen SELLERS-41-b MS 1819-Spouse-Eliza 36-b. MS--William F 15-b MS Allen S. 13-b. MS---John R. 11-b. MS--Mary E 9-b MS. James E 7-b. MS. Need Parents of Eliza Anyone with knowledge of this family please contact: Juanita Dacosta, 3701 Fredericksburg Road, adacosta@ Kerrville, Texas 78028-9189
Am searching for information on the Hudson and Henderson families who lived in Leake, Neshoba, Newton and, possibly, Scott county area during the 1800's. Christopher Newton Hudson (1854-1906) married Nancy P. Tyner (or Tiner)(b. 1851). J.M.K. Henderson (1848-1901) m.(Oct.17,1867, Leake Co.) Sarah J. Owens (1850-1901). Any information relating to their parentage will be appreciated.
Gerry Lee Feb 9 1997 
Looking for information on the Wm. D. Stewart family that was in Scott CO MS by 1856. Wm D. Stewart married a Mary Ann ___, and they had one son in Scott Co bef moving to LA.
Bettye Heinrich Feb 8 1997 
I am looking for information on the parents of Dan (Daniel/Daniel Sellar/S.D./D.S.)Snider, husband of Laura Elizabeth (E.F.) Brown. Dan and Laura were married in Scott County, MS 10/6/1877. Dan and Laura's children include Clark Snider (married Dora Waldon in Sunflower County 1904). Dan and Laura and Clark are in 1880 census, Calhoun County. Also in Sunflower County 1910. I am also looking for information about Andrew Snider, who was married to Ollie Brady and married Pearl (Pearlie/Pearlie Canzada)Brady October 18, 1908 in MS. I cannot find records of this couple (Andrew and Pearl) after 1908. Also, Hiram Jefferson Brady and Laura Brown Brady -- the parents of Ollie and Pearl. Hiram came from Georgia.
Allen Snider Feb 6, 1997 
TURNER, Lou Ellen b 11 Nov 1860 Forrest Miss d 2 Sept 1947 Linn OK p Edmond Young Turner and Mary Anice McGeehee c Charlie David b 1858, Lou Ellen b 1860, Cynthia Jane b 1863, Mary Tabitha b 1865, John Edwin b 1868, Henry Ernest b 1870, Donie Kisor b 1878, Jake Kisor b 1883. I have not been able to locate a birth certificate on Lou Ellen or able to locate Turners on MS census to show if the other children were born in MS. Edmond and Mary Turner were m in Montgomery Co AL, Charlie was born there, then they moved to MS. If anyone is researching TURNER and/or MCGEEHEE in this area please contact Linda Leatherwood Udated 10/30/05
Seek information of Joe L. RODGERS, born someplace in Mississippi on 10 June 1855, according to his death certificate. In 1894 he married a widow, LuElla WELCH CAPES, bn 1864/5 in Scott Co. MS. They married in St. Francis Co., AR. Joe died in 1925 in Marshall Co., OK
Pat Dahl Jan 30 1997 
I would like to correspond with researchers of the Roberts and Waters families of Scott and Rankin co. Absalom and Barbara Roberts and Noah and Rebecca Roberts moved from Lexington Co., SC to Scott CO in the 1850s. All are buried in the Old Lutheran cemetery which I believe is located in Smith county. Mary Francis Roberts married David L. Waters (Watters or Walters) in Scott co. and thern moved to Rankin co. They had at least two children on of which was my grnadmother. I would like to identify the parents of David L. Waters who died in Rankin CO prior to 1870.
Bruce B. Miller Jan 7, 1997 
I am looking for information on ancestors in Scott County. I would like to request any and all information on a Henry Taylor, born in 1820. I believe he was married to a Margaret. They had several children, I only have names of three of them - Marianne Taylor, born 1842, John and James Taylor DOB's unknown. I would really appreciate any help you could give me. My name is Reuben Salas and I am helping my brother Ronald gather information for our family tree.
Reuben Salas Jan 12, 1997 
Seeking information on Chambers families living in Scott County in 1840-1850. There were several and I am particularly interested in Silas and Sarah Chambers, parents of Silas, James, William, Asa, Susan Cassandra, Emma Christian Rebecca and Henry. ECR (Becky) was born in Scott County in about 1847. The family was in Johnson (Hood) County Texas by 1860. Silas the elder was not listed in the 1860 census. The family was living near that of John And Sarah Wilson Chambers who was probably a brother. They also had a son named Asa and a daughter named Christian. Becky is my great-great grandmother. I am interested in finding in information on any Chambers in Scott County as there were several brothers who lived there.
Pat Dahl Jan 8, 1997 
I am looking for a marriage for {Benjanim F. Burks } about 1854 to Emily Smith. Thank you.
Eddy Burks Jan 03 1997 
I am seeking any information on John C. Reid who lived in Scott County presumably in the Harpersville district. He is listed in the 1880 US census there and had three children in the educable school census. They were Richmond H., Susan and Rosa.
C. Reid Dec 27, 1996 
Looking for info on William D. and Sarah Stewart of Scott Co., MS. Both probably born in NC. Children were Josiah, Frances, William D., Sarah, James, Burnet, and Martha. Daughter Sarah was born Aug. 1836 and had illegimate son Luther. Married Joseph Bankston regions about early 1870's then moved to Natchitoches Parish, LA.
C. Martin Nov 5, 1996 
Arch Graham (b. GA circa 1799) and James G. Graham (b. GA ca 1812) both lived in Perry County at the time of the 1850 US Census. They both had families. Arch Graham apparently came to MS from AL, while I don't know much about James G. Graham except that he lived for a time in Scott and Smith Counties in the late 1830s and 1840s. Arch Graham married in Lawrence Co, MS. I want to know if these two are brothers, and if anyone knows of any other siblings and/or their parentage.
Lee Graham Oct 21 1996 
Seek correspondence with descendants of J. B. BLANKENSHIP, and Sarah (THOMPSON) BLANKENSHIP. Sarah, b. about 1860 in Alabama, arrived Scott County about 1869.
Ray Thompson Sept 9, 1996 
Seek correspondence with descendants of Miles BUCKNER, Jr. and his sisters Delila BUCKNER and Sabre BUCKNER, all born in 1850s in Alabama, and arrived in Scott Co. about 1869.
Ray Thompson Sept 9, 1996 
Seek correspondence with descendants of children of John GOODWIN and Rebecca (THOMPSON) GOODWIN, including Richard GOODWIN, b. 1846, Susan GOODWIN, b. 1848, J.W. GOODWIN, b. 1850, George T. GOODWIN, b. 1853, and Watson R. GOODWIN, b. 1856. They arrived Scott County about 1869 from Alabama.
Ray Thompson Sept 9, 1996 
I would like to find the descendants of John HERRINGTON, b. 1840 in Scott Co., d. 1911 at Still's Mill on Water Creek, buried at Tomahawk Cemetery, Marion Co. AR. He married (1) Margaret Elizabeth HOWELL, b. 1839 in AL, d. 1901, and (2) Alice Lawrence CURRY. He had children with both. I have nothing on their descendants, except a little on their immediate family. I will trade what I have.
Debbie Payne Sept 4, 1996 
I am looking for the descendants of William L. HERRINGTON, b. c1882 in MS, d. 1966, buried at Pine Grove Baptist Church cemetery in Scott Co., MS. He was the son of Herbert and Nancy HERRINGTON, who resided in Neshoba County in the 1850 and 1860 censuses, but in Scott County in the 1870 census. I will trade what I have.
Debbie Payne Sept 4, 1996 
Seek correspondence with descendants of children of Elisa (THOMPSON) JACKSON (b. 1826 Ala): including daughters, Emily JACKSON, b. ca. 1853, and Sarah JACKSON, b. ca. 1855.
Ray Thompson Sept 9, 1996 
Am looking for parents of Maggie & Becky Cole. Maggie & Becky married brothers. Maggie married William Anderson McPherson 20 Mar. 1886 in Rankin Co., MS. Rebecca C. "Becky" Cole married Franklin Pierce McPherson 22 Jul. 1877 in Rankin Co., MS. Frank & Becky later moved to Scott Co.
Evelyn Sept 20, 1996 
Seek correspondence with descendants of children of Elijah MILES, b. 1814, and Julia (THOMPSON) MILES, b. 1827, including Susie A. MILES, b. 1864, Hattie M. MILES, b. 1866, and Mattie MILES b. 1867.
Ray Thompson Sept 9, 1996 
Ida Virgina MOREMAN (SMITH) supposedly wrote to an Aunt PEEKS or PECK, who lived in this area in 1884. Ida was trying to find her husband, Mike SMITH, who disappeared in 1884, traveling from TX to MS to retrieve some plows, stock, etc. to bring back to TX. Mike SMITH was never heard from again. If you can help me with any of these people please E-Mail me. I need to find my Lost Souls!!
Vicki Land Sept 9, 1996
M. J. (Mike) SMITH, b. 1858 AL, m. Ida Virgina MOREMAN. Mike had a brother named Oliver SMITH. Mike was on the 1880 Collin Co. TX census, living with his in-laws Elijah and Lucinda MOREMAN, who themselves were from Scott Co., MS. I feel Mike must have met his wife in Scott Co, MS, and married her in TX. Ida's sister, Mary J. MOREMAN (m. to William COVINGTON), was living with the Moremans in 1870 Census in Scott Co. MS. In 1880 Ida's sister Nettie MOREMAN (m. to William JOHNSON), still lived in Scott Co. MS.
Vicki Land Sept 9, 1996 
Seek correspondence with descendants of children of Ben SONES (b. 1856) and Carrie (THOMPSON) SONES, b. 1862, including Annie Inez SONES, b. 1888, Percy L. SONES, b. 1891, Otis SONES, b. 1894, Alline SONES, b. 1896, and Frederich SONES, b. 1898. Ben and Carrie SONES are both buried at Old Lebanon near Harperville.
Ray Thompson Sept 9, 1996 
Seek correspondence with descendants of children of William D. THOMPSON and Nancy (ROWE) THOMPSON, including James Watson THOMPSON, b. 1866, John C. THOMPSON, b. 1870, John D. THOMPSON, b. 1872 (married Ida BENNETT), and Robert L. THOMPSON, b. 1873. This family arrived Scott County about 1869. William D. and Nancy THOMPSON are buried at Old Lebanon near Harperville.
Ray Thompson Sept 9, 1996

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