Althea Denson

Departed this life in Scott county, Mississippi, on the 6th of Feb, 1860, sister Aletha Denson wife of brother S.J. Denson of Apoplery.  She was born in Nor Carolina, April 20th, 1800, daughter of Josiah Chambers, and married 11th Auguet, 1820, to S.J. Denson; professed faith in Christ and was baptized in 1822.  She lived an exemplary life, humbly adorning the  christian profession, discharged her duties to her large family of children, her servants, the Baptist Church to which she belonged, and to all with whom she was acquainted.  She was ever dearly beloved by her family, church and friends, and was truly a  model of piety, and a mother in Israel.  Her house was ever a home for Baptist, and Baptist ministers.  She had the pleasure to live to see all her children grown, married and well settled in life; and orderly members of the Baptist Church.  Living and acting the life of a christian, she died in full living faith in the Son of God, being fully ripe and matured for Heaven.  She had often expressed her willingness to leave the world being assured that she had an interest in Christ and a home in Heaven.  She was permitted to die as she desired, was taken suddenly and remained insensible for some days, when she died.  All was doen to relieve and restore her, but her time had come, and she was taken from the evil to come. "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord."  Her works will follow her.  May her children imitate her in goodliness, holiness and righteousness.  Mississippi Baptist please copy.  BY A BROTHER IN CHRIST.

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