Elder A.J. Stuart departed this life July 30, 1895, at Pulaski, Miss.  He was born in Monroe county Ga., October 16, 1823; moved with his parents to Scott county, Miss. in 1843; May 22, 1846, he was married to Elizabeth Matthews, who survives him.  He united with the Baptists of the Primitive order at New Chapel church and was baptised by Elder J. G. Crocelius, October 25, 1856, and in 1870 was licensed to preach, which high office he continued to fill with honor until physically unable to attend the church.

By economy and close attention to business he was enabled to leave a comfortable living to those dependent upon him; but, better still, he leaves a good name, which is rather to be chosen than great riches.

To attempt to recount the many virtues of this truly good man would necessarily make this article too lengthy for publication.  It is, perhaps, enough to say that this faith in Christ never forsook him or even wavered in the dark hour of death.  The paroxysms of pain were so severe at times as to nearly cause breathing to cease, but as soon as he could regain strength sufficient to speak the first words were praises to God and acknowledgment of  His goodness and mercies.  This is hard for us to understand, but true, as everyone who attended him in his sickness will attest. What a powerful and undying witness was he for Christ!  Who can doubt the truthfulness of Christianity after such testimony as he gave.

The silver cord is loosened, the golden bowl is broken he dust has returned to the earth as it was, and the spirit unto God, who gave it.  He is at rest.  The fierce conflicts of life, the sorrows and disappointments, the pains and the trials which fall to us all, will disturb him no longer.  But he is not dead.  In that fairer land beyond the river he still lives, ad will live forever.   A FRIEND.

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