Scott County in the Civil War

900 men from Scott County went to war for the Confederate States of America.
This was a significant percentage of the adult males of Scott County.

The Four Baily Brothers in the Civil War - Written and Submitted by Ruby Prescott-  1999 


Military Units from Scott County
Company Nick Name Mustered Officers
Co. F, 5th Battalion, Infantry Lake Rebels 24 Aug 1861 William L. Towne, B. M. Milton, G. W. Smith, J. C. Curry
Co. K, 5th Battalion, Infantry East Mississippi Greys 23 Jul 1861 A. Y. Harper, J. B. Beeman, W. T. Hendon, B. F. Bickman, D. G. Cooper, Floyd Hardee, Marcus L. McDonald
Co. H Morton Pine Knots 5 May 1861 Thomas F. Pettus, Robert W. Payne, G. S. Pickel, J. H. Barbee
Co. H Forest Guards 11 May 1861 T. B. Graham, J. S. B. Harris, O. R. Eastland, J. W. Sharp
Co. F, 36th Regiment Hillsboro Rebels 24 Feb 1862 Thomas J. Denson, John R. Owen, A. T. Murrell, W. J. Summers, A. J. Archer, William Archer, Patrick Henry, James N. Denson
Co. C, 39th Regiment Johnson Avengers 26 Mar 1862 M. V. Collum, J. H. Barbee, S. J. Waite, W. M. Ludlow
Co. K, 2nd Regiment Cavalry Mississippi Body Guards 25 Mar 1862 J. L. Harris, John Gaddis, Thomas J. Burks, J. P. Harris, J. A. Tabb, N. A. Welsh
Co. G, 28th Regiment Cavalry     J. M. Smith
Co. D, 1st Battalion Minute Men Scott County Rebels 5 Jul 1862 J. M. Hall, H. O. Porter, Joshua Spires, W. H. Copeland, D. L. Walters
Co. F, 20th Regiment Infantry     E. R. Stirling, S. P. Sedberry



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