WWII Missing and Dead
Scott County Mississippi

                                                                                                     KIA-Killed in Action
                                                                                                                                                            DOW- Died of Wounds
                                                                                                                                                         DNB-Died non Battle
                                                                                                                                                          FOD-Finding of Death

Name Serial Number Rank  
Askin James A 34875917 PFC KIA
Chambers Clarence R 34875923 PFC KIA
Coward Atly L 34349726 TEC3 DNB
Cox James C 34420405 PFC KIA
Davis A Q 34488083 PFC DNB
Davis Louis 34482901 PVT DNB
Evans Ira 34131174 CPL KIA
Coss Henry 34426647 PVT KIA
Craham William P 34872918 PVT KIA
Cray Roosevelt T 34627192 TEC5 DNB
Criswel Wilson 34627192 CPL KIA
Hall Buford 34475408 PFC KIA
Harmon Lewis W 34872915 PVT KIA
Hensley W B 34924775 PFC KIA
Hinkebein Glen L 17038895 SSG KIA
Horn Lexie W 34871466 PVT DOW
Hudnall T C 34470368 TEC5 DNB
Jones James C 0-519686 2 LT KIA
Lewis Sidney F 34131203 PFC DOW
Mc Curdy Loy A C 34275825 SSG KIA
Moore Prentiss L 34137197 PFC KIA
Neely Lanele N 34347919 CPL DNB
Roberts George W 34637491 PFC DOW
Roebuck Harry C 14023885 T SG FOD
Rush Simeon H 14095074 SGT KIA
Silvey William O 02034581 2 LT KIA
Sims Olen R 34625308 PVT KIA
Stewart Jozef J 34612443 PVT KIA
Stroud Robert M 0-816951 2 LT KIA
Tubby Rufus 34049294 PFC DNB
Tyner Mack O 0-744805 PFC DNB
Vance Roger P 14042799 SSG KIA
Waldrip Robert L 34135714 T SG FOD
Webb Andrew F 0-408872 2 LT KIA
Webb William B 34631896 PFC KIA
Winstead James W 14151496 SSG KIA
Wright Robert N 34475335 CPL DOW

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