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UELTSHCEY, C A NORTON, M C Miss 1886-Dec-27
UELTSHCEY, E E NORDAN, Ella 1895-Dec-21
ULTSCHEY, W R MARLER, Mollie E 1888-Oct-05
UNDERWOOD, P H GUYNES, M A Miss 1876-Oct-25
UNDERWOOD, T L GAINER, Magie 1887-Feb-21
URSRY, W F PICKARD, A L Miss 1875-Sep-29
USRY, A T PERMENTER, Sallie 1882-Sep-25
USRY, D B FUTCH, Lidia 1892-Dec-28
USRY, J R PICKARD, Selina 1879-Feb-22
USRY, Willie EVANS, Rosa 1895-Dec-19
USRY, Wm F PERMENTER, Jessie 1883-Nov-10
USURY, Henry PERMENTER, Lizzie 1884-Oct-16
VARNER, A G TULLIS, N S Miss 1893-Jul-21
VARNER, Besco ROLAND, W B 1890-Nov-11
VAUGHN, Michael BARNS, Fannie 1894-Jan-02
VIVERETTE, John PATRICK, Liddie 1887-Mar-28

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