Groom's Index


OAKEY, J E CAMPBELL, Eva M 1896-Jun-16
OATES, C E Jr SMITH, Bina 1880-Apr-29
OBANNON, J T YOUNG, Allace 1900-Jul-31
OBER, J R DENNIS, Martha E 1872-Dec-11
ODELLE, Bryant COMFORT, Susan 1872-Jun-20
ODEN, J A PARKER, N J Miss 1876-Dec-13
ODOM, Henry WOOD, Betsy 1872-Dec-22
ODOM, James BURKS, Fannie 1886-Feb-25
ODOM, James NICHOLS, Fannie 1895-Nov-29
ODOM, Mingo STOWERS, Cora 1895-Nov-29
OFERRELL, Dennis FLOWERS, Nora 1898-Sep-16
OLOPHANT, Robert PUTNAM, Eliza 1888-Dec-01
ONELEY, R F BEEMAN, Sue L 1884-May-07
ORMAN, Ruben DERLIN, Adiline 1891-Sep-11
ORMAN, Walter BANKS, Susan 1890-Mar-17
ORMOND, Thomas ODOM, Minthy 1897-Dec-28
ORR, H S WINDHAM, Maggie 1898-Jan-29
OTT, D P EVANS, Quilla 1898-Mar-21
OTT, Daniel P SIMMONS, A E Miss 1878-Feb-19
OWEN, Austin HOLIFIELD, Alma 1883-Mar-12
OWEN, Charley GRANT, Lizzie 1880-Dec-07
OWEN, Henry GRIFFIN, Frona 18 - -
OWEN, John CHAMPION, Mat 1889-Jun-01
OWEN, Seaborn PACE, Marriah 1883-Jan-03
OWEN, Sebe PACE, Permelia 1893-May-24
OWEN, X A DAVIS, Lizzie 1883-Jul-14
OWENS, Allen SLAY, Tilda 1885-Jan-31
OWENS, Atley DOZIER, Ella 1898-May-25
OWENS, Austin ALLEN, Mollie 1891-Dec-14
OWENS, Jackson MURRELL, May 1896-Dec-21
OWENS, L A STEWART, Sarah 1879-Nov-05
OWENS, Will HOLBERT, Annie 1896-Feb-04
OWENS, William COLEMAN, Sarah 1897-Jan-04

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