Groom's  Index


ACOCK, J S HODGES, E S Miss 1886-Feb-15
ADAM, Charles FORE, Mary E 1888-Feb-27
ADAMS, Frank Reed FORE, Ina 1896-Jun-26
ADAMS, J P JORDAN, Fannie 1886-Nov-03
AGNEW, James B THOMPSON, Amanda E 1892-Jan-13
AGNEW, Louis YOUNGBLOOD, Stella 1897-Dec-04
AGNEW, W C YOUNGBLOOD, E E Miss 1903-Sep-16
ALBERT, W S LYLE, L C Miss 1873-Nov-12
ALDERMA, M A DETHROE, Ella B 1889-Feb-09
ALDERMAN, D M DETHROE, J C Miss 1890-Jan-11
ALEXANDER, Wm H CARR, Bessie 1898-Dec-07
ALFORD, J Moseley KIRKLAND, Jessie 1897-Apr-07
ALFORD, James RHODES, Ella 1887-Nov-09
ALFORD, W A PAUL, Sallie 1890-Oct-11
ALFORD, W F BRADFORD, M E Miss 1890-May-24
ALFORD, Wm COOPER, Emma 1881-Apr-28
ALLEN, J W NOEIL, Ava 1897-Mar-02
ALLEN, James HARKEY, J T Miss 1879-Dec-03
ALLEN, James LOVETT, G A Miss 1877-Jan-11
ALLEN, M T WALKER, Mattie 1901-Jul-10
ALLEN, Mose PARTRIDGE, Lilla 1900-Mar-14
ALLEN, Stephen GUNN, Carrie 1885-Jan-16
ALLEN, W J PARKER, Maggie 1887-Aug-03
AMOS, Fleta LAY, Alex 1875-Feb-08 
ANDERSON, E J WARREN, E E Miss 1893-Sep-16
ANDERSON, G W PETIGREW, M M Miss 1885-Jan-05
ANDERSON, T D NOBLIN, M J Miss 1878-Jan-03 
ANDERSON, W C MYERS, Fannie 1888-Sep-15
ANDERSON, W E JOYNER, Lula 1894-Nov-07
ANDREWS, Lonnie PUTMAN, Florence 1904-Oct-05
ANSLY, J C LASHEY, S P Miss 1893-Aug-30
ANSLY, W H HARRISON, Mollie 1895-Oct-15
ANTLEY, G B PEAVEY, Fannie 1886-Jan-28
ANTLEY, J C BRIGGS, V V Miss 1890-Jan-27
ARMSTRONG, J G RIGBY, Nora 1903-Nov-03
ASKIN, J S STOKES, Jettie 1886-Dec-22
ASKINS, Sam BRANTLEY, Lula E 1892-Mar-08
ATHERTON, J F GARNER, Maggie S 1903-Feb-17
AUSTIN, D R HARRISON, Lizzie 1902-Jan-16
AUSTIN, R B JOHNSON, Mollie 1882-Dec-20
AUSTIN, W L CAMPBELL, E D Miss 1903-Dec-30
AVERS, W A SHOEMAKER, Carrie 1902-Apr-23
AXTON, A J LOWRY, Rebecca 1873-Aug-15
AXTON, Clony THOMPSON, E V 1892-Dec-10
AYCOCK, O S SIMMONS, Katie 1898-Feb-25

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