Bride's Index


OBER, Daisy ROBERTSON, M T 1900-Sep-17
ODEL, Manerva DISHMAN, Will 1890-Sep-26
ODLER, Carry SHIELD, James 1890-Mar-01
ODLES, Mary MOORE, William 1884-Dec-25
ODOM, Eley BEEMAN, Joseph 1890-Apr-17
ODOM, Gracy MORGAN, J W 1888-Oct-03
ODOM, Lena WESTERFIELD, W C 1884-Nov-04
ODOM, Lizzie BURKS, Jonas 1894-Dec-13
ODOM, Minthy ORMOND, Thomas 1897-Dec-28
OLAY, Dosia GORDY, William 1876-Oct-24
ONEAL, M C Miss THORNTON, B F 1890-Nov-21
ONMAN, Elvira KIRKLAND, John 1873-Mar-31
ORMAN, Dollie SMITH, Berry 1895-Sep-12
ORMAN, Maggie HIGGINS, A J 1879-Nov-26
ORMOND, Amy YORK, Aaron 1887-Jan-19
OORMOND, Maggie DENSON, J B 1898-Mar-25
OVER, Mattie SIMS, J C 1881-Nov-15
OWEN, Jane STRONG, Simon 1878-Feb-05
OWEN, Julia JEFCOAT, Henry J 1890-May-23
OWEN, Lizzie WAITS, Houston 1891-Dec-27
OWEN, Mattie SMITH, John 1896-Mar-13
OOWEN, Rena TOWNSEND, Jeff 1880-Jan-22
OWEN, Sarah BANKS, Allen 1875-Jan-23
OWEN, T A Miss SPIRES, J W 1873-Jan-01
OWENS, Mariah PATRICK, Layfeyette 1891-Mar-31
OWENS, Onie HUGHES, Mose 1887-Jul-14

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