Bride's Index

NASH, Pheby LINDSEY, Jeff 1872-Nov-14
NEAL, Callie GADDIS, Will P 1900-Jan-11
NEAL, M E Miss LANCASTER, E A 1876-Dec-14
NEEDHAM, Emma WILLIAMS, June 1874-Jan-21
NEEDHAM, Mollie COLLIER, George 1898-Dec-10
NEEL, Sallie BURKS, Robert 1899-Jun-13
NELSON, Alice JOHNSON, F 1899-Nov-13
NELSON, Geneva MOORE, M N 1889-Mar-07
NELSON, June JONES, Mary Ella 1877-Dec-25
NELSON, Lucy HICKS, King 1875-Feb-20
NELSON, Lucy MOORE, Isaac 1881-Mar-05
NERRELL, Lou Miss DAVIS, Henry 1889-Aug-04
NEWELL, Eddie LEDBETTER, Henry 1884-Mar-29
NEWELL, Lula ROBERTSON, Solomon 1893-Jan-03
NEWELL, Mary PANE, Joe 1880-Jun-12
NICHOLS, Bettie LEWIS, W W 1882-Oct-11
NICHOLS, Fannie ODOM, James 1895-Nov-29
NICHOLS, Floy SADLER, L N 1900-May-13
NICHOLS, Harriet ROBERTS, John 1891-Apr-15
NICHOLS, Lucy THOMAS, George 1885-Mar-22
NICHOLS, M E Miss CLARK, W A 1873-Oct-24
NICHOLS, Maggie LAY, J F 1883-Nov-12
NICHOLS, Mary ROSS, S M 1893-Sep-24
NICHOLS, Mollie HOLSEY, Bert 1878-Aug-08
NICHOLS, Rena KINARD, Henderson 1893-Mar-07
NICHOLS, Sarah CRUDUP, John 1877-Dec-08
NICHOLSON, Cooline THOMPSON, Will 1900-Aug-18
NICHOLSON, Mattie ENSLEY, Jno 1876-Nov-29
NICHOLSON, Pinkie DAVIS, James 1898-Jan-27
NICHOLSON, Rocksey BANKS, Jerry 1893-Jan-10
NOBLES, C S Miss SMITH, J F 1874-Nov-23
NOBLIN, H E Miss BARNS, W W 1889-Jun-11
NOBLIN, Luna G BARNS, L L Dr 1895-Oct-30
NOBLIN, M J Miss ANDERSON, T D 1878-Jan-03
NOBLIN, Pamelia STOKES, R N 1875-Dec-15
NOEIL, Ava ALLEN, J W 1897-Mar-02
NOEL, Carrie MARLER, J C 1897-Dec-20
NOEL, E J Miss SIMS, J F 1874-Jan-13
NOEL, Elvy LEWIS, Sims 1896-Feb-06
NOEL, Fannie MEADOR, A J 1881-Jan-10
NOEL, Hattie SLAY, Wiley 1887-Jan-13
NOEL, Ida FUTCH, Samuel 1880-Dec-25
NOEL, Ola HODGES, R A 1898-Dec-19
NOELL, Etta MCCRORY, J L 1887-Dec-12
NOELL, F L Miss ELY, L R 1891-Oct-13
NOELL, Lizzie STRIBLING, Mack 1889-Jul-08
NOELL, Mary PARISH, G W 1877-Jan-08
NONLEY, Lucy HOOD, Luther 1899-Dec-20
NORDAN, E L Miss LIVINGSTON, F A 1889-Sep-28
NORDAN, Ella UELTSHCEY, E E 1895-Dec-21
NORDAN, Mary CROTWELL, J W 1881-Jan-23
NORMAN, Mollie Van FAIRLY, Donald 1894-May-21
NORRIS, Cresy BROWN, Curtis 1898-Dec-28
NORRIS, Jane WILLIAMS, Abe 1889-Dec-31
NORRIS, Julia BOYKIN, William 1874-Dec-11
NORRIS, Lella FINCE, Geo 1900-Mar-03
NORRIS, Roxie FINCH, Frank 1900-Sep-06
NORRIS, Sarah BURGESS, Joshua 1875-Dec-16
NORTH, Kitty RAGSDALE, Thomas 1897-Dec-21
NORTON, Frances RIGBY, A 1885-Jan-20
NORTON, M C Miss UELTSHCEY, C A 1886-Dec-27
NORTON, M E Miss DENSON, E C 1896-Nov-24
NORWOOD, Savannah CRUDUP, John 1890-Jan-25
NUNLEY, Mattie GLOVER, Clarence 1888-Mar-17
NUNLY, Georgia HOOD, John W 1894-Mar-06
NUTT, F F Miss METCHKIN, John 1879-Aug-09
NUTT, Leener KINCADE, Isaac 1882-Jun-07

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