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From Ludlow:

Mr. Editor: Will a few dots from our little and growing town of Ludlow be objectionable? Your correspondent has been here for only a short time and being somewhat confined not much of interest comes under his observation however he will tell you briefly what he knows. The town is situated (between) at the crossing of 4 public roads running north, east, south and west. On the north between the Forest & Carthage roads is a large mercantile establishment owned and conducted by Tom S. Lee a well known business man. Does a large business both for cash and credit and treats all his customers alike, being kind courteous and agreeable to all.

In his store is the post office looked after by Miss Fannie Majors. She knows her business and the office could not be better filled. Dr. J. N. Denson, formerly of Leake, makes his headquarters at Mr. Lees store. Everybody knows Dr. Jim is always on the alert and ready day or night to administer comfort to the suffering. Has not married yet, but it is not his fault. In front of Mr. Lees to the south between the Forest and Morton roads there is a new firm known as Pool Brothers recently opened under the supervision of their father, Mr. Jno. S. Pool. Although the business is in its infancy, Mr. Pool informs me that business done by the brothers far exceed their expectations. Am told they are there to stay and will no doubt do lucrative business. There are two more vacant stores which we hope soon to be occupied. Just to the south of Pool brothers and on the Morton Road is old Jerusalem Church, services every first Sunday by Bro. Ward, of Lena, an able dispenser of Gods word. Sunday school every Sunday evening. During the week the church is used for our high school, presided over by Prof. Tate and his able assistant Miss Mattie McGehee. They are both educated instructors. Have their school of about 70 students under good control. I think the trustees of the school should be congratulated on securing the service of two such able instructors. Public school opens soon and the attendance will be double, necessitating an additional assistant.

On the east (road leading to Forest) is a twenty-four horse power engine running from daylight til nine or ten p. m. The proprietors, Messrs. Majors and Lee inform me they have ginned up to date about 300 bales of cotton and expect to double the number before the season closes.

On the west is the Canton road from whence comes all our drinkables. We have a daily mail from Canton also from Carthage. Our little town is on a boom and you may not be surprised if at some day not far distant we can boost of having one of the finest schools in the county. During my short stay I have made many friends and acquaintances who I would regret to leave. The country around this place is thickly settled. Most of the farmers are out of debt and have a little change left.

Dr. Irvin Miller was a caller Friday on his way to Liberty where he held services Saturday and Sunday. Everybody knows Bro. Miller and he had a large attendance.

Miss Allie Nutt, one of our most charming young ladies who attended the Baptist association at Thomastown returned this week. She reports a good meeting.

Col. O. P. Walton, representing Van Vleet Drug Company, was with us this week on business. Mr. Jas. Majors, of Morton, was also a visitor on business.

Sam Pool, of Canton, and Bob Pool, of Harperville, visited their sister, Mrs. Henry Majors, this week. Bob these bashful boys think you make it an excuse to visit relatives, but come on we are always glad to see you, our girls are most charming and beautiful of any in the county or elsewhere.

Miss Bertha Olsom, one of Cantons most charming belles, is visiting relatives and friends in our neighborhood this week.

-O. K.

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