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MDAH = Mississippi Department of Archives and History in Jackson. The place to do genealogical research in Mississippi.

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EWPL = Eudora Welty Public Library in Jackson.
  Marriage Records 1872-1916, White Marriages
1865-1918, Black Marriages
Scott County Marriages 1872-1900, Books 1-5. Complied by Marilyn Philbert Corley Microfilm at MDAH
Microfilm at MDAH
Book at MDAH
To be Released 1998 A revised and updated REMEMBER ME: Complete Directory of Cemeteries (white) in Scott County, Mississippi. Compiled by Delores Sanders.  
Cemetery Records Remember Me: Complete Directory of Cemeteries (white) in Scott County, Mississippi. Compiled by Delores Pickering Sanders, 1986. 767 pages. Fully Indexed.  Book at MDAH
Cemetery and
Bible Records
Cemetery and Bible Records, Publication of Mississippi Genealogical Society, Volumes I-XIX. List of Included Cemeteries Books at EWPL
Church Records Mississippi Chapter of Society of Daughters of the Revolution. Church Records include lists of members, communicants, confirmations, baptisms, marriages, and burials. MSSDAR collection at EWPL
Record of Wills
1866-1924, Scott County
Microfilm at MDAH
Deed Records
1835-1890, Scott County
Microfilm at MDAH
Guardian Bonds
1871-1928, Scott County
Microfilm at MDAH
Probate Records
1832-1862, Scott County
Microfilm at MDAH
Tax Rolls
1835-1916, Scott County
Extracted Listing of Head-of-Household, 1835, 1837
Microfilm at MDAH

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