Judge Benjamin Youngblood
Quorum Justice, Marion Co., MS 1819-1822

BENJAMIN YOUNGBLOOD was born October 20, 1773 in Richmond Co., GA, likely the son of JOHN MILES YOUNGBLOOD, JR. and his wife MARY. Judge Youngblood died January 15, 1860 in Marion Co., MS. On December 20, 1794 in Richmond Co., GA he married SUSANNAH COLLINS, born May 16, 1775 in Barnwell Co., SC. She died November 19, 1866 at China Grove, Marion Co., MS. Susannah was the daughter of MOSES COLLINS, SR. and his wife HANNAH (WILLIS) COLLINS.

On August 8, 1801 ABRAHAM YOUNGBLOOD bought 124 acres of land on Little Kiokee Creek in Columbia Co., GA from his father JOHN YOUNGBLOOD. This land abutted the lands of BENJAMIN YOUNGBLOOD and JACOB YOUNGBLOOD. One JACOB YOUNGBLOOD had previously acted as bondsman in the marriage of Benjamin and Susannah, he and ABRAHAM YOUNGBLOOD were likely brothers of Benjamin.

About two years after his marriage, on December 14, 1796, BENJAMIN YOUNGBLOOD purchased 300 acres of land on Spirit Creek in Richmond Co., GA. This land was very near his father-in-law MOSES COLLINS and was about 11 or 12 miles SE of Augusta, GA.

By February 8, 1808 Benjamin had sold off his lands in Columbia and Richmond counties and had purchased 202 acres in what was them Wilkinson Co., GA (now Laurens Co.). He was there for a short time and sold his land on October 23, 1811.

In the following month on November 13, 1811, a passport was issued by the governor of GA for passage through the Indian Nations, and reads as follows: “fo Messrs. BENJAMIN YOUNGBLOOD and JOHN POLLOCK (some think this is “BULLOCK”), the former with his wife, seven children, and five negroes, all from the County of Laurens in this state.

In December of 1812 when the organization of the County of Jackson MS Territory took place, four officers of the Mobile 14th Regiment were brought in to the 17th Regiment in Jackson Co., MS. They were LT. BENJAMIN YOUNGBLOOD and ENS. LARD WARE, BENJAMIN WILLIAMSON, and WILLIAM MILLS.

The first civil officers of Jackson Co. were THOMAS BILBO, JAMES WARE, WHEELER GRESHAM, BENJAMIN YOUNGBLOOD and ROBERT WILLIAMSON,justices of the quorum court; MALCOLM MONROE, GEORGE DAVIS, and MOSES COLLINS justices of the peace.

In 1812 the civil officers of Mobile County were WHEELER GRESHAM, NOEL JOURDAN and ROBERT WILLIAMSON, justices of the quorum court; GEORGE DAVIS and BENJAMIN YOUNGBLOOD , justices of the peace.

Three years later, it was time for Benjamin to move on. On January 19, 1815 he signed a petition to Congress by the inhabitants of Marion and Lawrence Counties, Mississippi Territory.

In the year 1816 BENJAMIN YOUNGBLOOD was listed in the Pike Co., MS Census, and on February 26, 1816 he was appointed Constable in Pike Co.

Finally, after many years of moving about, BENJAMIN and SUSANNAH YOUNGBLOOD found a permanent home in Marion Co., MS. On February 20, 1819 BENJAMIN YOUNGBLOOD was appointed Justice of the Quorum for Marion Co., MS, a position he held until late 1822.

After his tenure as Quorum Justice, BENJAMIN YOUNGBLOOD concentrated on the development of his plantation, which lay about 2 miles SE of the China Grove Church. It was on this plantation that BENJAMIN and SUSANNAH YOUNGBLOOD were finally laid to rest, their graves having been discovered some years back by IRMA LAMPTON, wife of WILLIAM LAMPTON, a Youngblood descendant. At the time of the discovery, the land was owned by MARGARET GRAVES.

The following are the children of BENJAMIN and SUSANNAH YOUNGBLOOD:

1. HENRY YOUNGBLOOD b. 9-12-1795 Richmond Co., GA
d. 6-02-1860 De Soto Parish, LA
+SARAH HARVEY b. 5-12-1801 Warren Co., GA

2. HILLARY YOUNGBLOOD b. 9-10-1797 Richmond Co., GA

3. ALBERT YOUNGBLOOD b. 1-11-1800 Richmond Co., GA
d. unknown
Said to have married Lillian Toney, Daughter of William M. and Mary Toney.

4. NANCY ANN YOUNGBLOOD b. 4-05-1802 Richmond Co., GA
d. 9-30-1872 Scott Co., MS
m.2-23-1823 Marion Co., MS
d. 1840-1850 Scott Co., MS
They are buried in the Bishop Cemetery (now called the Walker Cemetery) on the old Algie Bishop farm at Morton MS.

5. LUCY ANN YOUNGBLOOD b. 8-04-1804 Richmond Co., GA
d. 11-18-1887 Pike Co., MS
m. 2-02-1824
+WILLIAM LAMPTON b. 1-02-1802 KY
d. 10-8-1868 Pike Co., MS

6. VESTA ANN YOUNGBLOOD b. 2-12-1807 Richmond Co., GA
d. 12-17-1872 Washington Parish LA
+JAMES KENT b. unknown
d. unknown

7. HANNAH ANN YOUNGBLOOD b. 9-27-1808 Laurens Co., GA
d. 3-25-1885 Amite Co., MS
m. 6-11-1830 +JESSE BRUMFIELD b. 3-12-1807 SC
d. 7-25-1884 Amite Co., MS
Both buried in Andrews Cemetery just east of Liberty, MS.
8. BENJAMIN YOUNGBLOOD, JR. b. 6-11-1811 Laurens Co., GA
died young

9. JOSEPH YOUNGBLOOD b. 12-25-1812 Marion Co., MS
d. 9-16-1886 China Grove, MS
+ELIZA BICKHAM b. 9-01-1822 Washington Parish, LA
d. 7-28-1869 China Grove, MS

10. SUSANNA YOUNGBLOOD b. 5-13-1815 China Grove, MS
d. 3-03-1882
+JOHN SIBLEY b. unknown
d. unknown

11. REBECCA YOUNGBLOOD b. 2-06-1819 China Grove, MS
d. 3-03-1819 China Grove, MS
(died young)

Parts of this sketch were taken from American Shoots From the Baskerville Family by the late Reba Holmes Brown. This book has been out of print for many years.