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††††††††††† This church was constituted the first Lordís day in July in the year of our Lord 1838. The members who entered into covenant relations to keep house for God were 9 in number. These were lettered from Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church in Rankin County for this purpose and were as follows to wit.; Shadrach J. Denson and Allethia Denson, his wife, Asa Chambers, Joseph Jones and Mary Jones, his wife, Mrs. Mary Dew wife of Mr. Allen Dew and Mrs. Harriet Roberts, wife of Mr. R. W. Roberts.

††††††††††† It seems that the hand of the Lord was in this organization. That the Holy Spirit was directing the steps of those immortal 9 members. All of whom have long since gone to their reward, but the results of their labor still stands a monument to their memories. Moreover, this organization at once began to widen its borders and almost at once took high rank among her sister churches in the county and association, The Mt. Pisgah, to which she first attached herself.

††††††††††† At the formation of the Harmony Association she became a member and was in its organization in 1849. She remained a member of this association until the formation of the Scott County Association, when she became a member of that body at its organization November 5th AD 1894.

††††††††††† Last year (1900) the Scott County and Springfield Associations were consolidated and formed into a new association styled the Hopewell Association of which she is still a constituent member. Jerusalem Church all along the past as a rule has been wonderfully blessed in her pastors for many has been the glorious refreshings form the presents of the Lord under them she with pride points to her long list of pastors, under whose ministrations she continued to preserve her prestige.

††††††††††† Elder Wm. Denson was her first pastor who served her for a long period of years and under whose pastorate she grew from those 9 members to a strong and vigorous body second to non in the county,

††††††††††† Those succeeding Elder Wm. Denson were W. R. Butler, J. B. Hamberlin, J. A. Hackett, Dd., J. S. Antley, Dr. T. E. Morris, E. B. Eakin, R. A. Cooper, Luther Little, M. B. Maum, J. P. Hemby, W. E. Dear and T. G. Ward and perhaps some others which the minutes do not show. The church for a few years previous to the coming of Bro. Ward had been in a low state and was declining in strength and spiritually, but thanks be to God since his advent among us the church has been steadily growing in strength and vitality and is now again fast forging to the front and we hope soon will recover much of her former prestige and again take highest rank among her sister churches.

††††††††††† We cannot close this History of the Church without making some allowances to the erection of this building which we now occupy and which we are here met today to dedicate to the God and Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

††††††††††† Last year (1900) the church resolved to remove from the old site at the cemetery. The old spot of our fathers is still hallowed in the hearts of all and especially of the older members, for around it clings many sacred memories and incidents upon which their hearts delight to dwell.

††††††††††† But, that point from changes that naturally occur in every county as it becomes more and more settled had become inaccessible from all directions except the east and west and from changes in membership and population, was no longer a central point. Besides, the old building had become very much decayed and would have required considerable outlay of money to put in proper repair.

††††††††††† For these reasons and other not necessary to name the church resolved to move its site and rebuild at Ludlow the village near by. The church, notwithstanding that this enterprise was undertaken in a year that was unprecedented in the history of the county for there had been almost a failure in all crops, yet she relied upon the blessings of Almighty God and moved boldly forward.

††††††††††† Today, as a result of our efforts, we are proud to say, that this building though partly complete yet we have by the blessing of God been enabled to pay to the contractors 3/4 of the debt and that we have a small balance in the treasury and also have considerable good subscription to meet the last installment which will be due at the completion of the building.

††††††††††† Thanks to those brethren who have generously donated. Thanks to those brethren in other places who have come to our aid in this time of need. May all those donors remember that God loveth a cheerful giver. May they also remember that the Lord has said "He that soweth liberally shall reap liberally and he that soweth sparingly shall reap sparingly". May godís blessings rest upon this move and extend to us in our new house the presence of the Holy Spirit as in the old and abide in our hearts as he did in the hearts of the fathers. Amen.

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