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SUSAN E.5 DENSON (Shadrach James4, Shadrach3, James2, James1) b. 1832 Rankin Co., MS, d. 1874 Scott Co., MS. md. bef. 1856 Scott Co., MS, Milton Henry Burks, b. 8 Apr 1821, Talbot Co., GA, Milton Henry d. 5 Oct 1863 Scott or Newton Co., MS son of James Lyon Burks and Martha Robinson.

The Burks family had removed to Scott Co., MS from Georgia in the mid-1840s. According to his grandson, Thomas J. Burks, James L. Burks was traveling west through Mississippi. While stopped in Scott County his party camped on the Coffee Bogue near the home of Shadrach J. Denson. Discovering that their wives cousins, James L. Burks decided to settle in Scott County. How much of this story is true is not known, but it can be surmised that it was already known by James L. Burks that his wives’ kinsmen were in the area, thus prompting a move into Scott County. At this writing, it is not known how Martha (Robinson) Burks’ father, John Robinson, was related to Alethia (Chambers) Denson’s mother, Christian (Robinson) Chambers. However, both families are known to have originated in Richmond Co., NC.

Milton H. Burks was, like so many others, primarily a farmer by profession. In 1850 he owned four slaves and 106 acres, with only six of those acres being improved. Ten years later his operation had more than doubled, consisting of 240 acres valued at $2,500. His personal estate was worth $7,000, which included six slaves.

In addition to being a farmer, Milton H. Burks also served Scott County in the capacity of a justice of the peace. The first year for such service was 1855.

During the Civil War, the Burks family held membership in the Hayes Creek Baptist Church, near Harperville, Scott County. They no doubt had moved their membership to be near Susan (Denson) Burks’ father, who was pastor of the church during the war. In 1863 Milton H. Burks died and his death was recorded in the minute book of the church. His place of death has not been ascertained, but it is believed to have been Newton County although the family held membership in this Scott County church Perhaps it was his widow, who died 11 years later, who died in Newton County. Graves have not been found for either.



  1. Martha Elizabeth Burks, b. 15 Mar 1847, d. 19 Dec 1930.


  2. James Shadrach Burks, b. 1849 Scott Co., MS, d. aft. 1880.


  3. Thomas J. Burks, b. 14 Sep 1851.


  4. Mary Ann Frances Burks, b. 3 Feb 1853, d. 8 Mar 1880.


  5. William Milton Burks, b. 30 Apr 1856, d. 16 Nov 1896.


  6. Margaret L. Burks, b. Feb 1860.


  7. Emma Burks, b. 1862 Scott Co., MS, md. Henry Majors?.

Source: John H. Smallwood, Jr., The Denson Family of Scott County, Mississippi(Canton, MS: privately published, 1997), pp. 34-35.

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