Descendants of Adolphus Dolpin & Virginia Harriet “Lawhorn” Latham


Adolphus {Dolphin} Latham was born Sept. 22, 1831 in Alabama, the son of James Lewis & Nancy Jane “Eustace” Latham. He married Virginia Harriett Lawhorn abt. 1855 in Scott Co., Miss.! Virginia Harriett was born Oct. 1, 1841, the daughter of Noah & Harriet “Slay” Lawhorn. She died Aug. 13, 1891 in Forkville, Scott Co., Miss., and buried at the Latham Family Cemetery, in Scott Co., Miss. Dolphin & Harriett had 10 children, after Harriett died, Dolphin married a second to Mary Elizabeth Craig Dec. 11, 1891 in Scott Co., Miss., they had two son’s Sullivan Latham, and Wiley Wyatt Latham. Dolphin died sometime after 1910, and was probably buried next to his first wife Harriett in the Latham Family Cemetery. He lived in Choctaw Co., Miss. Before he came to Ludlow, Miss. Abt. 1853, near the community of Vera,  which was later name Lathamtown, after him. Mary Elizabeth “Craig” Latham was born Sept. 22, 1859, and died June 2, 1939 in Scott County, Miss. She was buried at the Contrell Cemetery, next to her second husband Russell O. Rigby. Adolphus  enlisted in company A, of the 6’th Miss. Infantry Regtiment, during the Civil War.  He was in his earlier 80’s, when he died, and was the father of 12 children, 6 son’s, and 6 daughter’s. Adolphus was the second born son of eight sibling’s, his brother’s name’s were Henry Isaac Latham, who also enlisted during the civil war, and died of phenoma Mar. 19, 1865 in Camp Chase Prison, Columbus, Ohio.  James Louis Latham Jr. who also was a solider in the war.  Alfred Garner Latham 1846 – 1921, he married Mary Aviann Strickland and they had 10 children. Wyatt General Latham 1848 – 1900, he married Ruth J. Roark, and 10 children.  Dolphin sister’s were Martha Ann “Latham” Phelps, wife of William Alexander Phelps,  Catherine “Latham” Filer Holland, wife of Absalom Holland. Catherine Holland also lived in Scott Co., Miss. In 1880. Mary Latham, and Nancy Jane “Latham” Lewis, the wife of Henry Clay Lewis.  All of Dolphin sibling’s except for Catherine, & Henry Isaac lived the whole life’s in Choctaw Co., & Webster Co., Mississippi.  Adolphus & Virginia Harriett’s children were ; Nancy Jane Latham, born 1856, died Mar. 1884. She married James William Craig Dec. 20, 1872 in Scott Co., Miss.! Their  known children; George Pinkney, Henry Nigal, James Eddie Craig, Monroe, Jack, and Kate Craig.  James William “Jim” Craig was born May 1852, and died abt. 1932, he was buried at Bethleham Cemetery, in Scott Co., Miss.! Martha Elizabeth Latham was born May 5, 1858 in Scott Co., Miss., died abt. 1903, she married James C. Wallace July 12, 1873 in Scott Co., Miss., and they had 10 children; William Adolphus, John C., Mary Neva, Sidney Johnson, Minnie Ola, Ida, Charles Henry, Ruth, Katie Evie, and Lucille Wallace.  John C. Latham was born July 14, 1867 in Scott Co., Miss., he died Dec. 22, 1928 in San Antonio, Texas. And was buried at the Latham Family Cemetery, near Forkville, Miss.! Mary Latham born 1869, no other info. known about her. Lucinda Lucy Latham was born Nov. 29, 1870, and died Oct. 1, 1941 in Goodrich, Polk County, Texas. She married James Ross Edmonds July 5, 1886 in Sharon, Madison Co., Miss.! They had 11 children, James Ross & Lucy were buried at Peebles Cemetery, Polk County, Texas.  Amanda Maud Latham was born Feb. 27, 1872 in Forkville, Miss. She died Mar. 20, 1904, and was buried in Latham Cemetery, Forkville, Scott Co., Mississippi. She married Robert C. Cochran. Richard Latham born 1874, - died 1875, buried in the family cemetery.  Mary A. Latham born 1876, died 1877.   Thomas Slay Latham was born Apr. 10, 1878 in Ludlow, Scott Co., Miss., died in 1947, his wife was Alice A. Turner, they six children. Thomas Slay & Alice A. Latham were buried at Latham Cemetery, Forkville, Miss.! Minnie H. Latham was born June 28, 1880, and died Sept. 17, 1888, buried at Latham Cemetery.  Terrance Luther Latham was born Dec. 25, 1882 in Forkville, Miss., and died Oct. 18, 1939 in Scott Co., Miss.! He married Anna Gertrude Ward abt. 1905/07 in Leake Co., Miss.! And, they had 11 children, six daughter’s, and five son’s. Their children were T. Lamar Latham,  JohnA., Minnie Helen, Margaret Eloise, Lottie May, Herbert, Joseph L.,  Thomas Kavanaugh, Virginia R., Audrey, and Mary Wardean Latham. Dolphin & Mary Elizabeth “Craig” Latham two son’s were ; Sullivan Latham born Mar. 27, 1894, died Sept. 18, 1983 in Lena, Leake Co., Miss.! He married L. C. Waggonerabt. 1920/21, and they had ten children; John Dolphus, Rex Roy, Fontaine Wall, Mary Dell Wilson,  Kelly Newton Latham, Charles Rayford Latham, Jimmy Lynn Latham, Dorothy Latham, Audrey Fay Brewer, and Joe Keith Latham.  Wiley Wyatt Latham was born Dec. 12, 1897 in Forkville, Miss., and died Dec. 15, 1967 in Rankin Co., Miss., he married Leona Ida Burns in 1917, they had three son’s;  Wyatt J. Latham, Herbert E. Latham, and Raymond O. Latham.

Adolphus Dolphin Latham 1831 – 1910 was somehow related to Lawrence Latham, who was born 1790 in North Carolina, and died June 10, 1876 in Scott Co., Miss. Lawrence married first to Mary Polly Smitherman July 1810 in Randolph Co., North Carolina.  They had a large family of 12 children. Mary Polly Latham die din 1853 in Choctaw County, Mississippi. And, Lawrence married second to Mary Eliza Randolph, who was a widow when they married. They had five children, and moved after 1860 from Choctaw Co., Miss., to Ludlow, Scott Co., Miss. ! Lawrence & Mary Eliza’s two son’s were Richard Howard Latham, and Henry Clay Latham. Richard Howard was born July 5, 1853 in Choctaw County, Miss., and died June 1927 in Forkville, Miss.!  He married Mary Willie Lawhorn  Dec. 15, 1875 in Scott Co., Miss., Mary Willie was born Apr. 1858 the daughter of Noah & Harriett “Slay” Lawhorn.  Richard Howard’s wife, and Adolphus Latham wife were Sister’s…..   Richard & Mary Willie had 13 children, two of their children were also buried at the Latham/ Sprouse Cemetery, near Forkville, Scott Co., Mississippi. I’m almost sure Lawrence Latham & Adolphus Latham were related in some way. But need more proff  to prove my theory.


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