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Crossgates Farm
[originally Pleasant Grove Plantation]

The following information was found in the Brandon Library, Rankin Co.

Crossgates is located on a unique property of 1,000 acres that was formerly operated as one of the state's largest dairy farms.

The G. R. Worthington family operated the dairy farm. Originally the area consisted of 10,000 acres known as the Pleasant Grove Plantation.

In 1840 part of the 10,000 acres was purchase by the A. P. Miller family from Robert E. Lee. Robert E. Lee personally did the survey of the land and this survey accompanied the transfer of the property.

In the Civil War a part of the Federal Army left Jackson to capture Brandon, reaching the Pleasant Grove Plantation at mid-afternoon and camped in a cornfield for the night. According to legend, the officer in charge used the home for his headquarters and utilized the music room for a stable for his horse and used the baby grand piano as a feed trough.

Historian for the National Park Service, Ed Bearss has written that the last shot fired in the Vicksburg Campaign was fired on Miller's Lane. This is the approximate location where Crossgates is located.




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