How to Enter a Query

You may enter a query for any county in Mississippi by going directly to your county of interest and posting your query.

Please see the Mississippi Table of Counties to find the link to the county you are interested in researching. Or view a "clickable" map of Mississippi showing the location of each county.

NOTE:  Only queries which show a direct link to that particular county will be posted!

Not sure of the exact county in which to post?

Find the cities and towns of Mississippi linked to their corresponding county. Includes extinct cities and towns!  Mississippi City/Town List

Still don't know?

Just post your query on our Mississippi Unknown County page maintained by Barbara Prestridge.

Make Your Query Effective

Your query will get a better response if it is stated briefly, clearly, and concisely. 

A query is not a biography. 

Queries are only the headlines that attract attention.  State the name(s), spouse, children (if known), era, location.  There will be plenty of time later to explain your ancestral connection to the subject of the query.

All County Coordinators reserve the right to edit, or refrain from posting, queries which are not applicable to their respective county, or which contain requests for information on living individuals. 


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