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Sage A.W.
Sanders B.
Sanders Bluford
Sanders W.P.
Sanford T.J.
Saterfield D.
Saunders G.W.
Savage J.N.
Savage J.W.
Savage Robt. M.
Sawier G.W.
Scroggins A.C.
Scroggins Aburn
Scroggins Smith
Scruggs A.T.
Scruggs G.W.
Seago Jack
Seago Jno.
Seago M.
Searcy Erwin
Seave Saml
Seddall S.J.
Setliff W.G.
Settle J.T.
Settle T.F.
Shackelford A.C.
Shackelford L.W.
Shamlin Byrd
Shamlin L.
Sharp C.D.
Sharp Carroll
Sharp David
Sharp Jas.
Sharp Jno. G.
Sharps D.N.
Sharp E.R.
Sharpe Jas. G.
Sharpe M.D.M.
Sharp W.C.
Sheffield E.
Sheonn B.B.
Shehonn C.L.
Shehonn Mike
Shelton J.B.
Shepherd D.
Sherel U.R.
Shoat David
Shoat Robt.
Shook C.C.
Shook Henry
Shook M.L.
Short A.
Short Calvin
Shults W.E.
Siddall J.A.
Sigman W.T.
Simmons J.B.
Simmons W.H.
Simms H.
Sims L.G.
Simms R.F.
Sims T.P.
Simpson W.A.
Simpson W.E.
Skelly J.K.
Shillman W.R.
Skinner W.T.
Sledge Jas. M.
Small G.W.
Small J.E.
Smith A.A.
Smith A.G.
Smith A.J.
Smith A.Z.
Smith B.J.M.C.
Smith Culpeper
Smith D.R.
Smith David B.
Smith G.W.
Smith George W.
Smith Hamilton
Smith J.B.
Smith J.G.
Smith J.H.
Smith J.J.
Smith J.L.
Smith J.M.
Smith J.T.
Smith J.W.
Smith John
Smith Leander
Smith M.K.
Smith N.C.
Smith P.U.
Smith R.H.
Smith R.S.
Smith W.R.
Smith W.T.
Solemon J.M.
South J.B.
South J.T.
South Joshau
South Levi
South N.C.
South Thomas
Spence Jno.
Spencer John
Spencer Wm.
Springer J.A.
Springer J.D.
Springer W.D.
Springer Wm. H.
Stacy T.F.
Stacks Cob
Stanford T.J.
Staton J.J.
Stanford W.R.
Stafford Wm.
Steel J.R.
Stephens Alf
Stephens H.R.
Stephens Jas. W.
Stephenson S.H.
Stephens W.H.
Stevens J.W.
Stevenson J.C.
Stewart W.
Stickle J.H.
Stokes A.E.
Stone J.M.
Stout R.G.
Stovall H.C.
Street A.M.
Street Donald
Street R.
Streetman G.W.
Strickland G.W.
Strickland R.P.
Stringfellow R.S.
Stutts J.H.
Suitor James E.
Sulterlin Jas.
Summerhill Geo. R.
Suratt M.
Suttle T.B.
Swan Jno. H.
Swington Saml
Swinney H.J.
Swinney J.J.H.
Swinney N.J.

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