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Civil War Veterans R index


Raddy P.D.
Ragan Danl F.
Ragan W.S.
Raines J.W.
Ralston Geo. G.
Ralston W.M.
Randolph J.J.
Randolph J.N.
Randolph Wm.
Raper J.J.
Rast J.T.
Rawhough Jas.
Ray C.A.
Ray J.H.
Reed J.R.
Reed Jas.
Reed John
Reed Leroy
Reese J.S.
Reese Jas.
Reeves G.F.
Reid J.F.
Reid M.B.
Renan W.L.
Revean L.D.
Reynolds A.E.
Reynolds A.M.
Reynolds D.F.
Reynolds G.G.
Reynolds G.W.
Reynolds L.P.
Reynolds M.M.
Reynolds Tho. G.
Reynolds W.P.
Rhodes Jno.
Rhodes Jno. J.
Rhodes W.M.
Rice D.E.
Rice Geo. R.
Rice W.B.
Richards H.
Richards J.N.
Richardson D.H.
Richardson John
Richardson P.N.
Richardson W.
Ricketts E.A.
Ricketts J.C.
Rickett M.M.
Riddle C.M.
Riddle J.L.
Riddle Roland
Riddle T.E.
Rinehart Geo.
Rinehart Giles
Rinehart Jno.
Rives J.H.
Roach Jno.
Roades L.A.
Robbins S.F.
Roberson A.R.
Roberts J.H.
Robertson A.
Robertson Thos. B.
Robertson T.D.
Roberts W.W.
Robinson A.C.
Robinson E.G.
Robinson Frank
Robinson J.H.
Robinson W.A.
Rodgers B.H.
Rodgers D.M.
Rodgers D.W.
Rodgers M.D.
Rodgers T.P.
Rodgers W.
Rodgers W.P.
Rodgers W.W.
Rogers D.P.
Rogers J.M.
Rogers L.B.
Rogers W.A.
Roland Henry
Roland Wm. F.
Rollfs T.
Rollins R.H.
Rose Jno. P.
Ross A.J.
Ross Chas. A.
Ross G.F.H.
Ross J.H.
Ross Jas. J.
Ross Wm. H.
Ross W.N.
Roten T.L.
Rouford B.F.
Rowan Jas.
Rowan Tho. J.
Rowsey G.D.
Runner J.B.
Ruse Jno. C.
Ruse L.L.
Ruse Robt.
Ruse W.H.
Rushian W.M.J.
Russell G.W.
Russell J.H.
Russell J.M.
Ruth N.
Rutledge J.A

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