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Civil War Veterans H index


Hagan Michael
Hall A.W.
Hall G.E.
Halmark Danl
Halt J.R.
Hammers Wm. H.
Hammonds J.C.
Hammonds J.W.
Hancock H.
Hancock J.M.
Hancock J.R.
Hannah Jas. S.
Hannah J.W.
Hanston D.R.
Harden J.B.
Hardin Peter
Harding J.W.
Hardwick C.C.
Hardwick McD.
Harland A.R.
Harland J.B.
Harland Tho.
Harlow J.W.
Harmers Wm. P.
Harmon L.C.
Harp Geo.
Harp Jno.
Harper G.
Haridge T.T.
Harris Isaac H.
Harris J.H.
Harris James
Harris Jno. L.
Harris L.
Harris S.W.
Harris Wm.
Harris Wm. C.
Harrison J.A.
Harrison Joshau
Harrison Moses
Harrison O.F.
Harrison T.J.
Hart Abraham
Harting Lewis
Hartsfield A.S.
Hartsfield J.
Harvey H.
Harvey J.W.
Harvey Jas.
Harvey Tho. G.
Harvey W.
Harvey W.F.
Harwell M.B.
Hassell W.R.
Hassey T.H.
Hawkins J.W.
Hay N.M.
Hays S.P.
Haygood B.
Helton James
Henderson J.T.
Henderson Jas. M.
Henderson Robt.
Henderson W.R.
Henson G.W.
Hergart H.B. (There was a Gerhart family. This was probably transcribed incorrectly?)
Herridge J.M.
Hester Jas. M.B.
Hester Robt. F.
Heynman E.M.
Heynman H.C.
Heynman W.J.
(These last three probably are Hynemans.)
Hicks J.B.
Hicks Robt.
Hicks Tho. M.
Hulburn J.C.
Hill G.R.
Hill H
Hill Henry
Hill Henry J.
Hill I.G.W.
Hill James
Hill John
Hill Mike
Hill Robt.
Hill Wm.
Hinkle C.M.
Hipps Andrew
Hinson J.H.
Hitchcock Jno.
Hodges B.D.
Hodges David
Hodges T.C.
Hoofman Jas. G.
Holder Thomas
Holland A.J.
Holly James
Holly Wm. K.
Holoway John
Holoway W.J.
Honeycutt Green
Honeycutt James
Honnell W.J.
Hopper Geo.
Hopper W.C.
Horton Daniel
Hound J.N.
Howell A.J.
Howell E.A.
Hubbard G.D.
Hudson Young
Huff J.B.
Hughs A.L.
Hughes D.A.
Hughes David L.
Hughes J.L.
Hughes Jas. C.
Hughes W.R.
Hughfield Jno.
Humbus I.N.
Humphreys C.S.
Humphreys Jn. V.
Humphries J.H.
Humphries J.U.
Hunt David
Hutchins Andy
Hutchins W.F.
Hutton R.P.

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