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Civil War Veterans C index


Cable Jno.
Caldwell A.B.
Caldwell G.C.
Caldwell T.A.
Callicutt Tho.
Calvary W.J.
Camp Danl
Camp Jas. M.
Campbell J.B.
Campbell John
Campbell W.R.
Canfield S.F.
Cantrel C.H.
Cantrel G.D.
Cantrel J.B.
Cantrel W.E.
Caraway Jas. P.
Carmack J.Y.
Carpenter F.H.
Carpenter J.M.
Carrol J.G.
Carroll E.W.M.
Carroll W.B.
Carson E.J.
Carter B.F.
Carter G.D.
Carter Geo.
Carter Jno. C.
Carter Ranson
Carter S.L.
Carter T.S.
Carter W.E.D.
Carter W.P.
Casheon J.P.
Caspenten Jas.
Caspenten Wm.
Castleberry W.D.
Cathey J.A.
Cattner W.C.
Caufield W.T.
Cavaness W.A.
Cayce S.N.
Chambers John
Chambers Thomas
Chamlep Wm.
Chapplan Jno.
Chary Chas.
Chastain Wm.
Chasteen E.J.
Childers J.B.
Childers Jas.
Chives W.B.
Choate M.V.
Chrisman Jno. C.
Christain L.D.
Christian John
Church G.B.
Chuves Jesse J.
Claunch John
Clawsell John
Claybrooks W.L.
Clayton R.E.
Clements M.H.
Clingan G.W., Jr.
Clingan G.W., Sr.
Clingan Geo.
Coada Tho.
Coats P.H.
Cobb E.R.
Cobb S.W.
Cochran W.R.
Cole Arch
Cole Stephen
Coleman J.C.
Coleman Steph M.
Collier Amos, Jr.
Collier John
Collins J.H.
Collums J.P.
Conn M.A.
Conner Barton
Conner Jas. A.
Conner N.W.
Cook A.J.
Cook F.M.
Cook H.M.
Cook J.A.
Cook J.H.
Cook Wm.
Cooly Tho. J.
Conn Jno.
Cooper Leroy
Cooper M.M.
Copeland J.H.
Copoch Asberry
Cottingham J.B.
Cotton Wm.
Coundry W.J.
Couner J.H.
Counts Calvin
Cowin W.J.
Cown O.T.
Cox C.A.
Cox Robt. S.
Crawford (no first name listed)
Criner Geo. W.
Crisp Birt
Crockett D.M.
Crockett G.W.
Crockett J.B.
Corckett J.C.
Crowder W.F.
Crughen Arthur
Cuningham Riley
Curlee C.B.
Curlee R.L.
Curlee Wm.

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