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Booneville Pleader Newspaper 1882
(Transcribed by Vicki Burress Roach)

The following allowances were made by the Board of Supervisors. Stanley Brothers medicine for paupers and window glass for courthouse, $2.15.

Carter & Bro.- lumber for jail yard fence $24.75.

W.F. Lester, posts for jail yard fence $4.48.

R.D. Patrick for work putting up jail yard and garden fence $15.95.

N.B. Benthay, keeping a stray mare sold by Col. Ranger $21.50.

Dr. W.J. Rogers of Marietta, gave us a call Tuesday. His call was in obedience to an invitation extended to our subscribers sometime ago and his response was prompt and agreeable. We learn from the doctor that the hotel at Marietta will be completed by the 15th of June, and ample accommodations will be made for all visitors who may wish to test the curative properties of the Purple Shell Mineral Springs.

1st District-J.R. Ramey
H.C. Faris
W.M. Young
A.J. Dalton
Richard B. Smith

2nd District-A.F. Nix
T.P. Norman
M.C. Norman
Thos. Burress
I.G. Grisham
M.V. Flake

3rd District-J.W. Burress
Jack McGee
W.B. Williams
A.A. Jones
Jno. W. Lytal?

4th District-C.C. Lester
W.P. Womack
Jno. Barrett
John Harris
E.W. Hughes

5th District-James Timbes
Wm. Shackleford
Jno. C. Carter
W.T. Livingston
D.P. Stephens

The following allowances were made:
W.H.H. Tison, timber for public road $15.00.
Jno. R. Moore, nails for bridge $2.50.
J.F. Gresham & Co., goods for county paupers, $8.85.

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