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Pontotoc County, Mississippi

          The W. P. A. county histories were produced in the late 1930s as part of a statewide research project.  For each county in Mississippi canvassers were sent into the communities to gather historical material and other information according to a specific outline of subjects.  The results were compiled and published and made available to the public through their county courthouses.  They contain a wealth of information about a wide assortment of topics, much of it gathered by interviewing "old timers" and other people in the community.  The histories provide  unique insight into the life and times of our ancestors not available from any other source.

          As you read the material, please keep in mind that facts may not always be correct.    I did not write the material.  I cannot change it.  Also note that the language used as well as the information reported reflects society as it was in 1936 or 1937, when "Separate but equal" was a fact of life and African Americans were referred to as "colored" and "negro".  Please do not send e-mail attacking my personal views or blasting me as backward, racist, and uneducated.  You would be wrong and I would have overlook the fact that you were too ignorant to read this introduction.

          This first installment is the first one hundred pages.  On the microfilm were a number of photographs which I did not copy--they don't photocopy well enough to use on the web.  I do not know when I will get to the next installment.  I don't mind paying for the copies but sitting at the microfilm reader and copying each page, one at a time, takes more time than I have.  If you have access to the film and a printing  microfilm reader and would like to volunteer to copy a section for me, let me know.


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