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W. P. A. History of Pontotoc County, Mississippi



MRS. FLORENCE FOSTER relates the following story of the friendly relations that existed between the Indians and the early settlers around Old Monroe:  "My grandparents, James and Rebecca Hodges, came to this  county in 1921 with the Re. T. C. Stuart, from Abberville, South Carolina, and settled in Monroe neighborhood.  He was the only white man at that time with Rev. Stuart.  He reared a family of three boys and two girls, James, Joe, Harris, Elizabeth, and Emily.  Grandfather was a gunsmith and the Indians would come to his home at night and ask for Pale Face to come and fix their guns and watch the war-dance.  They were not afraid of grandfather, because they loved him, and when "the stars fell" in 1833, they rushed to his house and begged him to save them; they thought God was sending fire to destroy them.

Once, when father Stuart was burying a member of the tribe, the sun went behind a cloud, at which the Indians left, without filling the grave, and hid behind logs, they thought Judgment Day had come.  Grandfather Hodges later moved to Victoria, about one mile west of what is now Pontotoc. (1)

(1) Mrs. Florence Foster, Pontotoc, Miss.

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