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W. P. A. History of Pontotoc County, Mississippi

Chapter IV:  FLORA

Handling The Timber

A tractor-mill is located amid the timber, which is cut with cross-cut saws by common labor and logged to the mill with teams and wagons.  It is then hauled on trucks from the mill to the nearest railroad.

The small mills sell to the concentration yards, ordinarily at the nearest location for shipping.  When hauled to railroads, the lumber is stacked on yards and dried.  It is then ready for dressing, loading cars, or for local use.  The mill owner receives about $11.00 per thousand.  The concentration yard price runs $17 per thousand feet after lumber is dressed.  Most of it is sold through commission men to retail lumber yards.  (1)

(1) Roy Guthrie, Pontotoc Lumber Co., Pontotoc, Miss.

(Photograph of HARDY B. OWEN.  Caption:  At one time he owned the largest crosstie business in Mississippi.)

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