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W. P. A. History of Pontotoc County, Mississippi


Soil Series

The soil series found in the Pontotoc Ridge includes:

GREENVILLE -- red upland soils, with red clay subsoil

ORANGEBURG -- gray to orange-red upland soil, with red, friable subsoil

RUSTON -- grayish brown upland soil with brownish-red mottled subsoil

PHEBA -- grayish-brown upland soil with yellow, silty clay subsoil

SUSQUEHANNA -- gray to brownish-colored upland soil, with gray to red mottled sticky clay subsoil

MYATT -- gray terrace soil, with whitish, pebbly subsoil

KALMIA -- grayish-brown terrace soil with yellow subsoil

CAHABA -- brown terrace soil, with yellowish-red subsoil

COLLINS -- brown to light-gray alluvial bottom soil, with light gray pebbly subsoil

OCHLOCKONEE -- brown alluvial bottom soil, with yellow and gray mottled subsoil

In the Flatwoods area the soil series includes:

LUFKIN --gray to brown Flatwoods upland soil, with gray to yellowish brown subsoil, and PHEBA, MYATT, KALMIA, OCHLOCKONEE, and COLLINS,  which are the same for this area as the Pontotoc Ridge.

In the Prairie area the soil series includes:

HOUSTON -- Black Prairie upland soil with yellow, gray, or greenish colored subsoil

SUMPTER -- yellow-brown upland soil with greenish yellow subsoil

OKTIBBEHA -- Red Prairie or Post Oak, a reddish brown soil with mottled subsoil

The PHEBA, MYATT, KALMIA, BLACK ALLUVIAL, CATALPA-BROWN ALLUVIAL are the same types of soil in this as in the other regions of the county.  (1)

(1) Dr. Clarence Dorman, State College, Miss.

      J. C. Scott, appraiser for Federal Land Bank, New Orleans, La.

      J. H. Brooks, junior soil conservationist, Pontotoc, Miss.

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