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W. P. A. History of Pontotoc County, Mississippi

Chapter II:  Topography


Angusters, Mrs. N. G.; Pontotoc, Miss.

Bolton, C. H.; Mineralogist; Pontotoc, Miss.

Brooks, J. H.; Soil Conservationist, Pontotoc, Miss.

Cannon, E. D.; Pontotoc, Miss.

Donaldson, Dr. R. P. ; Pontotoc, Miss.

Heddleston, W. D.; Oxford, Miss.

Jackson, James, County Engineer; Pontotoc, Miss.

Kelly, farmer, County Agent; Pontotoc, Miss.

Pittman, W. C.; Pontotoc, Miss.

Shannon, Claude, WPA. area engineer, Pontotoc, Miss.

Winston, E. T.; Pontotoc, Miss.


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