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W. P. A. History of Pontotoc County, Mississippi


Pioneer Families

MR. JACK MILAM and his wife Millie came to the Oak Hill community in the 1840s from Laurens County, South Carolina.  With them came the children of Mr. Milam by a former marriage and one brother, Isaac.

The family traveled in a wagon.  As soon as they arrived they began clearing land and built a two room log house, "chinked and daubed".  The neighbors, including the McCoys, Nixons, Goggins, Pitts and Faulkners, helped to rive the logs and build the house.  It was not long before these worthy pioneers built a log church which was replaced sixty years later by a more commodious structure.

As the years passed more children were born into the family until finally the group numbered thirteen:  Willis, Matt, Diedofus, Pickens, Lark, Betsy, Jane, Polly, Leake . . . .

Leake and Pickens lived in the Oak Hill community and for around thirty years but in 1900 moved to Texas; Lark and Wiley moved to Arkansas sixty years ago.  Only one son of Pickens, J. H. Milam, of Ecru, now lives in the county; one granddaughter of John, Mrs. John Pitts, lives in Pontotoc; descendants of Jane, the Reeders, of Cherry Creek, are the only other relatives of the Milam family now remaining in Pontotoc County.(1)

(1) Mrs. S. P. McCoy, Jackson, Miss.

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