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Algoma School Class of 1961 Forty Year Reunion

1961 Seniors in 2001, Forty Year Reunion


The Algoma Bobcats, Class of 1961 held their 40th reunion Memorial Day weekend May 26, 2001. Classmates attending were, Front row (left to right) Olivia Anne Mathis Rush, Wanda Morrison Davis, Martha Collums Watson, Linda Ann Pennington Saxon, Betty Ann Mooneyham Jenkins, Frances Magers Massey, Patsy Bagwell Patterson, Billie Jamison Cole, Class sponsor Mrs. Ann Berryhill, Janice Staten Crawford, Linda Ruth Saxon Higgins, Peggy Aron Young, Ruth McWhirter Onsby, Becky Walker Hardin, Dixie Rigsby Bowls, Brenda Moorman Cockrun, Dorothy Fitts Watson, Jackie Thompson Crosby, Back row (left to right) G. A. Crosby, Travis Saxon, Judson Owen, Terry Keith Weeks, Donald Scott, Jimmy Higgins, Keith McGregor, William Carter and Kenneth Clowers.

Festivities for the day began with a brunch at the home of Olivia Ann Mathis Rush. The occasion was catered and the delicacies were very well prepared by Wanda Morrison Davis, with Martha Collums Watson preparing a beautiful fruit tray. At this time the classmates were the only guests with Mrs. Ann Berryhill acting as Chaperon. Ms. Ann, as classmates have always called her, taught, supervised, and chaperoned the class of 61 throughout their four years of high school. The class grants her much tribute and appreciation.

Old pictures, albums, music of the 60's and remembrance of happenings of the past were exchanged during the hours 9 clock A. M. until about 3 in the afternoon . Classmates were surprised at how the recognition of some was very difficult, while those of the class that had attended previous reunions had seemingly not changed. (LOL)

Enjoying the brunch and renewals of friendships were, Jackie Thompson Crosby and her husband G. A. Crosby, Martha Collums Watson, Janice Staten Crawford, Terry Keith Weeks, Travis Saxon, Keith McGregor, Ruth McWhirter Onsby, Betty Ann Mooneyham Jenkins, Jimmy Higgins, Brenda Moorman Cockrun, Donald Scott, Patsy Bagwell Patterson, Peggy Aron Young, Wanda Morrison Davis, and Olivia Ann Mathis Rush.

In the afternoon at 6 clock, Classmates then met at the Old Algoma Gymnasium for reminisces and photographs. Classmates had beforehand discussed this with the Mayor of Algoma, Harry Corder, also alumni of the school, and had prepared and cleaned the grounds for the occasion (as is so shown in the photograph). The discussion of the renovation of the gym prior to the reunion, found that the town of Algoma now owns the site and is in the process of restoring the building. Thus leading to the possibility of the class making a contribution to the town of Algoma "Gym Fund" .

Immediately after the gathering at the gym, classmates then relocated to the Algoma Seafood Junction Restaurant , which is owned by a fellow classmate, Jimmy Higgins and his wife Carolyn. Classmates arrived to find an array of bouquets of flowers, accented with black and white school colored balloons. Three of which were placed in memory of deceased classmates Paulette Bowls, Jean Callaway, Bill Harmon.

The program was well organized with Jackie and G. A. Crosby as Masters of Ceremonies. Kenneth Clowers opened with prayer and devotional was given by Martha C. Watson. Entertainment included skits by Jackie T. Crosby and Dixie R. Bowls on Rednecks; Frances Magers Massey gave a view of teachers today compared to teachers of yesteryear. Frances's mother Mrs. Magers and wife of then Principal H. F. Magers attendance was also enjoyed. There was a watermelon give away and multiple citations of you know your getting old "if". Also there was a display of 2 bound volumes of the Pontotoc Progress for the years of 1960 and 1961. William Carter dismissed with prayer.

There were forty-three in the 1961 graduating class and I believe this to be correct, that up to that point it was the largest graduating class at the school. Class members that were unable to attend were: Kay Bridgeman, Jerry Chapman, Lee Walls, Jerry Winters, Lynda Bost, Barbara Abbott, Duron Newell, James Lee Saxon, Barbara Henderson, Clara Stegall, Larry Montgomery, Dorothy Blair, Shirley Holcomb, William Smith, Martha Simmons, Mary Lynn Corder. We really missed you!!

Before retiring for the afternoon, the gym fund contribution was made by Class President Kenneth Clowers and class member Peggy A. Young to the town of Algoma Mayor Harry Corder. The contribution consisted of a $625.00 donation.


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