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Dec 27, 2014
B. Bran, (messagetobb@gmail.com)

Today I was going through some old family history boxes. I found what looks to be a 32nd degree Mason's certificate that was earned in 1924 by a John Gilbert Abernethy. I researched the name and found a burial record and photo from the Ware Cemetery in Pontotoc County where someone w/ that name was buried in 1939. I have no indication this is a relative of mine but I do have many deceased relatives from Houlka area (Pearson's). I didn't want to throw it away so was wondering if you know of Abernethy's still in your area that I could pass it on to or that may help me connect the Abernethy's and Pearson's? I gave you a family name one generation too late. My relatives in Houlka are from the Harris family, Pearson came one generation later. The name on the certificate and headstone is Abernethy (w/ an e), not Abernathy (w/ an a) Could it still be same lineage? The spelling of my last name changed w/ my grandfathers generation, teachers told them (13 kids) that Brannan needed an o instead of an a so it became Brannon. I'm attaching the jpg of it anyway. The photo of the headstone can be found at this link: http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=pv&GRid=15307023&PIpi=21318982

Dec 5, 2014
Betty Enloe, (govflanaginsbard@sbcglobal) Old Harmony Church Records.

The goal in inquiry about this church is:

To find documentation in church records that proves that my ancestors Robert and Jane Dale transferred their church membership from the Pleasant Grove Church in Chester County, SC, in the early 1850's to the Old Harmony Church, Pontotoc County MS.

Here is information that might be helpful:

27 Aug 1850--The Dales bought land in Pontotoc County from William Rowland.

8 May 1854--An unpaid debt of Robert Dale owned by Harmony Church was paid in probate court.

This documentation is for the Daughters of the American Revolution in proving that I am descended from James Young, a Revolutionary War patriot. My notes show that I have contacted five different entities in South Carolina and that you are my third contact in Mississippi. Anything you can do will be greatly appreciated. Please let me know what expenses are entailed.

Betty W. Enloe, Ed.D. 11431 Creekwood Circle Indianapolis, IN 45239 (317 894 8048) govflanaginsbard@sbcglobal

Dec 1, 2014
"Joel Baker" (joelbaker39@gmail.com) We are looking for Aaron and John Jenkins' graves. They are the great great and great maternal grandfathers of my wife. We are visiting from Oklahoma and are at the Hopewell Baptist Cemetery. Can you tell us where they are buried. Maybe the Hopewell/Glasgow cemetery? Thank you

Oct 27, 2014
Robert D.Reynolds (robertreynolds4510@att.net) I am seeking the grave location (plot Lot ect. )for Martin Hubert Sunderland. He is interred in the Ecru Cemetery . Pontotoc County Mississippi. any assistance you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Oct 25, 2014
"Ramona Hughes" (hughesplantation@yahoo.com) I am searching for any information on Almarinda Saunders (Sanders) who married William C Honnoll in pontotoc county January 7th, 1852. Any assistance is welcomed!

Oct 19, 2014
"ROBERT BARDIN" Church records My Great Grandfather, Henry Horn Bardin, 1816 - 1894, was an elder and at times clerk with the Primitive Baptist Church and had a few records from the church. I would like to find a good home for the letters. Attached is copies of two documents. Please let me know if you would like to have the originals. (If anyone is interested please Write to Mr. Bardin at the above e-address)

Sept 18, 2014
"BN Siddall" Research/Genealogy, Phone: 607.275.8080 My name is Brian Siddall and I have been doing research over the past few weeks about General Bee who was killed July 21, 1861 at Bull Run . I came across the following article published Richmond Newspaper The Daily Dispatch. Below is an excerpt of the article
The gallant dead
Among those who fell in the great battle of the 21st July was Lieut. Richard A. Palmer, to whose memory a friend pays the following tribute. I’m searching for the name of the writer of this article if possible. I believe Palmer was a member of the Presbyterian Faith but I have not been able to locate where he was buried. On the Pontotoc County, Mississippi Genealogy and History it mentions that Thomas J Cooper helped to carry the body of Palmer from the field.
Due to the writing on The Dispatch August 1, 1861 it appears that General Bee who was carried from the field with a mortal wound was the man who was an Episcopalian.
This would mean that General Bee was wounded in the neck.
If you could point me in the direction of the person who has done the research on Co G it would be appreciated. Also I wanted to let you’re the Pontotoc Genealogy Website that Lt Palmer and General Bee both fell in the same spot. There is a monument on the Battle Field for General Bee and since only Lt Palmer was killed that day the Pontotoc County would like to know that. I know that your Genealogy Society might already know this but thought I would pass this information on.
BN Siddall, Research/Genealogy, Phone: 607.275.8080 bnsiddall@gmail.com

Sep 15, 2014
"Michelle Mattingly" (smktm@bellsouth.net) I have no connection to any Kilgore's that I know of. This weekend while at a flea market, I found an old book (The art of War or something similar) covering history of Essex (I assume England) of the 1500's. The book was printed in 1859, and inside the front cover was the inscription "Hattie M. Kilgore, 1859". If this person is of any of your county Kilgore lines, the book is located at the Country Flea Market on Hwy 60 in Daviess County, Owensboro, Ky, 42301. The price was $15, and I did not purchase it so have no other information. I did a quick internet search which showed a Hattie M. Kilgore, daughter of Benjamin Kilgore from Chickasaw Co MS. Of course I am not certain this would be the same person.

Sep 3, 2014
Paulette Johnson-Powell (janet@ms.metrocast.net) According to the Pontotoc County, MS Genealogy and History page, the list of individuals for Browning Funeral Home is only a partial list. I am looking for my great grand uncle, Henry Edward Logan. I know he is buried in Sand Springs. We think he died in 1932. I know he was alive in the 1930 census and his wife was a widow in the 1940 census. I was in MS for five weeks in the Spring and he was one of the individuals for which I was trying to find info. I went to the MS Archives in Jackson, but the microfiche and microfilm were of such poor quality, I could not read most of them. I sent a request the MS State Vital Records and they searched from 1930-1942 and could not locate his death certificate. I have looked for him on the Browning list on-line and he is not there. Perhaps you have more? If you do not have him, is Baldwin the only other funeral home that was in business in the 1930's?

Jul 23, 2014
"James Chapman" (jchapman@pathwayz.com) I am a descendant of Lemuel Merry Sledge through his son Magnus D. Sledge. Both men are buried in unmarked graves in the Sledge Cemetery (misnamed Tallant Sledge Cemetery) south of Toccopola. This cemetery is located on what was once Lemuel Sledge's home place, and by all accounts was his family cemetery. I have visited the cemetery on three different occasions, the latest being in 2007 when I found the cemetery over grown with shrubs, briars, etc. Since then I have sent money to Beryl Ferguson, who married into the Sledge family, to do "some" work cleaning and spraying the yard. Beryl died recently in Pontotoc. So the yard will have no care. My question: Is there anyway we can get the county to clean the cemetery? I would like to have markers installed for Lemuel Merry Sledge and his wives Mary W. Dodd and Nancy Jane Terry and another for my great grandfather Magnus D. Sledge--but only if the yard is under some form of mantenance.

When I visited the Sledge Cemetery in 1965 Perry Sledge, Robert Strube, Lillie Sledge and Velma Sledge took me there. We had to walk across a pasture from the main road. Perry and Robert told me that Lemuel and his wives were buried there in unmarked graves. In 1988 I visited the cemetery again. Beryl and Hilda Ferguson went with me, my wife, and young son. We managed to drive to the cemetery by someone walking in front of our vehicle for safety. Then in 2007 Beryl went with my wife and me to the cemetery. The road had been maintained so we could drive up to the cemetery gate. The cemetery was like a jungle. We all worked one day on clearing out the brambles, measured the circumference, and recorded and ploted all the marked graves. In addition, I dowsed the part we cleaned for unmarked graves and ploted them. I gave $300.00 to Beryl for he and Rubin Thompson (both sons-in-law of Webb and Lillie Sledge) to finish the clean-up. Every year after that I sent Beryl and Rubin money to spray and mow the yard. I have no idea what kind of shape it is in now. A little about the history of that cemetery: As I said, it was located on Lemuel's home place. We believe Lemuel and his first wife had two, maybe three, children to die young. If so, they may have been the oldest buriels at this site. Then, Lemuel's first wife died about 1845-46. She is buried there with Lemuel. Every marked grave in that cemetery is connected to Lemuel in some way. Their are several unmarked graves. The cemetery was probably used by the people of that area before Antioch Cemetery was opened, or perhaps it was an Indian burial place. Regardless, it needs to have proper maintenance. Maybe an organization or church at Toccopola would take on the project.

Jul 6, 2014 "Jeffrey A. Savoye"
I am looking for information on Colonel Richard Bolton (1811-1889), who appears to have moved to Mississippi in the 1830s and been a fairly prominent citizen there. As far as I can tell, he is the same Richard Bolton who briefly corresponded with Edgar Allan Poe in the 1840s. Do you have information that would more conclusively connect him to this person? I like to have basic biographical material on everyone connected with Poe, especially as there were letters exchanged. (One online genealogy gives his name as Richard Richardson Bolton, but I have not found confirmation for that detail.) Thanks, Jeffrey A. Savoye The Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore http://www.eapoe.org

Jun 23, 2014
Jim Harrison: Please update my e-mail address. It is jkharrison2@comcast.net. It was jkharrison@worldnet.att.net. My Pontotoc County ancestors are CASTLEBERRY and COLEMAN. Huntsville, Alabama

Jun 22, 2014
Sharon Morrow (ageelynn@sbcglobal.net) (Jonathan Thomas Will) I was just looking at your Pontotoc County Website—what a great job y’all have done!
I am wondering how to get someone to copy a will for me. It is in Minutes of Probate Court Book 2, pages 60-61. This book is not on the wall to the left as you go in through the back door to the archive room. It is ahead on the right, second book from the bottom. I was there briefly, and stupidly didn’t get complete copies—in a hurry, I guess. The clerk was surprised that there were other probate records that were not inside to the left. I showed her where these books were, so maybe she will remember if you cannot find them.
I will certainly pay whoever will do this for me.
I descend from Jonathan Thomas, his daughter Welthy Thomas McKeown and her husband Robert McKeown. Their son Trezevant McKeown married Mary Elizabeth Young, daughter of John Young and Mary Carter, who also lived there. The families came to Pontotoc County in 1840 with numerous other families from Chester County, SC, and settled in part of the county that later became Union County.
Thank you for any help you can provide.
Sincerely, Sharon Agee Morrow 1610 Creek Bank Lane Arlington, Texas

May 24, 2014
"Jared Horton" (jhorton@mw-ind.com) I am trying to find some information about the old school at Troy. The regular school where the Troy Fire dept. is currently at. My dad went to school there back in the 40’s and 50’s. Any information about Troy would be nice but I am mostly interested in the school. Pictures would be great.

May 24, 2014
"Jo Ellan Robbins Hughes" (jomentor@oz.net) Is there a record of plantations and owners that were listed during / in the 1850 Slave Census? I understand that a Wm. J. Norwood listed 8 slaves in his household and a larger number on his property also. Thank you for any information you can share.

Melanie Topp Cleveland, (melaniec@charter.net)

(1) January 31, 2014

I am searching for an obituary or two that would have been published in a Pontotoc newspaper in 1862 and in 1888. What was the name of the newspaper back then? The obituaries are for my great great grandfather John Shelby Topp who died in December 1862 and his wife Elizabeth Crutcher Topp who died in March 1885. Whatever you can do to help me will be most appreciated.

(2) February 6, 2014

I found a Topp Lane to the east of Natchez Trace Lake and am wondering if that's not a marker for some of Topp original property. Do you know anything about the purchase of that land for a state park? Do you know someone who can talk to me about that?? Very exciting, but trying not to get TOO excited. John S. Topp would have known Davy Crockett, by the way, although he wouldn't have agreed with his politics. The Topps were some of the first in line to buy land grants (although it doesn't appear they were first in Pontotoc.) They WERE first in Carroll County, Lowndes County, the county where Coffeeville etc. William W. Topp (John's brother) must have bought some 80 parcels in his name and then bought a bunch more for a rich brother in law, Thomas Martin. (3) February 13, 2014

I have trolled through most of your genweb site and it's been great. I'm learning lots of info but not quite what I need to know definitely where and how John S. Topp died and is buried. It turns out all three Winston brothers, Jug, Cage, and William, were editors at one time at the Examiner. There was a Topp early land purchase east of Saltillo that was next to Edmund Winston's. I have been digging deep into old Civil War records online and found that John S. Topp sold 630 pounds of beef to the Rebs in Tupelo for $63.00 in 1861.That was before the armies starting taking things when the war got long and desperate. I also read that Jesse James hid out in an old house that was used as a Union hospital during the Battle of Tupelo. That sort of fate could have happened to John Shelby Topp's house. The Yankees and/or the Rebs took over bigger houses for that sort of thing. The Yankees of course also burned them down. Do you know what "old house" it was the Jesse James hid out in?

I would love to talk to someone who is an expert on the Battle of Harrisburg and Brice Cross Roads because I have a feeling my family was caught in the crosshairs. If everything was taken or stolen or burned up, it would explain why there is no trace of a house anymore. There is mention of Grierson's Raid at Birmingham, MS, which is the last address used by my g, g, g, g grandfather in 1860. Do you know of someone who knows about that?

Census 1850, Event Place: Lowndes County Mississippi,

John S Topp M 53 Tennessee Elizabeth C Topp F 46 Tennessee Thomas C Topp M 23 Tennessee James Topp M 21 Tennessee Robert C Topp M 16 Tennessee Harvey E Topp M 13 Tennessee Locus Topp M 11 Mississippi Maria E Topp F 8 Mississippi Sophia A Topp F 6 Mississippi Allison Topp M 3 Mississippi N Mccain M 36 North Carolina Jane C Mccain F 25 Tennessee

(4) April 4, 2014

I am transcribing bits and pieces from my great, great great grandfather's newspaper the Pontotoc Examiner, which the MDAH copied for me from microfilm.

I thought you'd be interested in the following and could post (since Egypt was a civil war battle site and Mrs. Orr was from a prominent family:



VOL. 4 PONTOTOC. MISS., FRIDAY, DEC 11, 1857 } NO. 7


I have one of the best tracts of land for sale in Pontotoc county, 1 ½ or 2 miles South of New Albany containing 580 acres; about 900 cleared and in high state of cultivation. Known as White’s Egypt place. Terms easy and price low enough. Gin, Gin Gear House and Cotton Press, good Cabbins, Cribs, &c Apply to me at Fredonia. Signed A. J. Jones Dec. 13, 1857

PS Several ½ and ¼ sections for sale or rent in different places. Memphis Appeal please copy and forward off.



VOL. 4 PONTOTOC. MISS., FRIDAY, DEC 25, 1857 } NO. 9

Dec 25, 1857


Mrs. Jane B. Orr die November 30, 1857 of Typhoid Pneumonia. She was born in the State of Maryland on the 5th day of October 1775—was the daughter of Francis Clinkscales and Mary Franklin, and at an early age had the misfortune to lose her mother. Shortly after her Father moved to Virginia with his six motherless children. From thence he emigrated to South Carolina. When at the age of nineteen she married John Orr and became the step-mother of four orphan children who soon learned to view her as a mother indeed, and by her gentle teachings and Christian example, they were reared in the nurture and admonitions of the Lord. All of them became pious members of the church; and three of them stood on the watchtower proclaiming salvation to a dying world.

In the year of 1827, it was her misfortune to witness in her own house the murder of her husband by the ruthless hand of an assassin. This sad bereavement in consigning to the tomb her idolized husband has often moistened the cheek with the briny tear and doubtless promoted her daily resort to her Bible and her closet: to prepare herself by a pious life and an upright walk, for that rest for which her soul panted, “Eternal in the Heavens,” which doubtless prepared her for that calm and [?? Illegible} her pure soul from a world of sickness, suffering and sorrow so that haven of rest that awaiteth the truly meek and pious. Death had to her no terrors—he had been robbed of his sting. She died as she had lived—quiet and serene—as if going into natural sleep—without a frown, a struggle or gasp.

In the year 1844, she with her son emigrated to Mississippi. Since which time she has had several severe spells of sickness drawing near unto death. —In 1854 when the sands of life seemed almost out, when the body had for days been racked and tortured by pains and fever, the writer of this saw here, as would an angel, fold her arms peacefully on her breast, and exclaiming, “Thy will, oh Lord! He alone, and not mine unto Thee I commit my All, my soul!” Few persons of her age are permitted to enjoy so much vigor of mind and body as she retained even to her death. Two or three days before her death, she with her accustomed calmness asked me to describe how death came on, and what were his premonitions? The transit was to her as peaceful as the passing away of a summer cloud. She had emphatically “Fought the good fight,” kept the faith, and finished her course, having been a zealous member of the Presbyterian Church for thirty-seven years. A II C. ORR. Dec 14, 1857 The Gazette and Advocate of Anderson, Co. Ca. will please copy.

Feb 8, 2014
"Christie Caywood" (christie@christiecaywood.com) I'm currently researching family who lived in the Pontotoc County from the late 1840s until the mid 1860s, and I'm at the point where a local trip is needed to help confirm some things found online and find new evidence. Right now, I'm trying to confirm that a woman named Emily Jane Pogue who married Thomas J Ray there in 1849 was the daughter of Stuart Pogue and Lucinda Acker Pogue. Stuart died there, reportedly around 1863. I have found, partly due to the very helpful MSGenWeb website, that her marriage record does exist there and that I would need to visit the Circuit Court to get it. My next thought was to check the Chancery Clerk for a possible will from Stuart Pogue that might have named his children. I am curious to know whether you have any other suggestions for possible sources of information that might tie a somewhat grown child to a parent in those days. (The child was born in Alabama before they moved to Pontotoc County, so I am pursuing church records there.) Thank you for any help you might be able to provide! Christie

October 15, 2013
"Mary Smith Hanson" (merrily2003@yahoo.com) I would appreciate help with the following: John Davidson Butler married Nancy Belle Nelson in Pontotoc Co MS in 1848. I received the marriage license and the bottom part was not filled out. Nancy Belle was under age, and no one might not have signed for her. I am seeking help with obtaining information on who her parents were. In the early 1800's the sons were named for the fathers. John Davidson Butler's father was Hudson Butler. John and Nancy Belle Nelson named their only son George Hudson Butler.

Sept 22, 2013
"Ann Sullivan" (ansullivan@bellsouth.net) I am doing research for my husband Richard Trauth Sullivan. I know that his great-great grandparents lived in Pontotoc County about the time they married in 1847. Their names were Jesse Strickland Sullivan and Manerva (Minerva) Caroline Boley or Bailey. I believe they had at least 9 children, one of whom was Richard's great grandfather, Thomas Lewis Sullivan. One of the other brothers was J. Lockhart, or Lockwood or Locard, known as Lock and also later to become the youngest sheriff in Ms. At the time. I have been told that a son or grandson of Lock later moved to Memphis. I know that Jesse and Manerva were in Calhoun Ms. By 1857. I also know that after Jesses death , Jan, 1868, and by 1870, Minerva is living in Tallahatchie County,Ms. With her children. She later is living in LeFlore county MS with her daughter, Winnie and her husband, Ranson Reese, in 1910. She died there in 1914 and is buried in Charleston,Tallahatchie MS. I do know that Thomas Lewis Sullivan was born,1855 or 1856 in Pontotoc or Calhoun County MS. And married Matilda Ann Richbourg Carr in LeFlore County in 1884. I guess that I would like to add anything I can to what I have and to see if any decendants are still in any of these areas. I would appreciate any ideas you have. My number is 901-725-1175.

September 16, 2013
"Nedra and Dwayne Patterson" (pataccpa1@aol.com) My husband is searching for information about the McCommon family. His grandmother was born in 1890 and her father, James M. or Mac McCommon died in 1891. The widow and 1-year old daughter went to Arkansas. The family has known nothing about Dwayne's great-grandfather, and just learned he was from Pontotoc. James and Mary McCommon moved to Pontotoc from Georgia by 1880. They had two sons and they are listed on the 1880 Federal Census. James married Aletha Jane Dillard on Jan. 18, 1886 in Pontotoc. We don't know what happened to his wife or two sons. James died in 1891, from what we have learned. Letha Jane Dillard was the daughter of Joel Dillard and Margaret Little. She and James were married on January 18, 1886. There was a daughter, Virginia born but there is no record of her by 1890. 1-512-847-7548, 400 Sunrise Drive, Wimberley, TX 78676.

August 15, 2013
"Larry Garland" (lgarland12@hotmail.com) I'm looking for information on my gggrandmother Mary Ann Hopkins Walls b. 1829 in South Carolina . Mary Ann married John C. Walls about 1849 in either South Carolina or Alabama. Mary Ann and John C. lived in Alabama from 1850 to about 1866. They are found in the 1870 census in Pontotoc , Mississippi where they both died and are buried in Pontotoc's Redland Cemetery. I'm at a brick wall and can't locate Mary Ann's parents. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

July 27, 2013
"Ellen Kowitt" (grapevynwest@comcast.net) I'm interested in: My ggm, Elizabeth Feemster MILLER (b. 1871 Pontotoc d. 1950 Gadsden,Florida) and/or any of her siblings. She was the daughter of Confederate Capt. Robert Alexander MILLER (b. 1814 Abbeville District SC, d. 1885 Pontotoc) and/or his wife, Elizabeth Emaline FEEMSTER (b. 1828 Shelbyville, TN, d. 1885 Pontotoc). EE FEEMSTER's parents, (Presbyterian) Rev. Minos Barzillai FEEMSTER (b. 1804 York, SC, d. 1884 Pontotoc) and his wife, Martha KING (b. 1803 York, SC, d. 1887 Pontotoc).Capt. Robert Alexander Miller's parents, Margery REID (b. 1778 Abbeville District, SC, d. 1856 Pontotoc) and Ebenezer E. MILLER (b. 1767 Abbeville District, SC, d. 1848 Pontotoc).

July 22, 2013
"Larry Newsom" (newsomlw@yahoo.com) I am Larry Newsom, grandson of Benjamin Burl Newsom, and I am looking for any record of him in Toccopola. His 1917 draft registration lists his address as RFD #1 in Toccopola. He was married to Nancy Falkner or Fortner who quite possibly died and is buried near Toccopola. I would like to find when my grandmother died and any other information about their time there. Thank you in advance for any assistance.

July 11, 2013
"Rebecca Broadribb" (lotusbud49@yahoo.com) Looking for information for my ancestors who lived in Pontotoc in the 1800's. Nathaniel A W Wilder owned land and was married to Elizabeth S Jones October 9, 1851. I think he fought in the civil war and was killed. Trying to find out when and where he died. The family might of lost the property they owned. Nathaniel was born in Alabama in 1820 and his father William Wilder purchased Nathaniel's 200 acre property. Nathaniel's eldest son William S E Wilder (Eugene) lived in Pontotoc off and on through his life. I would like to come to Pontotoc and try to look for more information. 775-781-4845

June 7, 2013
"Melinda Waggoner" (melinda.waggoner@leggett.com) I’m researching the Andrews family that lived in the Cherry Creek area. Andy Andrews and his family came from SC in the mid 1850’s. His son, Marion and his wife, Sallie, came to the area in 1850, according to a deed I found. Great Grandpa Marion’s brother was Martin Wells Andrews, the former treasurer of Pontotoc County. His name is on the monument in the square of Pontotoc for serving in the Civil War. Great-grandPa Marion’s daughter, Sidia (sic?) Rebecca Andrews married Walter Gravlee (sic?) around 1906. She had my grandpa, Edwin, prior to this marriage. What I’m trying to find is the marriage certificate or license, and her death certificate so I’ll know the correct spelling of her name. She died on October 2, 1931 according to the family Bible.

May 28, 2013
"Paul Strain" (mahalo.hb@verizon.net) Concerning photo of Robert Samuel Hodges, Sr. and Nancy E. "Aunt Puss" Wood posted on the Pontotoc website. Can anyone tell me who posted this picture, so that I might contact them for additional help. You may also contact Peggy A. Young at the site address.

May 22, 2013
"David Dumas" (dumas_d@sbcglobal.net) I am trying to locate the plantations of Stephen Daggett and the Weatherall plantation that were used by Grierson in his raid in 1863.

May 22, 2013
"Ginny Miller" (ginmill01@cox.net)I am looking for any sort of family information for the early to mid 1800’s.My g-g-grandfather was born in Pontotoc, Mississippi (we believe from census records)David Shaw Brim Birth November 1841 in Mississippi, USA Death 7 April 1902 in Current, Texas, Missouri, United States He moved to Missouri sometime in the 1840’s we believe. He was a Civil War Soldier. Regiment Name: 8th Regiment, Missouri State Militia Cavalry. Side:Union: Company:I, Soldier's Rank In:Private; Soldier's Rank Out:Private. Trying to locate a parent name, or any siblings.

April 21, 2013
"Brian Hopkins" (fsu1995@aol.com) We are trying to find or contact Sharon Worthey Who has submitted several articles to the Pontotoc Page but email address is no longer active. Mr. Hopkins has information for her from the Tampa library that seems to match what she is looking for. "DISAPPEARANCE OF 8 WORTHY CHILDREN"

April 8, 2013
"Bernadette Helms" (helmsbt@gmail.com) I am trying to find the location of a cemetery that is called Vicks or some combination of Zinn and Vicks. My relative buried there: Josiah Matthew Helms, Birth 13 Feb 1818 in South Carolina, USA Death 2 March 1881 in Calhoun County, Mississippi, USA

February 27, 2013
"Doby, Ericka" (eldoby@uwa.edu) My name is Ericka Harper and I am looking for any Information on James Allen and his descendants. My 5th generation grandfather Isaiah Allen bought land in Pontotoc County in 1830. We have been working on our family history for years and we are stuck. I was also wondering if you knew anyone that I could talk to about the Allen family. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

February 7, 2013
"Edith M. Tedder" (biddy4-4@att.net) The Silas Holloway Wood is a very good article on the Pontotoc page and I would like to add it to my person database, with credit given to the author. My line is another child of James H. and Amy; Washington MDL Wood. Does anyone know how she may contact the writer? This article was submitted before I became the coordinator and the email address is no longer valid? PAY

January 22, 2013
"Errica McCaleb" (edaniellemccaleb@yahoo.com) I am doing research on my family history, and I am in need of further information on the White Zion Cemetery. I have information stating that my great-great -great grandmother is buried there (she is African American), but I was wondering if you could tell me if the cemetery is currently open and if so, can you help me find out where she is located in the cemetery. Is there a number that I can call to find this information? Her name is Jewel Long-Frierson. I am curious to know if you can tell me about where African American's were buried. My 3x great grandmother is buried in White Zion, as stated on her death certificate, and I was wondering where I could go to find out where African American's were buried in White Zion? I know there is probably a good chance that they don't have head stones, but do they have any records of where any of the African American's were buried around 1934?

January 11, 2013
"JoAnn Scantlen" (atol44@sbcglobal.net) I'm looking for a will for a John Holliday who died in 1864. It may be in Pontotoc County, I'm not sure. JoAnn

January 9, 2013
"Nina L Taylor" (fanin11@aol.com) I Am The GGGGranddaughter Of Mr. Samuel & Marie Josephine-Drake-Coffin & The GGGranddaughter Of Alfred Oscar Coffin, Born In Pontotoc, Mississippi and In Holly Springs In May 1861, Can U Tell Me More About My COFFIN'S.

December 5, 2012
"Linda O'Neal" (lko1066@gmail.com) My gg grandmother, Susan Ellington Ivy died in Pontotoc County, Mississippi in 1850. In the 1850 Census they are listed as household 1201. Is there anyone there that can tell in what portion of the County they would have been living in? We are trying to find her actual gravesite or what the closest cemeteries around would have been. I have found a reference that she is buried in the Ivy Family Cemetery in Chickasaw County, Mississippi. We are planning a trip to visit this cemetery during the weekend of March 9, 2012 (Must mean 2013?) and I would like to know if there is a genealogical library or society that we could visit there. Any help that you could be in directing me would be appreciated. I plan to bring a memorial with us to place in the cemetery for her as a memorial.

November 11, 2012
"Larry Garland" (lgarland12@hotmail.com) I'm a descendant of the Walls family of Pontotoc. My greatgrandfather was William P. Walls and my greatgrandmother was Bettie J. Walls. I'm told that William P. Walls was a son of John Ciciero Walls of Pontotoc and a grandson of William Buckner Walls also of Pontotoc. I'm looking for information on this family and would appreciate any and all feedback. Also need information on my gggrandmother Nancy Garland Nibletts who lived in Pontotoc county. The surname Garling seems to change a lot and in Nancy's case is Garland in the 1850 Pontotoc census and my ggrandfather Samuel Garland was listed with Nancy Nibletts in the 1860 Pontotoc census as Saml G. Garlin. Nancy seemed to own property in Pontotoc but I lose her after 1860. My ggrandfather Samuel G. W. Garland, Nancy's son was killed in the Civil War as a member of the 17th Regiment, Mississippi Infantry, Company C at the battle of Chickamauga. Any Help would be appreciated

September 25, 2012
"M. Steven Scott" (steve.scott@nmfn.com) I am trying to determine if I had any relatives that fought in the Civil War.My great grandparents were Maultie Lee Collums April 23, 1880 – December 11, 1957, Ginny McGreger Collums November 16, 1880 – May 29, 1971, Their son, Ernie Collums was my grandfather, Anneice Collums was my mother. Her mother’s maiden name was Grubbs. Any Help would be appreciated.

September 4, 2012
"Patty Lemery" (pl9516@valornet.com) I am researching the Roach family from Pontotoc County. My great-great grandfather was James Harrison Roach, son of Matilda Phillips Roach Clayton. My question concerns James’ brother, Joseph Roach. My previous research had shown a Joseph Roach had been a member of Mississippi 23rd Infantry, Company I. Records show he was killed at Fort Donelson. Family history is that Joseph was killed in the war and I am trying to track down where and when.

August 3, 2012
L Babb (lesmorextra@gmail.com) Need to contact someone familiar with A Babb cemetery in Pontotoc MS? Looking for Franklin and Missouri Babb born around 1850.Coordinator would also like this information..I am unaware of a Babb Cemetery in Pontotoc County?

July 26, 2012
"Karen Henry" (karenth@comcast.net) Researching Samuel Coffin (1832-1891). He resided in West Holly Springs per the 1880 census, but we have no record of him before this. We do know that several of his children were born in Pontotoc County. A Dr. C. Coffin had 6 slaves in the 1860 census. Is there any way anyone can tell me something about Dr. Coffin, or his slaves?

July 22, 2012
"Mary Tutor" (mtutor65@gmail.com) Trying to find other people who have family buried in the old Herndon cemetery on Steward loop in Pontotoc Co. Have many questions about some unmarked graves. Does anyone know how we can find more info about it, such as boundaries or does it have a deed to it? If you have any info, please contact me via e-mail.

July 16, 2012
"Elizabeth LeFors" (libba429@gmail.com) Researching the Stepp's and Swords. Any Help would be appreciated.

July 15, 2012
"Sarah Clay" (sclay328@att.net) I've been researching my husband's family and I can't get further than his Great Grandfather because his name is listed differently on every record I have seen. The 1910 census has his names as Clifton H. Hester. In 1920 he is listed as Clifton O. Hester. His marriage record to Docia Bradley in 1893 says Joe Hester. I cannot find record of a Clifton, Joe, or Joseph born around 1875, but in the 1910 census he is living near David O. Hester and I believe they are brothers. Can anyone confirm this?

July 9, 2012
"Mindy Chambliss"(mindychambliss@gmail.com) seeking information on my 3rd great-grandfather, James Gray Chambliss. I know that he died in Pontotoc County, MS in August 1860 but I have been unable to find the name of the cemetery where he is buried. If you can help me with this information or point me to someone who can, I would greatly appreciate it. The death record ID# I have is: MRT197_54841. He passed away in1860. I greatly appreciate any assistance you can provide.

July 5, 2012
"Cheryl Boatwright (Flemig)", (cflemig007@hotmail.com) My 1st cousin Cathy Boatwright"not sure of what her married name is now", has established her Indian heritage from the two rolls of Indian names that you have there at the Ponotoc Library in Ponotoc Mississippi. My father died when I was nine and I didn't get to know my dads side of the family. I need to establish my Indian heritage and find some of my relatives, if they are still alive.I am suppose to be Indian through a marriage by my great grandmother to Chief Colbert in Colbert County Alabama. Her name was Annie Payne. She was Indian and had my grandparents. My grandmother was Catherine Blevins and my grandfather was James Arthur Boatwright or Arthur Boatwright "they called him Arthur" but I believe it was James Arthur Boatwright according to my mom. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

July 3, 2012
"Lee Holt" (lholt1223@yahoo.com) Am trying to find out more about my great great grandfather and have not made LOTS of progress. His name is William F. Steele (1806 NC and died April 6, 1863 Pontotoc) and his wife Rossanna (1806-1868) I am told died in Pontotoc and might be buried on their land. Would there be a way for me to find out where they lived and if they were buried there? They had 2 sons, John Douglas Steele and William Columbus Steele. William died in Pine Bluff, AR Mar. 4, 1912.

June 28, 2012
"Anna McCord Greer" (annamcgreer@gmail.com) I grew up in Endville, Pontotoc Co. MS. I am the daughter of Everette Hoyle and Ora Pitts McCord. I am working on the Pitts family history and a cousin brought an article to my attention that I don't think is correct. It is from the MSGENWEB site and claims to be a WPA project written by Reuben S. Pitts III. I would very much like to contact him to discuss his sources but have no idea how to find him. Does anyone know him and would you please either pass my contact information to him or tell me how to contact him? I currently live in Williamsburg, VA but my roots are still deep in Endville's red mud. I also wonder if my mother's cousin Ruth Pitts is still living in Pontotoc, please pass my regards to her if she is still with us.

June 10, 2012
"Teresa Salonimer" (tsalonimer@yahoo.com) I am looking for more information regarding the marriage of Annie Joy Morris and Orestra Bradford Boone on October 14, 1900 in Ponotoc, MS. We got the marriage information but there is some debate on who Annie Joy's parents were. Some have her as the daughter of William and Mattie Morris; others, Abner Butler and Annabelle Peron Morris. Is there any chance the actual marriage record has the names of the parents listed? Annie was 19 yrs of age at the time of her marriage and I do not think a parent's signature was required for that age in MS. Any help would be appreciated.

May 29, 2012
"Gail Braddock" (lgbraddock@gmail.com) Trying to make a connection:R. W. Laney Spouse: Susan Morris Marriage Date: 27 Dec 1848 County: Pontotoc Roland William Laney to his dad, John Laney. Looking for Marriage License Grave site?

May 7, 2012
"Susan Smith" (smithsusanc@bellsouth.net) Patrick Henry Fontaine is the Grandson of the Founding Father Patrick Henry. He is supposed to be buried in the Pontotoc City Cemetery. DOD 1852 Married to Nancy Miller. Patrick Henry's Granddaughter Martha Fontaine married Nathaniel W. Dandridge, II Martha is also supposed to be buried in same Cemetery DOD 1845. Can anyone help?

March 26, 2012
"candsmcdaniel" (candsmcdaniel@cox.net) Thank you for posting infornation of persons buried at the Old Chesterville (Lily) Cemetery. I have an ancestor buried there by the name of Brantley B. Bolen. If he had a marker it has been lost in time. He died in 1883, two years after the death of his wife Mary A. C. Bolen (1819-1881) who does have a marker there. I am sure he was buried near or beside her. Thomas Bolen and Charles J. Bolen, their sons, are also buried nearby. I notice that the list online identifies Mary A. C. Bolen's husband as "Grant Bolen" rather than Brant, or Brantley. My main concern is to have a Confederate marker installed on Brantley B. Bolen's approximate grave site. I have the proper VA form and have done this for another ancestor in another place. Questions I have are these. Who do I contact for permission to have such a marker installed in this cemetery? Is there a funeral home in Pontotoc or elsewhere who would handle the application and installation of the marker when approved? Your response will be much appreciated.

February 28, 2012
J.D. Cavazos I am trying to verify the burial plot of my great, great, great grandfather Cook or Buchanan who was buried in the Buchanan cemetery in the 1860s On his head stone it read Assassinated. His last name we think was Cook but could have been Buchanan. Any direction or information would be helpful.

February 13, 2012
Dee Williams (williamsdeedee@aim.com) I am interested in locating some property that a gr gr grandfather acquired in a Patent Deed of 1842. Would you have info to help me locate it? I have the prime base and meridian. He was Absolom Douthit, an educator.

February 6, 2012
"Barbara Brown" (barhb_44@bellsouth.net) I am interested in viewing any documents with information for my ancestors. Will you please advise me as to how to secure possible records in Pontotoc county 1850-1930? I do have access to Federal census records but I am interested in any that a historical society might have. Names are: John N. Waldo, Jeremiah Waldo, Joseph H. Trammell, Joe Trammell, Arabella D. Waldo, Belle Waldo, Johnny Dillard and Anita Dillard.

February 4, 2012
"Bruce Anderson" (banderson9493@sbcglobal.net) Is looking for information about cemetaries in the Toccopola vicinity. My mother's family, Campbells, grew up in Toccopola and my grandfather and grandmother are buried in the Toccopola Cemetery. My mother passed away 10 years ago and my aunt lives in Jackson but is very old. I have recollections of another cemetery with family there that I believe they referred to as the Old Lebanon Presbyterian Cemetery but there no longer was a church there. Is Anyone familiar with Toccopola or the Old Lebanon Presbyterian Cemetery. Bruce Anderson, Dayton OH

January 12, 2012 4:32 AM
"Randy Jackson" (r-ajackson@live.com) Is Looking for information on the Jackson family in the unmarked and rundown cemetery on cr108 in northwest Pontotoc county. Cemetery contains members of the Jackson, Oliver, and Milsaps family’s. I was told the cemetery was larger at one time and would also like any info regarding its boundaries if available.

January 17, 2012
"L Babb" (lesmorextra@gmail.com) Would like contact information with someone familiar with the Babb cemetery in Pontotoc MS. Can Anyone help?

December 12, 2011
Barbara Tutor Dane ( midlandane@grandecom.net) has an abundance of information on the "Tutor" family of Pontotoc county. You may contact her at the above address. Barbara contributed the information on the Anderson Cemetery for the site and has written a book on the Tutor family. One such copy can be found at the Local Library.

November 3, 2011
David Dumas (dumas_d@sbcglobal.net) Galveston, Texas Is trying to locate Colonel Benjamin Grierson camp site south of Pontotoc in April 1863. The Official Records indicated that they stopped at the plantation of Daggett and Weatherall plantation. I would like to write a tour guide about the raid, but I need the locations of all of Grierson campsites. Please reply to the email address above if you can Help.

September 29, 2011
Susan Johnston (sjohnston6@gmail.com) Whitney, TX Is researching her genealogy and is attempting to find a proof document linking my 4th great grandfather, Hugh Whiteside (died 13 Dec 1858 in Pontotoc Co MS) to his oldest son, John N(ewton) Whiteside, who is my 3rd great grandfather. John N was born in 1814 in Maury Co TN and died 8 Feb 1893 in Benton--buried in Old Hickory Flat Cemetery. I am aware that an index of wills was published in 1959 [Complete index of all wills and estate settlements or administrations in the courthouse for the years 1836-1870]. If your society has a copy of this index, I would so appreciate it if you would check it for me to see if there is a will for Hugh Whiteside or perhaps records relating to Samuel A Whiteside, another of Hugh's sons who remained in the area. Can anyone help?

August 25, 2011
Carolyn Cooper Tajnai (cjtajnai@comcast.net ) is looking for a Will of Peter Phifer, who died in Pontotoc on 21 August 1852 and is trying to prove that Rachel Jane Phifer was his daughter. The D.A.R. will not accept the WPA article. Peter Phifer, Margaret Lawson Phifer, Rachel Jane Phifer Bigham and Samuel B. Bigham are all buried in the Pontotoc Cemetery and I have copies from the Cemetery.Any help would be appreciated.Carolyn Cooper Tajnai, 1532 Emperor Way,Sunnyvale, CA 94087

May 23, 2011
Dot Weathersby (dotmcw@yahoo.com)who is a descendant of Henry Lawrence McCharen and Emma DeJournette McCharen; her father was Charles D. McCharen, and mother, Genera Belle Pickens McCharen. Ms. Dot would like to know where was the "Pauper Farm and if there a separate cemetery for that? If anyone can help, it would be appreciated.

May 19, 2011
Lynne Loss (lynneartcards@cox.net) Lynn would like information Alonzo and Sally Davis Her Grandpa Rober W. Davis(born Sarepta, MS)and Alonzo were brothers.Please write to Lynn if you have information on this family.

May 21, 2011
Caroline Thornburgh (carthorn@austin.rr.com) would like help in identifying the folks in the Williams Family photograph that is posted on the Pontotoc Co, MS, genweb site?. Mr. Fred Hawthorne who posted the picture is now deseased. Any help would be appreciated.

April 28, 2011
Susan Street (sstreet7478@yahoo.com) I am interested in locating in Pontotoc County. I know that it is in the Northeast corner but wondered if you could give me some directions. I am specifically looking for the graves of Corrinna Berry Harris and Henry Hugh Harris in the Cherry Creek cemetery. I believe that these graves were marked a few years ago by Mae Owen. I would appreciate any information.

April 27, 2011
"Cameron Stinnett" (CameronStinnett@puryearfarms.com) I have really enjoyed browsing the Pontotoc County Genealogy & History Page, a wonderful resource. I have recently been doing research on Hugh Miller’s Company G 2nd Mississippi Infantry, The Pontotoc Minute Men. I was wondering if anyone might know of any sources of images involving the Pontotoc Minute Men? Your help would be appreciated.

April 6, 2011
Virgil R Tindall (rosstin66@att.net) Mr. Ross Tindall is trying to find information on his family in Mississippi. His great x3 grandfather was William P Tindall and he was County Judge of Pontotac County from 1854-58. His father was John Lewis Tindall of Aberdeen. William moved to Texas after the war and he is still living there. If anyone can help, please write to him at the above address. Virgil Ross Tindall Jr.

Mar 31, 2011
Robert M. Ankenbauer Jr." Is working with a client that has a Great-Grandfather that we believe was born in Pontotoc in 1846. They are on the 1850 US Census. Are there any other records from that area that might help us determine if he was actually born there? By the 1860 Census they are living in Tennessee. His name is John Busic, born about October 1846. His mothers name is Sarah Busic. There is no father on the 1850 Census, however there are other brothers and sisters. Anything you can locate for us would be awesome. I'm looking for a date of birth, place of birth, father... anything we can get!

March 19, 2011
I'm doing research on Col. Hugh R. Miller and his son George for an upcoming book project and wish to obtain (if in existence) any period photographs (circa 1860) of both George Miller (b. 1841)and his father Judge Hugh R. Miller. "Stephen Enzweiler" (steve@yall.com), Stephen Enzweiler P.O. Box 1217, Oxford, MS 38655

March 10, 2011:
Please change the email on my old queries to my current email? The old address was MartinPatti@att.net. The current address is fcspatti@gmail.com. Patti Martin, 947 N. Ferncreek Avenue, Orlando, FL 32803-3362

March 8, 2011
"Frank Leland" Needs information on the Pontotoc Female College founded in 1836? He understands it was founded by W.W. Leland. I would appreciate any information you have on it and especially on Mr, Leland.

March 5, 2011
Austin, Charles T (Tommy)" My grandmother was a Holley, Her name was Pemelia Amelia Holley and she died very soon after my dad was born in 1915. I have been trying to find out when she died but wasn’t able to until this week. She died August 5th, 1915. My dad was born on March 20th. My grandfather was William Bryant Austin. If anyone has any information on this family could you please contact Mr. Austin at the above address.

February 28, 2011
Larry Rodgers Fuhrmann Farm/Grave Site near Troy. I'm searching for the location of my wife's Great Great Grandparents farm/grave site. George Phillip and Harriet I Fuhrmann were buried on their family farm in 1885/1890, near Troy, MS. After Harriet's death the farm was combined with a farm owned by John and Sallie Flanagan. In 1969 the Fuhrmann's grandsons returned and placed new markers on the graves. At this time John Turner and Irene Flanagan owned the old farm site. Irene's social security death record lists her 1980 zip code as 38863. Thank you so much for the hard work you do with this site. Larry and Janice (Fuhrman) Rodgers Opelika, AL. Can anyone help?

January 26, 2011:
I am looking for Louis J. Hurst that enlisted in the COMPANY G, 2ND MISSISSIPPI INFANTRY, PONTOTOC COUNTY. Is it possible you would have any info on him? If he died in actions, etc. I believe he was my gggrandfather.Renee Duncan-Cortez (Renee.cortez@yahoo.com)

January 22, 2011:
I have been searching for any early war images of members of the Company G. Pontotoc Minutemen to enhance our ability to replicate what those brave men wore in the fight. I among other reenactors that were involved in the 125th events are portraying Company G. Also, any info on Company I the Cherry Creek Rifles would help and early war images.If possible to provide scans of the images?. Dean Burchfield (cdburchfield@yahoo.com) January 16, 2011:
Iris Horne (irishorne@sbcglobal.net) Needs Help on James William Scott or J. W. Scott or William James Scott or W. J. Scott. (Born about 1857 in Pontotoc County, MS). He was living in Pontotoc, MS in 1860 listed as James W. and in the Pontotoc list of Disabled Soldiers, their widows, and orphans in 1867 as William Scott, and in Lafayette, MS in 1870 as W. J. Scott. He must have gotten married sometime after 1870 but I have not found a marriage record for him. I have not found a cemetery record for him either. James William Scott was one of four children born, probably in Pontotoc, to John Scott (born 1824-1827 AL) and Virginia Wait (born 1830-1836 SC). We know the location and descendents of two of his siblings, Sarah R. J. Arjudith Scott (born 1860 MS) and John Calvin Scott (born 1864 MS). Sarah was living with the Harbart "Hoop" Cooper family, including his parents Isham B. and Elizabeth Cooper, in 1880 in Pontotoc. John Calvin Scott was living with his mother Virginia Scott with the J.S. Johnson family in Lafayette, MS in 1880. But we cannot find any information for the other two siblings, William (James William) (born about 1857 MS) and Martha A. (born about 1858 MS). We have found out that John Scott, the father of these children, lived in Fayette County, TN in 1850 with his mother Judith (born about 1788 SC) and his sister? Sarah A. Scott (born about 1833 TN). John's father William Scott (born about 1790 SC) died there in 1850 just before the census. I would also appreciate any information about any of these, and the Cooper and Johnson families.

November 4, 2010
I am researching the Mathews, Dillard, and Foreman families. Is the 1940 Census available yet and where may I obtain access to it? I am currently researching the family of Carl Foreman Bessie Mae Mathews of Pontotoc and am seeking family members recorded in the 1940 Census.Can you help me in my search or direct me to a source.Thank you very much for any assistance you may provide.Wayne Daily (dailywl@att.net)

October 24, 2010
A number of cousins including Dandridge, Fontaine, Winston and Waller migrated to the area around Pontotoc County in the early days of settlement. Most of these were born in Virginia, some in Henry County, Virginia. I am looking for information on these families who are related to me. Do you know of any web pages that might include this history? Thank you for your help. Patsy Poppell (skylark246@windstream.net)

September 14, 2010
My sister Linda Kay Daniel Hines just sent me the website for the Johnson Cemetery in Pontotoc, Mississippi. My great grandmother was Terlula A. E. Johnston from Pontotoc. I line from her is Ollie Mae Whisnant (she married Samuel Cullen Daniel) - William Kelly Daniel them me Jerry H Daniel.I am interested in finding more information about the Johnston family that lived in and around Pontotoc and Ecru. My father William lived with some of his Johnston relatives near Ercu to finish 12th grade at Ecru.Can you help me with information or point me in a direction to hunt. Jerry H Daniel (jdanielnv@aol.com) 775-315-0826, POB 1329, Minden, NV 89423

Could you please change my email address to: (tyndad@bellsouth.net). I am researching Hall, Hoyle, Whitesides and Tindall in Pontotoc Co., Miss. Skip Tyndall, Facilities Manager, Brookwood Baptist Church, 318-861-8911, Ext. 119

Virginia @ (fulcherjunie@aol.com) would like information on Nancy Jane Hudiburgh that married William M. Hubbard on Nov 30, 1856 Pontotoc Co. Mississippi.

Debra Blacklock-Sloan: (debrabsloan@yahoo.com) Harris County Historical Commission. I am looking for the original copy of an 1850 letter written by Samuel Washington Atkinson and his wife, Nancy Jordan Atkinson of Pontotoc, County to Mr. & Mrs. Sidon Harris of Ripley, Lauderdale, Tennessee. Please refer to the link below: http://msgw.org/pontotoc/letters/Atkinson.html (713) 505-7653

April 5, 2010:
Adam Denison @ (denison.adam@gmail.com) 801-592-5403 (cell) I'm looking for the obituary of an ancestor, Josiah Matthew Helms. He died on March 2, 1881 apparently in Pontotoc.

April 6, 2010
Please change my email from (terrell1@flash.net) to (gene@gtandbt.com) Gene Terrell

March 24, 2010:
Jo Phillips (jophil41@yahoo.com) We are researching Giles Smith Parr, son of Richard and Julia Parr. We found the entire family in the 1850 census in Monroe Mississippi. Giles was 19 years old. Our line is through Giles's son, Benjamin Franklin Parr born 10/12/1851 in Mississippi, (we think...in Monroe, can't find anything). We cannot find his mother. Giles married a second time in 1856 in Texas to Matilda Dodd. We can find no record of who Giles was living with or married to in Mississippi in 1851 and who Benjamin's mother could be.

March 5, 2010:
Michael Caviness sends his new email address is: (mecaviness@tds.net)

December 28, 2009:
Benny Bennett, (srcx007@bellsouth.net) researching Bennett, Bratton, Niven

Leslie Johnson (LeslieNeedsJesus@comcast.net)
I am helping my son track down his family tree and have hit a brick wall with the Vinsons from Sherman, MS. I was hoping you could help. My mother's mother was Bessie Vinson and Bessie's father was William Henry Vinson (he married Parilee Dillard.) That's where it stops. There was some sort of family scandal and none of the Vinsons who descended from William Henry will tell anyone who William Henry's parents were. This has been such a frustration to everyone. So, I was wondering if you have any genealogical information for a William Henry Vinson or if you have any knowledge of this family secret. William Henry was born 5 Sept. 1878. Many of the Vinsons who knew of the secret have passed away (including my Mamaw) and those remaining refuse to speak of it. Very strange. I have found a Jane Vinson - DOB Jan 1860 - listed in the 1900 census as living at Sherman, widowed, with three children, one of them named Henry. DOB dates for Henry aren't the same month, but the same year. I wonder if this is William Henry's mother or some relation? Would really appreciate your help and I have a lot of cousins that would, too! Be blessed - Leslie White Johnson Brandon, MS 601-951-8965

April 1, 2009:
My Great Great Grandfather Timothy Harris Ward was an officer (a doctor) with the 59th regiment US Colored Infantry Company I during the Civil War. He was captured at the Battle of Brice's Crossroads and spent considerable time in a number of Confederate prison camps. When he returned from the war, he brought a young black girl, Matilda J. Rogers, back to his home in Minnesota. "Tillie" became a member of the Ward family and was noted in the local newspaper as a good student (she won the school spelling bee and had good attendance records.) We know that Matilda was born in Mississippi in about 1857. The 1870 census records called her by the name of Matilda Ward. When T. Harris Ward ran for public office in Little Sauk, MN, someone prepared a flyer attacking Ward that accused him of wanting to start a black colony in Minnesota. Not long after this the family left Minnesota. After they left, a rumor circulated that Ward had divorced his wife and run off with Matilda. We know that this is not true as he remained married to his wife and they eventually moved to California. We have no knowledge about whether he in fact wanted to form a black colony. The 1870 census shows that Matilda was a "daughter" in the Ward household in Minnesota. Following the family's move from Minnesota, Matilda was not listed with the family in the 1880 Census. However, in the 1880 census for Shubuta Mississippi there was a Matilda Rogers born in about 1857 who was listed as the daughter of Gabriel Rogers (age 70) and Lydia Rogers (age 68). Beyond that date, we have no further clues about Gabriel, Lydia or Matilda. This of course raises a number of questions. Was the Matilda Rogers who lived in Shubuta the same one who lived with the Wards? Were Gabriel and Lydia her parents or her grandparents? (Lydia would have been 45 when she was born.) There was a black soldier named Anderson Rogers who served in the same training facilities and battles as T. Harris Ward, though not in the same units. Was Tillie related to him? Was it unusual for a white family to adopt a black child in the post-Civil War days? I have looked at the Pontotoc slave records and saw that there were several slave owners named Rogers. Is there any way of ascertaining the names of those slaves? This story has captivated my sisters and I and we would like to do further research on Matilda Rogers. Dana Whitson 18 Pearl Street, Sausalito, CA 94965 415-331-8359 (dana.whitson@att.net)

Dorthy Tackett (tacketty@leadhill.net) September 20, 2009
G. W. Smith Working on genealogy of the Tacketts, Smiths, Young’s and etc I am trying to find info on G.W. Smith. I would like to order his military record but want to make sure we have the right person. I also found in one of your books there that his wife F.V. smith had filed for his pension but we are not having any luck in finding him in any of the civil war records online. I was wondering if you might be able to help? Also can you put me in contact with the caretaker of Smynera Cemt. near Troy? Who has the records Thank you so much for your help Dorothy Tackett Don Tackett 7977 hwy 14 e. Leadhill, Arkansas 72644 ph. 870-436-1157

Brady Bowden (retiredbowden@aol.com)
Mobile, AL. Is trying to find out what cemetery Capt. A. B. Cole of the 1st Mississippi cavalry battalion is buried in. He was a Capt. In the 1st Mississippi cavalry battalion his company came out of Pontotoc. One of my g g grandfathers was in this unit & came out of this county & when he died he was buried in Edwards cemetery in Perry County, MS. The Capt. Is listed as a. B. Cole.

Joan S. Hawkins (jhawkins10@verizon.net)
is researching surnames- Dillard, Ewing, Lambert, Small

On the brick wall page towards the very bottom, there is a Carolyn Stewart looking for information on Angeline Null Shannon who is one of the Shannon’s I look for. I don't see any email address or contact info for Carolyn. Any suggestions? Thank you, Rae Shannon (lafyetteshannon@bellsouth.net)

Benny Bennett, (srcx007@bellsouth.net) researching Bennett, Bratton, Niven

Sunday, December 27, 2009 Gene Callaway E-mail address: (call41@comcast.net) Submitted information on Calloway Cemetery (link below) http://msgw.org/pontotoc/cemeteries/callaway.htm

December 12, 2010:
Good afternoon, would you by any chance have any information on persons buried in either of these cemeteries? I am looking for Eula Vaughn Gordon possibly buried at Wardlow, Jess B. Gordon burial place unknown right off, and Marshall and Alice Gordon buried at Lochinvar. I contacted Scott Moore's family and he informed I could do research in person on the property but there was not much left to the gravesites. Also does anyone know of a school on the property of Lochinvar? (jgordonsu@yahoo.com) J. Gordon Louisiana

Joanna Bigham Morgan: (jbigmorgan@aol.com)
Phone: 601-825-3971 Address: 66 Glenway Place, Brandon, MS 39042 I have much information related to my Bigham ancestry. In 2007 I completed a family history record that I emailed to all 29 of my 2nd cousins after each had communicated and contributed information over a year of exchanging data. This record is currently up-dated to the most recent marriage, birth, and death.

"Jomentor" My Robbins/Robins great-grandfathers were both listed in the below regiment as shown on your web page. The _W. Robins_ was my paternal ancestor; he was Warren Robbins in all the latest census records and is buried in Pinedale Baptist Cemetery. The _A. S. Rolins_ listed was Arren S. ROBINS or Robbins. If you can correct the spelling of that last name, I would be grateful. (Both men lived in the same communities most of their lives and both surnames were spelled with one "b" at various times). Arren was my maternal great-grandfather. Both these families were descendants from the Edgecombe County, NC Robbins lines - no one knew they were related "way back" until I started my research in 1996. It was too late for me to share with my grandfather, both he and my father died in the 1980's. How I would have loved to talk with them about the shared ancestry! Thank you for a beautiful website and your commitment to keeping us updated and informed. Happy New Year! Jo Ellan Robbins Hughes Bonham, Texas Roll of Militia, Pontotoc County February 20, 1863 County Militia: Rockyford Beat 1st Lieutenant J. W. Tate

Lana Henley, Liberty Hill, TX Thank you for all the things you do on the website! (genediggin@henleyhomesinc.com)

Linda Pearson, (LindaLpearson@aol.com)
Researching Bryant, Dillard, McCraw, Montgomery, Pearson, Reid

"Michael Harkness" Submitted info on Oak Hill Cemetery http://www.oakhillbaptistchurch.net/cemetery_16.html

Peggy Riggs Kopp artnpeg@ptd.net http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~peggyriggskopp/

(Dbraden67@aol.com) (Doug Braden)
has added a new researcher to our line. He is off Solomon Braden's line son of William and Elizabeth Braden, Jack Braden: (jckbraden@aol.com) January 17, 2011 I also have some Scott relatives buried in Lee County,s ee Old Bethany Cemetery, Think there are some in Itawamba county.I just found out some are buried in Wichita Falls,Tx also.

September 20, 2009:
"Susan Von Behren" Robbs Cemetery is back on line the address is www.vonbehren.org

May 28, 2009
"Ann McWhirter" Please change my email address which appears on the Old queries and surnames pages. The names listed as my research name (Callaway, Cunningham, Gillespie, Hawthorn, McWhirter, Owen, Skinner).

January 23, 2009:
My new email address is(genediggin@henleyhomesinc.com)Congratulations! This is one of the best sites to navigate that I’ve visited!I submitted a query “way back” and see that my email address is now obsolete. Lana Henley, (Bridges researcher) Texas

Contact Mitch at (Guy954@excite.com)
submitted the information on Elizabeth Howard West while doing research dealing with the Chickasaws. She was born in Pontotoc and was Texas State Librarian. She was a noted historian and has a section dedicated to her papers at the University of Florida and the University of Texas. I had never heard of her. Maybe you guys in Pontotoc have but just in case you have not, I wanted to forward a link to some of her work at the University of Florida. She must have been some lady. Read her bio. Web Link found on Pontotoc Page.

Contact Linda Stephens for updated information on the "Lilly (Chesterville) Cemetery" (steplp@yahoo.com)

November 5, 2008
In 1999, I entered a query on the Boyd/Stewart family of Pontotoc Co., My E-Mail address has changed since then. Could you change my address. New address: (jimallen@ms.metrocast.net) Jim Allen in Water Valley.