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The Family of Joseph Perry Owen, Jr.

This photograph, taken circa Spring 1904, is of Joseph Perry Owen, Jr., and his family. Born 4 June 1874, he was a veteran of the Spanish American War. He worked as a lawman, serving as Constable in Pontotoc around 1915. In 1920 he became a Whiskey Agent with the Internal Revenue Service. On 21 August 1922 he took part in a raid on a whiskey still and was gutshot with a shotgun by the Atkinson brothers in Leake County, Mississippi. He was taken to a Jackson hospital but died on 6 September 1922.

Joseph Perry Owen, Jr. Family

With Little Joe in this photograph are his wife Ophelia Jane McKnight, born 19 February 1876; daughter Lottie Lee, born 19 July 1901 and died 30 December 1918; and son Robert Edward, born 9 October 1899 and died 21 October 1976.

The original photograph belongs to Bill Owen , grandson of Joseph Perry Owen, Jr. and these copies were contributed for use here by Joe Mercer .