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Masonic Resolutions

  On the night of November 26th,  Bro. James CHENNAULT, for many years a member of the Pontotoc Lodge No. 81, A. F. and  A. M.  died at his home near Algoma. This Lodge is called on to mourn the departure of a faithful member.  His family feel the keen stroke of a great bereavement, the body politic will miss the presence and counsel of a good and righteous citizen, the diminishing ranks of the heroes of the Lost Cause are poorer by a gallant comrade.  Death came to him shorn of its terrors, as sleep to the drooping lids of a tired child, and full of years and honors he passed into the great mystery.  His life was crowded with incident, and through all the vicissitudes of strife civil and military,  he kept his honor virgin.  No man has lived among us nor passed our mystic portals bearing a more stainless escutcheon.

  Exemplified those rugged traits of sterling character that mark the fearless champion of the right and manhood is the richer and our country the better for his walk and work among us. In a peculiar sense do we of the ancient brotherhood, sterling to keep brightly burning upon one altars the celestial fires of truth, mourn his departure. We knew him as the world knew him not, in the strength and union of those bonds invisible indeed yet stronger than links of proven steel, and knowing him thus though aware of the futility of mere words to express the deeper things of the spirit; we resolve.

  1st. That in the death of Bro.CHENNAULT we have lost a member of tried and approved character; useful and faithful in all his undertakings, worthy and prepared to live, duly and truly prepared to die

  2nd. We extend to his grief stricken family our most sincere sympathy in the hours of their sore bereavement, and bid them cherish his memory as a rich and priceless legacy, more precious than the diadem in a king�s coronet.

  3rd.  We recommend that all the members of this lodge wear the usual badge of mourning for thirty days, and that a copy of this resolution be spread upon the minutes of the lodge, be published in each of the Pontotoc papers, and be furnished the family  of the deceased.




  committee members

Submitted by

Joseph Thomas Dial

P.O. Box 114

Godfrey, Il. 62035  

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