Obituary of Joseph Hester , Pontotoc County Mississippi
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Mr. Joseph Hester

Carolyn Oglesbee writes, "This is what I THINK I know about Joseph Hester".

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Parents of Joseph Hester were Joseph and Elizabeth Holloway Hester Malone.
Siblings were Mariat (Mrs. Reuben C. Johnson)
                    Manerva (Mrs. John Burns)
He was born 6/9/1827 in St. Clair Co., AL; moved to Pontotoc Co. in 1843.
Married: Mary Ann Dunn (B. 9/17/1831, D June 16, 1862) M.1/11/1849
              Children: Henry C (B. 1850)
                             Charles A. (B. 1/6/1852, D 8/28/1879)
                            Georgianna E (B 1854)
                            Willie (B. 1/28/1857, D 3/26/1897)
                                   Married John Henry Oglesby 10/25/1882
                                              Children: Charles Quinn
                                                             John Henry
                            Joseph  A. (B. 1860)
Married Nancy E. Foster (B. 10/31/1834, D 4/12/1868) M. 8/14/1865
Married Martha S. Johnson (B.1848, D 6/25/1871) M. 2/23/1869
             Child Lelia Idell (B. 12/17/1869, D 2/12/1884)

Married Martha Harris (B. 1845, D 3/24/1885) M 2/5/1874
             Children: Lillian (B. 10/?/1874, D 10/27/1886)
                            Eva (B. 7/22/1877, D 1940)
                                    Married John Henry Oglesby 10/20/1897
                                                Child Joseph Archie Oglesby
                            Smith (B. 12/17/1878, D 8/28/1935) M Florence Cruse (B. 11/14/1880, D 12/14/1933)
                                      Children:  Joseph
                                                     Eleanor ( Mrs. Walter Hurst)
                                                      Eva Lee
.                             Adolphus (B. 1881)
                              Infant (B. 2/11/1884, D. 2/12/1884)
                               Mary M. (B. 3/17/1885, D. 8/23/1885

Married Josephine McKinney 9/18/1888

The first two wives are buried at Palmetto United Methodist Church cemetery in Lee Co.
The next two are buried in Zion cemetery in Pontotoc Co.
The last survived him and moved to Arkansas.

Submitted by Carolyn Oglesbee

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